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What the Mobile Tipping Point in Search Means for HTML?

by Manas Chowdhury
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The end of an era?

Over the last couple of years especially Google has done a lot to level the playing field between Internet access on PCs and such access on mobile devices but during 2015 Internet clicks on specific advertisements which are done on mobile devices will exceed those which are done on personal computers. This is a testament to the substantial technological developments which has been done especially in the mobile smartphone market. The fact remains that smartphones has become so comfortable, simple and easy to use and with such a smartphone Internet users are always available and therefore marketing efforts can be engaged in 24 hours a day seven days a week which can substantially boost the results of any business or marketing company. This growth in popularity in the use of smartphones is what is referred as the tipping point in search.

This will require a new approach by marketing companies

It seems that the habit of focusing purely on keyword targeting will no longer be able to provide marketing companies with the same level of success that they used to obtain previously. This will call for the formulation of new strategies which are founded on excellent research and which have been optimized to ensure the best possible results when engaging with the consumer. Like we have seen in social media the really important factor in business, customer relationships is effective interaction and it seems that this will be the way to go for those who are serious about making an impression upon the consumer. A lot of very interesting statistics has been accumulated during the last couple of years which are pointing to some very interesting results which has been obtained and which are indicating that businesses will have to adapt if they are serious about making an impact in the market in 2015. It appears that paid search impressions have decreased while cost per clicks has increased and this will have to be taken in consideration when planning strategy in 2015.

An important shift in consumer approach

Businesses and other marketing companies therefore have to take note of the shift which has taken place and they will have to adapt quickly to avoid unnecessary losses during 2015 and they will have to find new strategies to engage with consumers and in order to ensure growing successes during 2015. Search engine optimization has been a major tool in the hands of businesses and marketing companies in order to draw attention to their particular websites and social media profile but it may seem as if such keyword optimization are no longer the most important aspect in effective business versus customer relationships. Therefore the business and marketing companies should ask themselves what is truly drawing the attention of the consumer, a whole lot of keywords or excellent, interesting and exciting content which are fresh and current. This will require a new mind set among businesses and marketing companies and they will have to return to the one thing which are important to the consumer and that is quality content which are dealing with current topics which are causing a stir among people all over the planet.

Keyword still has value

This does not mean that they are no value in keyword usage but it should not be used to such an extent that it is straining the natural flow of interesting content and so that it becomes obvious to the consumer that a definite marketing strategy are been employed which are aimed at coercing them into purchasing a product or service. Rather the focus should be on providing the consumer with the necessary information which they may require in an interesting and informative way without any obvious attempt at influencing such a customer but rather the customer themselves should be allowed the choice of whether to act on the information which is supplied or whether to ignore such information. The reality is that the consumer are a lot more informed today than they used to be a decade or two ago since there are so much information available on the World Wide Web and people has become quite insensitive to the marketing tactics which are being employed by large companies and therefore they are no longer so easily beguiled by such marketing strategies.

Focus on the mobile market

This spectacular growth in the mobile market is something which should not be ignored by businesses and other marketing companies because it can be expected that consumer responses on mobile networks are going to increase sharply in the coming years and unless businesses are going to adapt quickly and effectively they may fail to cash in on the opportunities which are available. In fact those businesses which are focusing the primary portion of their marketing campaigns on the mobile market have already seen drastic increases in the responses which have been received from the customers which have been targeted. The mobile market therefore and especially the social media opportunities which are awarded by Facebook and twitter and other emerging opportunities should be taken in account by businesses in order to increase their level of interaction with the consumer. One very important difference between businesses that succeed abundantly and those who remain mediocre is the ability to quickly adapt to a changing market and to embrace the changes which they encounter.


In order to survive in a very competitive business environment it is important that one remains at the forefront of new developments and that one remains informed about the most effective strategies and knowledgeable about the statistics which are becoming available about the consumer market. Therefore companies should remain engaged in some serious research in order to accurately determine the most important needs which the consumers may have and then to ensure that they find the products which are able to supply sufficiently in those needs. However without a carefully formulated message which are informative and which are providing the consumer with the kind of information which sufficiently answers all of the questions it will be difficult for businesses to maintain effective interaction with the consumer and to increase business profits.

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