9 Guaranteed Ways To Improve Social Media Engagement Without Ads

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Getting your customers to interact with your social media posts may seem like a difficult hurdle. But the seeming difficulty of the task doesn’t mean that you should start throwing money at social media advertising. What you should do is spend some time refining your time and your posts on social media.

Start with what you write for each platform: Here, uniformity doesn’t serve you well. Twitter posts? They’re not appropriate for Facebook, and vice versa. Skip good images and you’ll likely skip engagement from your customers—but not all images are created the same.

Want more ideas for improving your interactions on social media? Check out this infographic below:

How to improve social media engagement without ads

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Ref: https://www.salesforce.com/uk/blog/2016/12/how-to-improve-your-social-engagement-without-ads.html

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Digital Marketing aficionado holding PG in Economics. Championing online marketing, branding and advertising strategy for the digital commerce, online and social media spaces driving YOY increased growth, ROI and revenue. Up-to-date and in tune with Google philosophy.

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