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Link Building Cheat Sheet – How To Build Backlinks Effectively?

by Manas Chowdhury
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In this guide I’m going to go through what I like to call Link Building Formula, containing steps and guidelines to get the most out of your link building campaigns using any system that you may use, for that matter.

The methodology I have opined here can work on any site – an aged site, a new site, and an affiliate site, a site that sells its own products, or one that is designed to make money from Adsense.

Here are the key points of the guide…

  1. Build links with quality content.
  2. Build links with different anchor text.
  3. Use your common sense and don’t go nuts building links at an insane pace.
  4. Slowly increase the level of links you build as you are increasing the types of links you receive.
  5. Randomize the anchor text such that you rank for your keywords, don’t get slapped by Google for having obvious artificially created links. Make it look natural. Please have a look into “linking at a glance” below for a good example of anchor text link density percentages.
  6. Create the anchor text randomization in such a way that you also rank for long tail keywords that may not have even been in your initial keyword selection process.
  7. Set up a schedule so that you know when to move to the next phase of link building.
  8. Once you see some progress, continue forward with the new campaigns for your site. Don’t stop building links – that’s a major red flag to the search engines, especially once your site is ranking high. Be consistent.
  9. Start playing with varied link building tools. But make sure that you always test before going nuts with your next linking endeavor.


Link Building Techniques at a glance …


Link Types Examples Description
Anchor Text
Exact Match (0 – 15%)

URL (35 – 80%)

Brand (10 – 80%)

Randomized Text (30 – 80%)

Link Building



read more, click here, visit, info, website

Studies have shown that a wide variety of Anchor Text should be used.


Note: The % given are broad generalizations. You need to do your own competitive research for more specific approximations to your keyword and website.

Link Relevancy
Site (40 – 80%)

Content (70 – 90%)

A Fashion site linking to Beauty Care or Wellness would be relevant. Fashion site linking to Real Estate site would NOT be relevant. Studies show that site and content relevancy play an important role. Where would it be natural for you to attain a link? Would it be relevant for that site to ink to you? Also, is the content surrounding your link relevant to your link? It better be!
Link Diversity
Get links from different sources: pdf sharing sites, blogs, web 2.0 sites, social network sites, RSS, press releases, blogrolls, images, infographics etc. Studies show that sites ranking high get links from a wide variety of sources. So refrain yourself from getting ALL your links from the same types of site. It would look natural to search engines.
Optimal (10 – 40%) Link Text NoFollow links do NOT pass PageRank, but they pass link juice and even if that were not case, they look natural. If you ONLY focus on having “do follow” links you may seem like you are over optimizing and SEOing your site, and Google doesn’t like that.
Referring C Blocks IP
Optimal (60 – 100%) The more sites that link to you from a different IP with a different class C block, the better.
To Home Page
Optimal (20 – 50%) linking to:http://www.seohorizon.com It’s a BLUNDER to send links ONLY to your sites home, index or root page. As some sites may warrant this, most do not.
To Inner Pages
Optimal (20 – 50%) linking to:http://www.seohorizon.com/link-building/ Link to your inner pages. Great sites have great content inside their site so make sure you do the same and LINK to it! If your site is set up in silos, this also passes link juice back through your site into Home Page.
Deleted or Dead
Normal (up to 25%) These are links that are no longer linking to your site. This can be due to the linking site being down at the time of crawl or the link actually be taken down. All of this is Normal and should not be be alarming unless you have 0%, as THAT is odd :)
Total Links
Look at your competition This is different for every market and keyword but remember that Link Total plays an important role in ranking. If your keyword competition has 100 links, you better not show up with 10,000 links. That may trigger an over optimization penalty flag.

That’s it folks!

As you get your feet wet and start building out multiple linking campaigns, you’ll start to develop some of your tactics. Apply them, and continue moving forward. To get the best results, you really just need to dive in.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, own a business that sells your own products, or a marketing director for a company, you can rank for your keywords if you use the above mentioned method.

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