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Never Fall in the Trap and Promises of Cheap SEO Service Providers

by Manas Chowdhury
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The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and the next question you have in your mind will be briefly explained now: Search Engine Optimization is in fact the process of generating traffic from organic or should we say natural search engine results on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and other SEs.

Though it is easy to understand what search engine optimization means, and how it can benefit your website’s statistics, but actually conducting such optimzation is something much more challenging. Enormous amounts of knowledge, practice and understanding is required for you to be able to properly optimize any website, in any niche, and for any specific keyword.

On top of that, the factors these search engines use to calculate your site’s rank are constantly changing – meaning that the learning never ends and the learning curve always shifts in the upward direction, you need to be aware of even the slightest changes within these factors, so you can be able to adjust said optimization properly.

Proper Understanding will save you time and money both

The real SEO services fall into the category of, well – REAL optimization services, conducted by people who have spent years if not their lives trying out different strategies and gaining experience in the field and are now offering to invest all of their knowledge into your website. Of course, this will come with a price, and it’s not going to be easy to agree with it, especially if you have no clue how much work is actually needed to conduct such services.

Not that it’ll only cost you money, it will also take time, and the more time passes by, the more you’ll have to pay. Most SE optimizers charge monthly fees, going from as low as $500/month to as high as $5000 a month – highly depending on the status of the competition in your niche. More competition = more work = more time = more $$$.

This is where the catch is for most unsuccessful SEO services people buy. You see, a lot of people today don’t have time or just don’t want to bother learning the exact science when it comes to SEO, so what do they do? They pay someone else to do it for them – WHICH would be totally fine except in many cases, that “not knowing” part will leave you blindsided, in other words, you’ll be paying and wasting money and time blindly while you have no clue what’s going on.

Were you surprised when we  said most SEOers ask for at least $500/month for a SEO service? If you were expecting something more in the lines of $50/month, $100/month, even $300/month than we’re sorry to say that you’re one of those people. $50 – $100/month services exist, we mean – of course they do! But, you need to know that like it is for many things in life, so it is for SEO: More money – more music.

Now you’re asking yourself, well if I’m investing so much time and money, surely these people can guarantee amazing results, revenue-wise. The clear-cut answer to this question is… NO. No one can guarantee what you site’s rank will be, even if they can’t predict the time and money required and in-fact best SEO firms don’t offer guaranteed results. You see, as you are having these people work on YOUR sites, so are (most likely) other webmasters doing for THEIR SITES, and not only that, but as mentioned before, the ranking factors change constantly with new algorithm updates meaning no one can predict the future of your site’s ranking capabilities.

So what then? Shouldn’t you buy SEO services from anyone?

Not at all, hiring a capable search engine optimizier or company is a beautiful thing, when you know what’s happening – you’ll be included into the work yourself! That’s right, so if you encounter people and/or companies saying you’re free to go offline on a vacation for 3 months while they do all the work for you – well that’d be the worse vacation ending in your life.

A person who is truly capable, and knowledgeable when it comes to ranking web pages, will be serious, he’ll review your website, keywords and what not and will offer you a 3-figure (possibly 4) price tag for the work.

Now, this doesn’t mean that anyone who gives you a huge price tag will do the job properly, you need to see their references, recommendations, previous work – in other words, you need to know and understand at least some of the various complexities and jobs required for proper SEO services.

Legitimate SEO Companies will:
  • Take their time (they won’t hesitate to tell you it’s going to take longer than you expected – they only care about doing the job properly);
  • Charge properly (if you’re even partly aware of what needs to be done, you’ll know what price range you’ll be going into);
  • Have recommendations and references (you should be allowed to get in touch with their previous customers, which would likely only commend their services);
  • Share their knowledge (they’ll have no problem telling you what they’re doing exactly, in fact, it can only help them because proper SEO service requires so much work that after finding out you’ll almost feel like paying them even more!).
Fly-by-night SEO Firms will:
  • Offer promises immediately (they’ll be willing to accept ANY job, and promise top rankings right from the start, probably just minutes after you provide the keywords);
  • Use SEO tools (they’ll use automatization tools to have their work done for them, which will definitely only hurt your site as the other word for these tools is – SPAM);
  • Avoid sharing their techniques (they’d rather have you not knowing what it is they exactly do, because they know if you did – you’d probably stay away).
  • Often have no references (even if they do, it’s all “climb ‘n’ crash” work, meaning the rankings they provide last only for a very short period of time).

Some will say there are many legit SEO services which WILL rank your website for extremely low pricing and well, to some degree, they’re right. The problem here is now related to duration – meaning how long will your web pages stay ranked for? Not that long, the moment Google’s complex ranking algorithm figures our your rank is based on spamming links across hundreds of unrelated websites and directories, guess what’ll happen. You get crushed so hard you’ll regret you ever looked for “Cheap SEO Services” that day.


To conclude and summarize, we’ll add the following: You’ve been warned! If you find yourself in a position like many people have, stripped of time and money throughout many months and false promises – you should only blame yourself. It is your responsibility to learn how to distinct SEO services which will bring results over time, and those who’d rather have you believe that a proper optimization of your pages can be done in a very short time period, or with a very low price range – or most commonly – both.

Tread Carefully!

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