Benefits and Importance of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing – Applications, Questions and Benefits Explained

The device that is practically in your target customers’ hands is their Mobile Devices. With the world becoming more and more dependent on their cellular device every passing second, it is unquestionable that you should make a strategy around it. Now when it comes to mobile advertising, the number one mode that presents itself to be used for floating that message across is text message. SMS Marketing has been growing its potential with every single increase in mobile devices. However in today’s scenario when we have so many mode of communication and promotional platforms around us, naysayers have started questioning the power of SMS Marketing. So let us settle this once and for all. Here I am going to answer all those questions which have…
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Why is Social Media the Future of Marketing for Today’s Business?

Social media has grown exponentially over the last decade, with new networks, components, features, and technologies. There weren't any standard for experience or expertise in social media marketing when it first emerged as a category. The scenario is completely different now, More than 2.2 billion people use social media, making it the marketing channel for businesses with the most potential. Unfortunately, much of that potential is untapped. In recent times the use of the social media has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels, with half of the entire world's population frequenting this platform on a regular basis, their use of it which pertains to various commercial and educational purposes is increasing by the day. According to an April 2016 eMarketer report, social network ad revenue is expected to hit $32.91 billion in 2016,…
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Combat Negative SEO: How To Fight Most Common Negative SEO Attack

Negative SEO – the concept that has been making its round all over the internet, has taken many companies by storm who have been working on getting their rankings up with great efforts but it’s just not converting. Negative SEO is a term that comprises of all those activities that companies do to bring their competitor’s rankings down. These activities might include intentionally building unnatural, spammy linking back to the site, hacking the website and at times content scraping. Before we go in depth into how your competitors can make your web life difficult, let us look into a brief history... How did Negative SEO start? In 2012 when Google came out with its Penguin update, the focus of Search Engine shifted to link building…
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Youtube Video SEO: 11 Little Known YouTube Videos Ranking Factors

We learned a lot about YouTube video SEO and YouTube ranking factors. And I’m sure you will too. There are many articles that list “YouTube videos top ranking factors”, but hardly any data to support these claims. It’s definitely useful to know what all of those YouTube ranking factors are, but unless it’s properly backed by data... it is simply “throwing a stone in the dark”. Brian Dean, in association with Zach Russell (Founder & President of ProTech Internet Group) and Qi Zhao (Data Scientist at SEMrush) conducted a large-scale study of YouTube’s search results to better understand the relationship between various proposed YouTube ranking factors and actual rankings in the YouTube platform. To understand these relationships they had analyzed 65,000 YouTube search results (resulting…
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Google Fred Algorithm Update

Google’s Fred Update: Should you Care?

Google – the famous giant of the www world is known for its updates that are aimed at making it easier for the people visiting the search engine to understand everything they are looking for and giving them the information they need without taking their time. From Panda to Penguin and Hummingbird to Mobilegeddon, we all know how Google has been making it necessary for the online companies to follow a set guideline to impart something of value to everyone who visits their page on both desktop and mobile. Although Google is not in the habit of informing the world when it is going to roll down an update, a few days back the pros of Search Engine Optimization and webmasters found themselves staring at a…
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Dissecting ROI and its Impact on Modern Day Digital Marketing

Advanced marketing is continually changing; this has been brought about by Google's algorithm changes and higher competition from organizations utilizing the web for promotions. Online promotion incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) and online networking to advance a business and it’s products or services, gone are the days when a campaign could be measured by the amount of visitors the website has delivered. While these are genuinely simple to investigate and measure they don't totally demonstrate the promoting contribution to the primary concern. Traditional promotion faces a comparable issue with organizations designating 60% of their media spending plan to television when only 18% of TV publicizing campaigns creates a positive ROI, as per Nielsen Hausman Now, of course, digital marketing is much more sophisticated and it's harder for false gurus to…
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