Blogging Can Be Complicated Without These Blogging Tools

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Some tasks should never be contemplated without the proper tools

Anyone who has ever overhauled the engine of a motor vehicle will understand that unless you have the proper tools which are needed in order to take that engine apart you will either be doing a lot of damage to the engine or you will simply not be able to get the job done effectively and within a decent amount of time. Those who are new to blogging will probably be quite surprised to learn to the same basic principles applies to effective blogging. You see the only way in which you can be sure that your blogging are effective and are achieving the objective which you desire will be when you have the proper tools to analyze the success of your blog.

You need to know where you are in order to plan how to progress

However when you are unable to properly analyze your current position and the effects which are derived with your blogging you will not be able to accurately identify the proper time at which to adapt and to take new and better actions and you will also not know exactly why you should adapt or what new direction to take. The truth of the matter is that proper analytic tools is the only way in which you can be sure about where exactly you stand and how effective your blog is. This will be especially true when there are many clients or advertisers who are dependent upon the success and the vitality of your blog and under those circumstances you cannot take your decisions based on random guesswork but rather you have to be sure exactly where you stand and which actions to take.

Getting started as a blogger can be extremely difficult

There are so many unknown elements and factors of which you are not yet aware and that’s why it can be tremendously helpful when you have an excellent basic understanding of what exactly are available within the industry and which tools you could use in order to assist you as you take that very difficult first steps during the startup phase of your blog. One of the tools which are often used by serious bloggers is Buzzsumo and the primary function of this program is to show a blogger what kinds of subjects and topics are the most popular and contemporary at this point in time. It will simply serve no purpose for anyone who is serious to start their own blog when they attempt to write about a topic which is not currently interesting a lot of people.


With Buzzsumo you will save a lot of time

There are absolutely no reasons why you have to spend days and possibly weeks in order to determine which topics are currently hot and frequently discussed because this tool will certainly point you in the right direction. All you need to do is type in the topic which you are planning to blog about in the search window of this tool and as soon as you click on the go button it will show you statistics on exactly how popular that specific topic are at this moment in time. Therefore they are no longer any need to spend unnecessary time breaking your brains just in order to find a popular topic because this tool will do that for you. Once you start to use this very valuable tool you will quickly see for yourself how much time you’ll save since there will be no need to waste time on unnecessary research but rather you can start blogging knowing that the topic which you are blogging about will get the attention of your supporters.

The best way to succeed is to genuinely know your competition


This is not a new concept it is something which has been well understood for many years and the more information you have about your competition and about their success the better will you be able to gauge your own success in business and then to adapt where necessary in order to raise your own level of competitiveness. And the good news is that there is a very effective tool available for bloggers which will allow them to quickly and effectively determine how successful that competition is. There is such a content marketing tool included in Quick Sprout. All you need to do is to insert the URL of your competition in the search window and click search and it will give you accurate statistics of exactly how your competition are doing with their blogs. Any serious blogger will quickly see that the use of this valuable tool will be able to give them an unfair advantage in the competitive market of professional blogging.

More ways to determine the success of your blogging

Open Site Explorer

Any blogger understands that the success of their personal blog is determined by the amount of traffic which is experienced on that blog. And therefore one of their primary objectives will be to try to increase the traffic which they are experiencing on their blog. It is a well-established fact that the more back links which a website or blog has the more successful that site normally is and the more traffic will it receive.Therefore having a tool which can show you how many back links your blog posts are receiving will quickly help you to determine which things work for you and which does not. Open site Explorer is the tool which you will need in order to achieve this valuable objective. By using this tool you will quickly see which of your blogging posts has the most back links and therefore you should focus on writing more blogging posts like those since those will be the ones that will ensure that you receive more traffic on your post.

Email as an effective blogging tool

Without email usage a lot of blogging are less effective but with effective email usage your blogging could be boosted substantially. A lot of very useful information can be gathered simple by emailing customers and supporters of your blog. So many people tend to overlook email as a communications option now that social media are so successful but the truth is email can be used very effectively and it is simply and very quick to use.

You will blog better with Google Analytics

One of the most important indications of exactly how popular and well supported your blog is will be to monitor the traffic on your blog and this is exactly what Google Analytics will do for you. Google Analytics will track all downloads and other activity on your profile and with this tool you will be able to see exactly the amount of traffic and the amount of visitors which are visiting your profile.Google Analytics is an excellent tool to use since it will help you to quickly adapt and to make necessary changes to your profile in order to ensure that it becomes more successful.

The advantages of using Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is another exciting tool which is indispensable to the professional blogger since it will actually help you to substantially increase the amount of traffic on your profile. What this tool a blogger are able to scroll down and to quickly see exactly how many supporters have read all of the available blogs and there are some who have reported increases of over 60% since they started using this tool.

Qualaroo and the modern blogger

A problem which is often encountered by many bloggers and other professional writers is the need to figure out which topics are currently of interest and are considered hot topics by supporters. With Qualaroo you can take a more direct approach by simply asking your supporters which topics they would like you to discuss in your next blog. As in all business ventures success is obtained when you are able to supply in the need of your consumer and this is exactly what you will be able to do by using this tool.

Bloggers will also need Simply Measured

Any business person will be telling you that are not enough to know what the right thing is to do but very often that thing has to be done at a very precise point in time. This also applies to blogging and some time periods are simply more effective for posting a blog than others and when a blogger knows what the best time for that posts are this can significantly increase the amount of traffic on their most. This is exactly what Simply Measured tool will do for you and that is why it is an indispensable tool for any professional blogger.

Using Penflip with your blogging


Penflip will simply help you to write better as a professional blogger and this tool simply operates as a kind of word editor. The overall result will be that you will make fewer mistakes in your writing and that the end product will be better for your supporters. This will ultimately result in more traffic, better support and a better end product.

Write better by using Trello


This tool allows you to organize your blogging better and more effectively and in a manner which is more visually pleasing. It will show you how to write shorter emails which are more to the point and more effective. It will help you to organize out of date spreadsheets and other digital notes which are no longer applicable. Trello simply provides you with a more effective way in which to organize your blogging.

Edgar another effective blogging tool


Edgar will optimize the effectiveness of all updates to your blogging profile.It has been shown statistically that most updates never really reach all the readers. There are many factors on the World Wide Web which have a very real impact upon how your updates are handled and received but with this tool you will quickly learn that it’s possible to get the job done properly.

The advantage of proper search engine optimization is well understood

A very important tool which can assist you in optimizing your SEO usage is Yoast SEO. This tool can be installed on word press as a plug in and are then always available whenever you may need it. This is an easy to use tool which basically does everything for you which you may need in order to make the best use of search engine optimization. A good alternative to Yoast SEO is All in One SEO Pack.


The lessons for every serious blogger out there is do not allow your blogging to become a never ending struggle but rather acquire the proper tools and you will quickly see that blogging can indeed be a pleasure and it can become simple and especially when you have the correct tools for this particular job. Any workmen who know that they will be required to do a specific job will always ensure that they prepare well and that they bring the correct tools to such a job and likewise a blogger should do the same.

Did we miss any important and effective tool? Share your thoughts and feel free to add yours!

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