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5 Important Points to Consider Before Hiring a SEO Agency

by Manas Chowdhury
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The internet is huge, we are talking billions of websites. Each and every one of those websites is constantly competing to be ranked above the next. In today’s world we call this process of competition SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and its a tough egg to crack.

Although there are plenty of resources available online for you to implement your own SEO strategies, there are companies who focus entirely on the website SEO process. Since these companies do this work day in and day out, they often have more working knowledge of the techniques, and hiring one of these companies is often the best route for you to take to get the job done right. But which company do you choose? Here are 5 Points To Consider Before Hiring a SEO Agency, and they just might save your wallet.


Experience is by far one of the most important factors when considering a company to hire for your SEO work. Although you may get a better price from a newer company, more often than not, these companies are running solely off book theories and have no real world experience yet.

You might be surprised at just how many companies run with little, to no real world experience under their belts. It’s fairly easily to get simple, small improvements on your search engine presence from these companies, but if you are looking to stomp your competition, you must find a company with real world experience.


Talk is cheap, but results are better than gold. No matter what business you are in, if you didn’t produce the kind of results your customers are expecting you will soon go out of business. This should apply with the company you choose for your SEO needs.

Find a company that is willing to show their results. If they have no way of tracking their work, then look for a new company. Although proving results with SEO isn’t the easiest of task, there are multiple ways to tell how well it’s working. Find a company who is confident about being able to show your results. If they have previous examples of successful campaigns they have had, take a look at those and ask questions.

Market Presence

This one may be a little bit harder for you to research, but putting in some time doing market presence research on your list of potential SEO Agencies will save you a headache or two. Along with experience comes the building of market presence. Market Presence is simply, how far into a market has this company gone. Do they have a list of clients, a list of partners, a list of previous work?

One simple thing you can do to learn more about the market presence of a SEO company, is by doing a Google search for them. The first page of results will most likely be that company under their domain. After these pages you will start to see the company come up in the titles, but from other registered domains. These are usually referrals or reviews about the company. You can kind out a lot about a company this way.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are probably the most powerful selling tool any company has, and good ones offer their customer reviews upfront. Although you don’t see this as often in the digital world, having a customer review list, or a customer reference list will separate the newbies from the pros.

A good SEO Agency will have a customer review list, or customer reference list available on request. You can also find independent reviews through search engines, but those more often than not tend to be negative reviews, even for good companies.


Cost is another important factor. Stay clear of agencies that offer their SEO services for cheaper than they are worth. These companies often under value their skill sets, and thus probably don’t have the confidence to push a strong market campaign for you.

Agencies that charge absurd amounts of money are usually charging that much because they know what they are doing and how to get the job done. Finding a good balance of affordable and valuable is the key to finding the right SEO agency.

Doing SEO on your own is always an option for you too take. Just keep in mind that for every good step you can take to better your SEO, there is a bad step you can take and actually damage your sites rankings.

Take the time to educate your self, then go find your self a solid SEO Expert.

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