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5 Best Facebook Strategies used by Top Brands to make their Facebook Pages Succeed

by Manas Chowdhury
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Searching for basic approaches to make your Facebook page succeed?

At that point you’re in for a treat! These best practices will help beginners on Facebook and also marketing veterans who’ve obtained a lifetime of experience already a couple times!

Best Practices for Facebook Pages

#1: Be Engaging

When making updates for your page, you have to go for fan engagement as your primary objective.

Posting blankets proclamations and sentiments for the most part won’t get an incredible reaction – however posting in a way that gets individuals’ consideration and inspires them to make a move pays huge profits.

#2: Leverage Facebook Ads

People like to complain about Facebook Ads – including advertisers.

In any case, advertisements are a crucial part of Facebook and they ought to be a fundamental part of your Facebook marketing technique.

You can’t – and I rehash – CANNOT effectively grow a focused on and active page without burning through cash on Facebook ads.

It’s simply possible nowadays.

#3: Have a Posting Strategy

Ideally you didn’t begin your business in view of no plan or objectives! That would be somewhat foolish.

The same goes for your Facebook posting methodology. You MUST have a reasonable and straightforward plan of assault – or you’re bound for failure.

What ought to that plan look like and comprise of?

I have no idea.

Each page is different and has a remarkable fan base. So you’ll have to decide:

  • What sort of personality and tone you’d like your page to have
  • What content gets the best response from potential clients and fans
  • What I do know is that you ought to take an ideal opportunity to plan out your posts ahead of time.
  • Map out when your next deal or promotion will be and how your posts will deliver it.
  • Don’t simply post about it the day of the deal and expect a expect measure of engagement and deals!

I for one bounce over to my Guru level Post Planner account each Monday and timetable out the greater part of the posts for the following 7 days – guaranteeing that I put in a blend of inquiries, fill-in-the-spaces and photographs.

At that point Josh plans link posts in the middle of the ones I’ve planned – i.e. presents that links on our blog posts and direct people to our site.

By doing this, we free up a huge amount of time sitting on Facebook holding up to post at the ideal time. Also, we know early what’s going to appear on our page so we can be prepared to react to any comment.

Have a plan!

#4: Be Human

Something such a large number of page owners neglect to do is be social i.e. human on their page.

Your page doesn’t need to be an exhausting, sterile, business-just experience.

It’s alright to discuss current issues. Furthermore, it’s alright – no, prescribed – to post in first individual!

Making it Personal:

Which post by XYZ Burgers page looks better and makes you need to lock in?

The specialty of the day is the bacon double cheeseburger for $5.

On the other hand

Hey today for lunch I’m stuffing my face with this enormous bacon twofold cheeseburger! What’s more, it’s just $5 bucks! ~Scott

(How about we expect I function for XYZ Burgers and eat meat – which I don’t since I’m vegan… No doubt a veggie lover amidst Texas. It’s a desolate life!)

If I somehow happened to see these posts in my news feed, I’d be well-suited to answer to the second one – the more individual post. It gives the brand a character and identity.

It additionally gives fans somebody to interface with on the page – which is critical.

To relate this on a bigger scale, who can name the head of social media for say Coca-Cola? NBC? CNN? Sony?

What about Ford?

If you work together in the social media space, then you’ve presumably known about Scott Monty – the head of social media for Ford.

Not just has he done some unbelievable things for Ford – however Ford has deliberately put a face to their social media marketing.

Presently Ford fans think about Ford, as well as they can put a face to Ford’s posts – pure genius for such a huge organization.

Being Human:

Notwithstanding putting a face/name to your social media, your page likewise needs to react such as a human – not a cyborg!

Step by step instructions:

  • Answer to comments utilizing the individual’s first name
  • Show Empathy
  • Approach individuals with Respect
  • Execute individuals with Kindness

I’ve spent the vast majority of the most recent 20 years in some kind of retail environment where I’ve associated with 100s of clients for each day.

What I’ve understood is that I regard individuals the same online as I did when I worked at a pizza joint.

It’s the same truly – aside from you have a screen in the way and you don’t need to get off your butt to communicate.

Be that as it may, the standards are the same.

#5: Use Hashtags Intelligently

Hashtags are genuinely new on Facebook (today in any event – in case you’re reading this in 2030, I’m certain Facebook has imploded at this point and you’re reading this blog through an embedded PC in your mind) and many people are as yet attempting to make sense of how to utilize them.

It is safe to say that they are important?

As hashtags gained momentum on Facebook they’ll offer you some assistance with expanding your scope to individuals who are taking a look at posts in your point.

I concur. Be that as it may, you have to utilize them effectively.

Here are a few things to NOT do when utilizing hashtags:

  • Try not to utilize hashtags in each post
  • Try not to capture a typical hashtag just to attempt and appear in results
  • Don’t hashtag silly words – like #huzzah or #awesome
  • Try not to stuff your post with hashtags – 1 is sufficient!

The previous evening I got myself thoughtlessly looking through my Facebook news sustain once more. I wasn’t scanning for anything, and I wasn’t notwithstanding retaining any content. Simply basic skimming and checking. Mad at myself for the careless time-wasting, I shook my head and concentrated on the screen.

I saw a companion’s post that had gotten a few likes and comments. This dear companion moved the nation over not long ago. I was somewhat reluctant—the post was political—yet I chose to read through every comment. Everybody imparted their different insights from all closures of the political range, and I surmise that everybody left that Facebook post somewhat more learned about the world.

Minutes like that remind me why social media is great. Social media gives a channel to interface with others and make our reality and perspectives more extensive.

In spite of the fact that this tale included individual social media utilize, the same standards apply to organizations. Facebook and other social media stages function admirably for organizations when those organizations recollect what makes social networking amazing. Here are 5 brands that genuinely take this standard to heart.

5 Brands that applies Facebook strategies to its best



Following St. Jude depends totally on donations to proceed with; it would be simple for this famous research organization to fall back on basic suggestions to give on its Facebook page. All things considered, the vast majority understand what St. Jude is about, particularly on the off chance that they’ve liked the page. Everything they need is the bump to give, isn’t that so?

The St. Jude Facebook page has a tab committed to donations; however you won’t discover numerous clear donations demands in their posts. Rather, their social media posts concentrate on the children at their hospital. Each photo on their page has a name and a story. St. Jude gives Facebook liker’s an opportunity to extend their own reality by reading those stories and becoming acquainted with the children needing assistance.



Here we’ll move from love to dis respectfulness. In the aggressive business sector of men’s deodorant, Old Spice emerges, to a great extent due to the organization’s zany ads and odd beat sense of humor. For instance, their present spread photograph shows a flaring Old Spice coat with exacting, vigorously ripped arms, corn dog–consuming lions, a man riding a bird, and a helicopter firing lasers at sharks.

That is correct!

This oddball dis-respectfulness will probably distance a few customers, yet Old Spice knows its business sector well. Their YouTube videos and Super Bowl plugs reverberate with the young fellows and adolescent young men they’re focusing on. A large portion of their Facebook presents draw clients on other social media posts (as a rule their madly well known YouTube videos) or just tell jokes.

On Facebook, Old Spice makes an impudent, carefree group and strengthens their exceptional community personality with each chance they get.



We should leave the unconventionality of Old Spice behind and come back to a more grounded organization. Well… maybe “grounded” isn’t the best term for carrier organization JetBlue; however their social media procedure is unquestionably steady and sensible.

What separates JetBlue is their responsiveness inside of social media stages. Their brief and frequently innovative reactions to client worries on Twitter made them acclaimed in the social media industry, yet their Facebook page still fortifies that dedication to client care. JetBlue’s Facebook posts are very much adjusted and client focused, and they as often as possible react to addresses posted on their page.



For any brands that think about whether their product or administration is excessively particular when analyzed, making it impossible to any of the more extensive organizations recorded above: take a look at Nutella’s Facebook page. As I compose this, the hazelnut spread organization has amassed almost 30 million preferences on their Facebook page.

It’s a verifiable truth in digital marketing that making new content is critical. How does a brand with basically one specialty item discover approaches to grow new, captivating content for its Facebook followers? Nutella gets imaginative.

Nutella’s Facebook posts cover a far reaching of strategies: semi-unexpected motivational pictures, fan-made manifestations, quips, jokes, and even acquaintances with different worldwide breads. A significant number of their posts ask their fans address or draw in them in different ways. Nutella’s Facebook page isn’t about direct deals by any means—it’s about intense brand loyalty.



Talking about brand loyalty, tennis shoes organization Converse boasts a great Facebook page with a lot of fan engagement. Converse reports new shoe styles on its Facebook account, which drives additional traffic to their social networking and online stores.

When you look through the Converse Facebook page, you will most likely see more client produced pictures than authority organization photographs. Converse has built up a reputation for being a shoe for nothing masterminds and a stage for personalization. Facebook clients as often as possible answer with previews of their own Chucks at whatever point Converse makes a post, and the group gives those pictures visibility by clicking the “Like” button.

On the off chance that you ask why your organization’s Facebook page appears to be un-beneficial, you may have neglected to play to the qualities of social media. Online networking is marvelous when it spans physical distance, makes significant discussions, and reminds us how huge the world truly is. Join the technique of these brands to enhance your own brand’s social media technique.

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