Jasper AI: Your Comprehensive Guide to AI-Powered Content Creation for Your SEO and Marketing Success

by Manas Chowdhury
12 minutes read

In today’s digital era, writing one piece of content a week won’t get you to the top of SERP. 

While you sit there and wait for your content to rank, your competitor already has the best tool and team that’s working for them to post frequently. 

Solution? Get a tool that acts as your wingman!

But goodness, with so many tools out there, picking the perfect one feels like finding a needle in a haystack! 

That’s where Jasper swoops in. A perfect tool to scale content with efficiency and accuracy.

In this blog, we will take you through a detailed review of Jasper’s features, its customer support, pricing, and more. 

Without further ado let’s get started!

What is Jasper.ai?

Jasper AI is a writing tool that uses machine learning to churn out quality content in seconds. The tool uses Natural language processing to help users create content in bulk. 

Unlike most AI writing tools that run on the GPT 3 model, Jasper AI runs on GPT 3.5 providing results that are much more accurate and reliable. Whether you are a social media content creator who needs a few video scripts, a blogger with content demand, or businesses trying to run the best ad campaign, Jasper AI can be your wingman. 

How Does Jasper.ai Work?

Jasper AI works on the learn-from-user input model. You start with a brief prompt. The AI tool analyses your prompt through a language model and presents you with text that aligns with your prompt. Once it does, the tool asks you for feedback. It learns and improves itself from the feedback you give. 

The cool part is Jasper can totally customize the output with something similar to the tone and style you require. Even better, these contents sound like they have been completely written by a human. 

Fun Fact About Jasper AI

Did you know initially Jasper AI was named Jarvis AI? 

But then someone sent them a legal notice to change the name and guess who did that!

Right! Marvel and Disney didn’t like the idea of the company using the name Jasper, which was actually the name of Iron Man’s Butler. 

So, Jarvis AI had to rebrand itself to Jasper AI. 

Who Can Use Jasper AI? 

There’s no point in you wasting time reading the entire article only to find out Jasper AI is not meant for you. 

So, before you go on with our in-depth analysis it’s better to let you know right here if Jasper AI is for you or not. 

Small Business Owners

Small businesses can use Jasper AI to streamline their content creation processes, saving time, and ensuring consistent brand voice. You can create product descriptions, SEO-friendly blogs, personal bios, etc. 

Content Writers And Creators

It’s a writing tool. The benefit it holds for writers goes without saying. Whether you are a content writer, copywriter, or content creator, Jasper AI caters to all. You can generate tons of blog ideas, scripts, headlines, FAQs, bios, and whatnot. 

Marketers (Organic and Paid)

For marketers focused on Organic and Paid marketing, Jasper AI is your go-to solution. You can write compelling email copies, impactful online ads, and more. Jasper allows users to create targeted copies that are SEO-friendly which is of great value for Marketers. 

Getting Started with Jasper AI

After signing up you will finally land at Jasper Dashboard. This dashboard has around 20+ templates. 

Using Jasper is pretty simple. You go in, pick up a template for your content required, give it a few details and that’s it. 

In seconds you have 3 variants of output in front of you. Super quick! 

Now coming to choosing the best template, you have to first choose from the general category. In the general category, you have blogs, Emails, Ads, etc. 

After you have chosen a category you have a large list of templates to choose from. For example, if you keep ads as your general topic you will get several templates like Facebook ads, Instagram headlines, and Video topic ideas.

Unlike competitors with predefined menus for every template prompt, Jasper AI is good enough to interpret your words. This means you don’t have to choose instructions from a drop-down every time. 

How to Write Blogs and Articles Using Jasper AI  

To write a blog in Jasper you have to follow 4 simple steps.

1. Writing the Intro

Select the template and fill in details like blog post title, audience, tone, etc. 

After entering the details, you can customize the number of variants of output you need. Here we have kept 1 output. 

In seconds we got 3 blog post introductions. Hmm, tbh it’s not exactly what we expected. Looks like something a beginner or mediocre writer would come up with.

But the thing is, this is a good starting point. Although you cannot post something written like this straight away, you can create 4 to 5 blogs daily, edit them, and post them. With a little tweaking the contents will be good to go. 

Now you choose the intro you like the most and save it in a document for the next step. 

2. Creating post outline

The introduction is down. Next Jarvis gives 3 outlines for the blog. You can add and delete the headings you want. 

We are moving forward with the second one.

3. Writing the body of the blog

From the second outline, we will start with the 3rd H2 tag. 

You can copy and paste the heading into your document directly. This is what we got: 

jasper ai paragraph generator

One by one you can choose the headings and generate content accordingly. 

4. Finishing off with a Conclusion

Finally, you can complete the entire article with a conclusion prompt. Just like the introduction, you will have 3 conclusions to choose from. 

Our Thoughts on Jasper AI Blog Output

Even if you try and test it with several prompts, you still have to edit the final outcome no matter what. We spent hours giving it the perfect prompt, yet the results still had to go through extensive editing, fact checking to finally match our standards. 

If you ask us the main issue, it’s the brand voice. 

Jasper couldn’t completely align its content with our brand voice. 

Of course, if you are having writer’s block and need some input on your content, Jasper does a fair job of providing a helping hand.

Headline Ideas and Ad Copy Using Jasper AI

Jasper has done a great job with ad templates because honestly, the Ad copies are way better than blogs. You can create as many headings, tag lines, captions, etc for your upcoming campaign. The best part? 

These aren’t the copies you expect from AI. What we expect generally is a repetition of a few exciting words and the topic revolving around it. 

But no, Jarvis knows better. With its AI model, every product description, title, and copy are damn impressive. 

Of Course, not all the results are useful. But with a little editing from your side and a touch of your brand tone, it can be pretty useful. 

In fact, it has templates that include copywriting frameworks like AIDA, PAS, etc. 

How to Teach Jasper AI Your Brand Voice

Need Jasper for your business? Won’t it be better if you get all the output in your brand’s tone and voice? You can train Jasper with existing content to understand your brand’s voice. Here is the step-by-step process: 

Step 1: Go to  “Jasper Brand Voice” on the left side of the main dashboard. From there click on “Voices”. and select  “Add voice”.  

Step 2: To add brand voice you can paste information, upload files, and feed URLs.

Step 3: Jasper goes through the documents and tries to interpret them. It explains the brand voice as per its understanding. If you think the voice is satisfactory you can save it to use in future contents as well as copies. 

Other Features By Jasper AI Writing Tool

Jasper Art

Japer Art is an image AI generator that takes basic phrases and converts them into unforgettable images. You can say in a way Jasper Art is the artistic sibling of Jasper AI. This AI bot creates images that are completely unique and free from copyrights. 

The best part is, that you will get these images in a few seconds. Once you give your prompt, Jasper Art will give you 4 options to choose from. Simply said, you have a lot to choose from. Even if you don’t like the final outcome, you can further guide the AI bot to create better images by tweaking it as per your preference. 

Jasper Art gives tons of options to get the best output. For your image, you can suggest keywords, and give mode tips or detail tips in the prompt box. The fun part is that you can set the mood for your image. The only thing we are not happy about is that Jasper has reduced the options to quite a few. 

The interface is extremely user-friendly as you will find in Jasper’s writing tool. Although not all images will match your expectations, it definitely is worth a try. 

Cold Emails 

As a freelancer or agency owner, it’s way too hard to customize each cold outreal mail. Especially if you want to send hundreds in a row. That’s where Jasper AI can help you. With Japer, you can enter your company name, and tone and say a few lines on what the mail is about. 

Yeah, that’s all Jasper needs to generate email headlines and content in Jasper. Just like other templates, you can choose the number of outputs you want. We would always recommend you to keep it 5 or more. At least when you want short from content.

Personal Biography

This tool can come in handy if you are a social media manager onboarding new clients or creating a new account on Facebook, insta, or LinkedIn. If you are looking to build your own bio, choose Jasper. Unlike most AI tools, the Bios are very specific. 

All you need to do is upload your brief information and select if it’s for Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, or Press releases. That’s it, you will have multiple bios within 15 seconds. Of course, it needs your personal touch at the end, but definitely saves a lot of effort. 

Jasper Chat

A lot of people are using ChatGPT to chat with an AI in a more natural way and snag the info they need. Pretty cool, right? To this, Jasper responded to its competitor with its Jasper Chat.  

You can ask Jasper Chat to whip up ideas, write some snazzy copy, or even tweak your content for you.

For example, let’s enter the term “how to increase organic traffic to your website” Just throw that at Jasper Chat and you can have a handful of blog topics. 

The only pitfall, while you can access Chat GPT for free Jasper Chat comes with a price tag. You gotta hop on either the Starter or Boss Mode plan with Jasper.  That’s the catch. 

Jasper Integration With Surfer SEO

While Jasper writes reasonable content, this content isn’t SEO-optimized. As you know, content well written but poorly optimized can get you nowhere in the SERP. 

So, in 2021, Jasper announced its integration with Surfer SEO, one of the best SEO content optimization tools you will ever come across. 

How does it work?

While working on Jasper editor you have to turn it on to SEO mode. After that, you will have suggestions that would show in Surfer right then and there. 

However, with Jasper’s subscription, you should also have a subscription to Surfer SEO. 

Jasper AI Customer Support Options

There are lots of awesome marketing tools in the market, but very few with good customer support. 

Hence, when you have almost similar features, good customer support is a must-look factor. 


Well, imagine you are logged out of Jasper without anyone to tell you why or solve it for you. Or let’s say you don’t like Jasper and want a refund. You mail them and wait for a month, but there is no response. 

Scary right? 

Coming to Jasper AI, it has a large number of customer communication channels. 

If you have small issues like you aren’t able to understand how a particular template works, they have a Dedicated YouTube channel and documents to help you with the issue. You can also take their 45-minute training boot camp that helps you understand how the tool works. 

Now coming to big issues for which you need proper assistance. In that case, you can mail them to hey@jasper.ai. The response time depends on the plan you are in. They generally prioritize queries from Team Plan members. 

If sending out mail doesn’t work, they have a dedicated Facebook group community where thousands of users come together to resolve each other’s issues. You can drop your problem there so that someone who has already faced and resolved it can help you out. 

The thing that disappointed us was the varying response time for different plans and no chat or call support from Jasper. But they definitely make it up with a solid community and fast response to emails. 

Jasper AI Chrome Extension

We have used more than 50+ SEO tools and this is by far one of the best Chrome extensions we have ever come across. 

To install the Jasper Chrome extension you can click on this link. It will redirect you to the extension page. There click on Add Jasper to Chrome. The Chrome extension gets installed in a matter of seconds. Once installed you will see a tiny logo of Jasper on the top right corner of the browser. 

From there you can go to the extension setting. Enable Jasper on the devices or platforms you want to use. 

The question is, how useful is this tool? 

Well, you can use Jasper on different platforms. Here are a few of them: 

  • Google Docs Integration: The Jasper Chrome extension allows easy content generation within Google Docs, offering templates and commands for various content needs without switching platforms.
  • Email Writing: Seamlessly integrates with email service providers like Convertkit and Gmail, aiding in drafting compelling email subject lines and bodies with helpful suggestions.
  • Social Media Assistance: Enables effortless creation of engaging social media content (e.g., Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates) through predefined commands and templates.
  • Medium Editor Support: Extends functionality to the Medium editor, assisting in generating blog post ideas, titles, and rough drafts, serving as a valuable starting point for content creation.

Jasper AI Pricing 

Teams Plan


What’s Included: 

  • Advanced AI features
  • Collaborative campaign 
  • Unlimited access to all features, custom templates, and automation
  • API access for enhanced integration
  • Advanced admin analytics
  • single sign-on (SSO) 
  • team onboarding, and ongoing technical support.

Best For: Tailored for companies seeking comprehensive AI solutions with a focus on team collaboration, security, and personalized support. Ideal for businesses engaged in content creation and brand management.

Creator Plan

Price: $39/month

What’s Included: 

  • AI features
  • Includes one seat
  • one brand voice
  • 50 knowledge assets
  • 50+ templates
  • Access to SEO mode
  • Flexibility to use with a browser extension.

For Whom: Suited for individuals or small businesses taking a step to create content online.  

Personalized AI Plan

Price: Upon Request

What’s Included: 

Tailored AI features with additional control, security enhancements, team training, and dedicated tech support. 

  • Everything in the Teams package
  • No limits on features, custom templates, and automation
  • API Access
  • Advanced admin analytics
  • SSO with an extra security review
  • Comprehensive team onboarding.

For Whom: Specifically designed for companies requiring a personalized and secure AI solution. This plan is suitable for businesses that need high-end security.

Jasper Refund Policy

Not happy with how the tool turned out? 

Not an issue, Jasper AI offers a 5-day return policy. So you can pay for the tool free from any stress. Explore the bolts and nuts of the tool and if you think it’s not worth the money, ask them for a refund. 


You will have to cancel the account and drop a mail to hey@jasper.ai requesting them to return the amount. In a day or two the refund will be initiated. 

Users Review On Jasper AI

You know how the tool works, and what features they have, but do they offer what they claim? 

The best way to clear these questions is to go through a few online reviews. People who have used it before like us, will tell you their experience with the tool. 

To make it easier for you, we have curated a few online reviews from different sites. Have a look at what people have to say: 

“Jasper.ai has been an invaluable tool for my blog post writing, whether it’s for my personal blog or for clients as a freelancer. It significantly accelerates my writing speed, easily tripling my productivity compared to starting content from scratch. This speed boost allows me to allocate more time to refining Jasper’s output, ensuring I deliver top-notch, high-quality content swiftly.” – Skyler Benson

“Using Jasper has been a game-changer for my social media marketing business. It’s my go-to for crafting various content types like blog posts, articles, sales pages, and email newsletters. The diverse templates offered for these different purposes streamline the process immensely, making content creation both effortless and highly efficient.” – Corey Walker

Data Aggregator Review

Reading a few reviews is not enough. To truly understand if a tool caters to its audience well, should head to data aggregator sites. The same goes for Jasper. 

To make it easier for you, we have curated the ratings from the top 2 review sites. Let’s have a look at them one by one. 

First, we have got you G2, a renowned site known for tool reviews. 

The average rating here is 4.7/5 from 1236 users. 

To tell you the truth, Jasper has a lot of reviews from users compared to other SEO tools and the ratings are pretty good. 

The next site is TrustRadius. 

The rating is super good, it is around 8.7/10 although the number of ratings is quite low. 

Only 37 people have left a rating here although Trust Radius is quite famous. 

Something fishy? Maybe, maybe not be! 

What did we like about Jasper AI? 

  • Offers a full page of well-written content based on simple prompts. 
  • Bulk content generation that enhances productivity.
  • Jasper.ai does a fantastic job of matching the brand tone.
  • User-friendly interface which is ideal for beginners.
  • Helps in seeing a new perspective on any topic. Unlike us, it doesn’t go through writer’s block.
  • Continuous learning to adapt to user preferences and writing styles.
  • So many templates for different content types. 
  • Integration with SEO tools for optimized content creation.

What we didn’t like about Jasper AI? 

  • Despite mimicking tone, it produces generic content.
  • You have to edit and polish the output before posting it online, especially for long-form content.
  • Gives vague output for difficult specialized or niche topics.
  • Relies on online content without verifying information. 

How reliable is Jasper AI output?

Note this. The output may not always be as you think it would turn out. Because Jasper gives great accuracy with some format of content only. For example, it’s great for social media copies or web copies. But if you are thinking of writing a long-form blog, you will only get good results for topics that are already covered a lot on the internet. For specific topics with little to no information already available, Jasper will hardly give you any helpful outcome. 

Jasper AI Alternatives

Chat GPT vs Jasper AI

ParameterChat GPTJasper AI
PurposeCaters to a wide range of audiences from students to professionals not necessarily related to marketing. Tailored content platform for markers, content creators, and business owners.
Content Generation TechWorks on both GPT 3.5 and GPT 4 models. Powered by Open AI, PalM (Google), Anthropic, Cohere
User InterfaceChat-style interactionChat interface, content editor, & templates
Content Quality & CustomizationContent quality varies with the accuracy of the prompt. Consistent quality offers customization. 
SEO FeaturesCan create SEO-friendly content with the right prompt but it’s difficult. Only for experts. SEO-templated is already provided in the tool. 
Tone & Voice ControlCustom instructions for tone & voiceYou can set brand Voice for consistency throughout the writing.
PricingUSD $20 per monthStarts at $39 per month.  

WriteSonic Vs Jasper AI

Parameter WriteSonic Jasper
Quality of OutputPowered by GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 modelsPowered by Open AI, PalM (Google), Anthropic, Cohere
Templates100+ templates available50+ solid templates
Ease of UseIncredibly easy to useTakes time to get accustomed to advanced features
Best ForBeginners, hands-free experienceExperienced marketers, have more control
Customization & FlexibilityMore rigid frameworkAllows customization as per requirement. 
IntegrationsSurfer SEO, DALL·E, Copyscape, WordPress, ZapierSurfer SEO, DALL·E, Copyscape, Zapier
Brand Voice FeatureLess noticeable difference in outputOffers more personalized outputs based on brand tone
PricingFreemium model starts at $19/monthStarts at $39/month, no word count limits

Rytr Vs Jasper AI

ParameterRytrJasper AI
AI TechnologyGPT-3 modelGPT-3.5 model
User ExperienceClean and simple interfaceLayered interface for different levels
Educational MaterialBasic guides, limited content detailsExtensive tutorials, active Facebook community
Search Engine OptimizationLimited focus on basic optimization. Integration with SurferSEO (addon)
Plagiarism CheckerBuilt-in, integrated into the appSeparate feature, Copyscape powered
Free TrialLifetime, 5K credits/month, no card needed5-day trial, card info required
Pricing ModelStarts at $9/month, unlimited wordsStarts at $39/month, unlimited words

Final Verdict 

Jasper AI has stunned us with its writing abilities. We didn’t expect an AI tool to be as handy in content creation as this one is. Jasper simplifies your writing process by generating optimized, plagiarism-free content in moments. 

While it gives content in bulk in a matter of minutes, there is room for a lot of improvements and editing. 

At times, you will notice repetitions in the content, suggesting that further enhancements elevate the experience. 

And the answer to the question, will Jasper replace writers? 

Nope, not anytime soon. What it will do is make your job 3x faster and way easier. 

Still not sure whether Jasper is the right choice for you? 

You can always go for their 7-day free trial to explore the tool. In fact, if you decide to purchase it after a free trial and things go south from there, you always have their 5-day return policy to back you up. 

All in all, if you want to scale your content creation, Jasper AI is definitely worth a shot!

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