Google’s on the SEO war path again…are you prepared for the onslaught?

  • April 16, 2015
  • SEO
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Make your site Mobile Friendly

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Google’s algorithm updates are infamous for wrecking havoc on search engine rankings. Entire businesses and revenue streams have been gutted and destroyed by these updates earlier.

…and Google’s April 21st updates promises to have the same consequences for those who don’t take action to fall in line

This Google Update May Be Bigger Than Panda And Penguin … do you know what’s coming?

If you have any of your sites listed with Google Webmaster Tools and they AREN’T mobile friendly, you’ve been getting dun notices from their team. Look it’s long been predicted, but now it’s come! If you’ve been ignoring mobile, if you’ve been sticking your head in the sand; Now’s the time to really WAKE UP! Because mobile could easily be the biggest change to the Internet since the World Wide Web.

Did you know?
  • Mobile traffic now is greater than that from desktops
  • FAR more more people have buyer intent on mobile
  • More than 70% of visitors to a mobile site will take some sort of action, either now or in the future

So…is it too surprising that Google is changing their search algorithm? In an update which is said to be bigger than Panda or Penguin… to give preference to sites which are mobile friendly? You see, Google is actually improving the internet and the user experience, and the way they get us to fall in line is to delist or remove non-compliant websites from their rankings. All the work you’ve done, the visitors, the income that come from Google – you’re nuts if you’re not completely ready for this next attack.

90% Of Websites Are In Danger…. and It’s About To Get Worse. Save YOUR Google Website Rankings Before It Is Too Late! You have 1 week to get your sites ready. Don’t delay!

Manas Chowdhury

Digital Marketing aficionado holding PG in Economics. Championing online marketing, branding and advertising strategy for the digital commerce, online and social media spaces driving YOY increased growth, ROI and revenue. Up-to-date and in tune with Google philosophy.

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