15 Awesome Cues That Sparks up Captivating Content

by Manas Chowdhury
3 minutes read

When it comes to creating content there is no other means to capture your readers attention other than being truly creative and maintaining a flow of great words. But sometimes things go a bit south and we become totally stuck, lacking words to express in our content, yes you are not alone we’ve all been there once in a while.

It is obvious that no none likes contents that lacks life and creativity, that is why you need to distinct your write-up from the hordes of boring contents and add a little touch of creativity so that your audience will be totally captivated by it.

Now you may be asking I go about it? Well lighten up, I’ve got just the thing you need.

Below is a list of great cues or prompts that will totally inspire your content creation journey and this is sure to keep your readers completely engaged and captivated.

1. Ask an invigorating question

Asking questions of this manner gets your audience thinking and engaged, it is a great way to start your blog as at that moment, your audience becomes more interested in your content.

But you have to spend more time at the commentary section of your blog so that you can share your readers views and also interact with them, as this makes your audience to see you as human and not some cyber robot.

2. Show that you got the stuff

Give an opinion or point of view that you are well informed about. Write convincingly and passionately so that your readers can feel like they are at the right spot.

3. First things first (craft your message reasonably)

This has a literal meaning, if you want to do content then you must learn to craft your message reasonably, your message is the alpha of your content, once you can get it together, i assure you that the rest will follow suit.

4. Begin with facts, then spice it up with a bit of perception

Facts or information is everywhere and that is great, but you need to stand out by having more perception or insight about your niche topics.

In doing this more value is added to your content, and as we all know, your readers are more interested in materials that offers them more value.

5. Hit them with the benefits of a trend

This is also a good way, you get to tell them more about a latest development. Get them acquainted with new things that will be of interest to their business or life.

This could be like, check out this latest: _______, and get to know how its going to boost your earnings______“.

6. Hit them with a surprise

This is a great way of engaging your readers, you could do this by unexpectedly giving them a new course or product. Once you do this they become totally stunned and interested in your site or blog and this is actually a good thing.

7. Elaborate more on a potential challenge

Giving people more knowledge about a potential challenge or problem is something that cannot be overemphasized, in doing this your material becomes truly relevant to your readers and that is really important for your business.

8. Request for readers views

Your readers will definitely have views or opinions about your topics, so always endeavor to request for their views so there can be a connection between you and them and ensure to meet them at the comments section so that you can also share your thoughts.

9. Share some inspirational personal success stories

Giving them some personal success stories is sure to capture their attention, because everyone wants to learn how others succeeded, as this can also boost their morale to follow suit.

10. Celebrate others

You can say great things about other companies that are succeeding in their fields, this could also be a competitive products that relates to yours.

Let’s make the world a great place for all, remember there is more than enough room for all of us to succeed.

11. Strike a pain point

This has to do with studying your reader’s weakness and creating your message around it, this is a great way to engage readers especially if you can provide solutions to the problems.

12. Discover an unrealized need

Research more on your audience’s needs, especially those that have not been realized. It is also an added bonus if you can discover a need that they totally have no idea about until you figure it out. You can then use this discovery to enrich your content and stun your readers.

13. Talk about anything that interests you

Let us see the world through your eyes, you can bring up any topic that interests you, as long as you have a way of crafting it in a totally fascinating way that is sure to capture your readers attention.

Give it a shot and let’s see what you got.

14. Identify a mutual foe

Discover something that is dreadful to both you and your audience and emphasize on it in your content, this is sure to build a connection between you and your readers as it shows and proves that you also share their pain. A mutual foe could be lack of creativity, low earnings, et cetera.

15. Discover our hidden aspirations

Every human has something that he/she values, or wishes to achieve. You can conduct an in-depth study of your readers to discover that secret.

It could be a desire to be loved, truly happy, relaxed, to achieve a great feat, et cetera.

Use this to build your message and capture your readers undivided attention.

Start a competition

This is also a great way to make your blog a lot more fun and engaging, offer some reward for a game or so and give your audience the opportunity to join in and participate. This will make your blog lively as it will make various readers interact with one and other.

So folks, with all these inspiring cues in your content creation arsenal, you can choose any of them that best suits you and fire up your content creation journey.

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