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8 Best Methods for Social Media Optimization

by Manas Chowdhury
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Social media optimization comprises a set of promotional tools that takes your business website to a completely new level. In addition, you stand a good chance of website optimization for social media use. The following 8 tips for social media optimization can link the above two categories. The bottom line is simple: the more far your content spreads, the better are the chances of optimizing your website. Mentioned below are the top 8 tips by which your business website can reach full potential.

Carry out Integration of Your Blog into the Primary Domain

To drive web traffic, companies blog regularly and then promote those links on social media sites. However, if your blog is posted on platforms such as WordPress.com or Blogspot, you are more likely to divert traffic to these sites rather than your own. However, you can pull your WordPress.org blog into your primary domain. This will ensure that every novel post makes a contribution of one page of depth for your business website. This is the first tip when it comes to social media optimization.

Share Buttons Must Be Installed Above Each Blog Post

Make it very easy for your readers to share your posts. On each page and around each turn, install “Share” buttons so that they are not overlooked. Still better, feature popular sharing options as large graphics, and those lacking in popularity as a dropdown.

Get Your Social Media Links Featured On All Pages of Your Website

No matter how customized your website is, there are templates that are built in where some content never alters. You can feature your social media links in the left or right hand column, footer section, or masthead. Just ensure that the links are featured on your website’s static regions, so that your viewers do not have to scroll to find them.

Offer a Function Such as “Subscribe by Email”

A large percentage of Internet users have not adopted the usage of platforms for RSS readers like Google Reader. Therefore, while offering RSS subscriptions, offer an email subscription function. This is easily the most important and the easiest tip in social media optimization.

Make a Subscription to RSS Function

Although the “email subscription” function is an ideal way to add incentives for website engagement, most users have demonstrated a preference for subscription to RSS feeds through usage of simpler reading platforms. For those who cannot handle any extra mail in their inboxes, Google Reader comes as a savior. Just ensure that your button for RSS is placed predominantly with the rest of the social media buttons.

Create Quarterly Conversion Campaigns

The primary role of an inbound marketer is driving web traffic, followed by conversion of that traffic into leads. The latter can be done by obtaining the contact information of your visitors. Alternatively, you can capture them as followers or fans on your social media networks. This gives you a chance to follow-up with them and take the relationship to the next level, such as a donor, advocate, or sale.

Create a Landing Page for Every Conversion Campaign

A small percentage of web developers utilize CMS (Content Management System), which can pose a problem for the layperson. Therefore, while making changes to your website on the backend, you have to depend on them as well as make payments for those changes. Don’t splurge thousands of dollars on web development fees for each landing page that you need. Request a template for landing pages that you can build yourself with adequate training on the CMS platform.

Utilize Google Analytics

The last tip in social media optimization involves Google Analytics. Analysis is synonymous with inbound marketers. Regular blogging, campaigns for conversions, and efficient social media strategies should increase traffic and the popularity of your website on Google. However, make it a point to check Google Analytics regularly. During times of promotional campaigns, check traffic of visitors on a weekly basis. Google Analytics is free and offers daily statistics with regard to your website traffic.

Social media optimization has an unparalleled value when it comes to driving website traffic and making your website social media friendly. With the right tools and expertise, social media optimization is the next big thing after search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media marketing.

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