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YouTube SEO : 50 Surefire Ways For Increasing Traffic To Your YouTube Videos

by Manas Chowdhury
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You probably already know that YouTube is now the primary way people want to learn, shop, and interact online*….

….and is the world’s second biggest search engine with a huge untapped traffic source (In fact, YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day)

So is the necessity for your videos to rank high in YouTube… Today I’m going to share you the ins and outs of YouTube SEO, including how you can rank videos in both Google and YouTube.

Because of Google’s vertical search results and being the most popular online video platforms globally it has certainly become the goldmine for online marketers and business owners.

How to increase YouTube ranking?

At the same time it keeps the brains of internet marketers and business owners daunting with questions like:

(a) How do I drive traffic to my YouTube video?
(b) How do I increase traffic to my YouTube video?
(c) How to generate YouTube traffic?
(d) How to get more YouTube traffic?


Following factors influence YouTube SEO for driving traffic to your YouTube videos

These 50 proven YouTube SEO factors helps to improve rank of your YouTube videos. It will consistently drive and increase traffic to your videos. It’s quick and easy, so go ahead, read it now, and start applying these tricks to increase YouTube ranking and generating a ton more traffic from both YouTube and Google today.

YouTube SEO

Find Video Keywords

#1. YouTube SEO process also starts with keyword research likewise anything in SEO. Your goal is to find the “Video Keywords” i.e the keywords that have YouTube results on the first page of Google.

#2. In general, Google tends to use video results for “How-to keywords, Reviews, Tutorials, Anything fitness or sports related, Funny videos” related keywords. You have to do the YouTube video optimization SEO around these “video keywords” for pulling targeted traffic from Google as well as YouTube.

Make an (Awesome) Video

#3. The more quality you put into your video, the more you’ll get out of it as user engagement is considered THE most important YouTube ranking signal.

#4. Audience Retention is the most important ranking factor in YouTube. This means the more time people spend in watching your video you will increase YouTube video traffic. Keep a close eye in your YouTube Analytics to monitor how much traffic your YouTube video has received and analyze how long people spend watching your video?

#5. Likewise text-based articles, longer videos rank better; Make your video at least 5-minutes long.

#6. Keep your viewers glued to the screen by outlining your content, learning outcomes and fringe benefits of your video up front in the first few seconds.

#7. Create a feast for your viewer’s eyes by adding a motion. There’s no need to go overboard with crazy animations. Some simple stock footage or zooming and panning of images on the screen every 3-10 seconds can often be enough to keep your viewers glued to the screen.

#8. Ramp up the emotional impact of your YouTube video by adding a music track to a seemingly boring video which will give it an instant energy boost for longer engagement and audience retention. With that said, never use any music that you don’t have right to use or violating any copyright.

Tip: Get popular by providing a link to your other videos at the end of each YouTube video.

Upload Your Video With YouTube SEO in Mind

#9. When you’re done with making the video make sure that you use the keyword in the video’s filename.

#10. Have a marvelous title and make your first impression the last impression. Put your video keyword in the title and it can help a lot.

#11. The title of the video should be worth the time of viewer and you must make this interaction count.

#12. Title should be click-worthy, short and to the point. Try to use the word “video” in the title.

#13. Ideally a YouTube video title should be 10 words or less e.g. How to loose weight in 3 weeks?

#14. Make use of numbers in your video title e.g. 10 paleo diet recipes for loosing weight fast.

#15. A specific benefit must be highlighted in the video title e.g. Triple your energy and loose weight with these simple raw food diet plan.

Remember, optimizing your YouTube video for viewer’s interest is the primary goal so if you have a killer title that doesn’t work with your keyword, don’t include it, there are some other places where you can work your keywords in.

Being too much cleverish with your title might backfire as simple headlines beat clever titles every time. http://www.webpagefx.com/tools/read-able/ tool is a quick way to check if you’re being too clever. You should aim to keep your grade under 8th.

#16. You should spend a good amount of time in writing your YouTube video description as it makes a huge difference. Because Google and YouTube can’t “listen” to videos, they rely on your text description to determine your video’s content. Your viewers find more info from your description, YouTube factors video description a lot in their ranking algorithm and Google shows them in their search results.

#17. Ideally your YouTube description should be at least 250 words in length.

#18. Include your video keywords naturally in YouTube description, preferably 3-4 times.

#19. Include your keyword in the first 25 words.

#20. You should be concise in writing the first two sentences of the whole description as its shown below your video and Google video results. You should brief what your video covers and what makes it different to everything else.

#21. Always use your primary Call-to-action in YouTube description along with URL.

#22. Put your link at the very top of the video (this maximizes click-thru-rate to your site)

#23. Your primary Call-to-action should be followed with additional information or web mentions.

#24. Let your viewers get in contact with you and your brand by adding social media links or website links in your video description.

#25. Make your videos discoverable and rankable by proper use of Tags, else no one will find it. YouTube only allows 500 characters for tags, so make sure to choose and prioritize them wisely.

You must absolutely spend the time to do your keyword research to ensure your tags match what people are actually searching for. It’s very crucial for YouTube SEO and your  Google videos future growth potential.

Make sure you have covered Specific Tags (these are specific keywords that someone would type in as a search query), Contextual Single Word Tags (these are keywords that describe your videos general field of interest) and Generic Tags (these tags are simply general words that describe your video) while tagging your YouTube videos.

Targeted tags not only help you rank for your target keyword but also get you to you show up more often as a related video in the sidebar area of YouTube.

#26. Your YouTube video thumbnail will most often determine the success or failure of your video before anyone has ever watched it. So under no circumstances leave your thumbnail in the hands of YouTube’s automatic thumbnail generator. You should make your own video thumbnail, and make it good.
#27. There is a lot of noise out there and your YouTube video is actually competing for viewer’s attention so never take a chance with your video thumbnail. Use bright vibrant colors, include close-ups of faces (if possible), and make the foreground high-contrast to the background. Make your thumbnail interesting by using visually compelling imagery.

#28. Your YouTube video thumbnail should be clear and in-focus. You can create eye-popping video thumbnails via Canva’s drag and drop interface with ease.

Remember, as time passes away your YouTube video will travel across the internet through shares and embeds (well that’s the goal at-least) and there would be many places where the video title won’t be displayed. Under these circumstances your video thumbnail will be the showstopper. So, it’s always a god idea to include texts in your thumbnail.

#29. Your YouTube video thumbnail text should summarize the primary benefit of your video and entice the viewers for a click. Aim for including less than 4 words in your video thumbnail text.

#30. Get your video thumbnail reviewed at small scale. Before uploading custom thumb it’s always a good idea to check how your video thumbnail looks at 120 x 60 pixels, because this is the size it will appear in the related videos sidebar.

#31. Always use graphics or screenshots from within your video or at least something close, in your video thumbnail. Do not forget that the viewers clicked to watch your video because of your thumbnail, so it will just make them mad if they do not see any video content that resembles to your thumbnail.

Note: In order to be able to change your thumbnails you’ll need to have verified your YouTube account.

#32. YouTube is always thriving to provide better experience for their viewers. So anything you do to help YouTube achieving their objective will ultimately help you in ranking of your YouTube video. With that said, refrain yourself from uploading Standard Definition (SD) videos. Always upload High Definition (HD) videos at a time when YouTube gets the most traffic.

#33. Make sure to transcribe your video properly, though YouTube transcribes your video automatically but it’s horrible. There are 2 main reasons to get your video transcribed. Firstly, you can include the video transcript in the closed captions. This allows YouTube to effectively present subtitles for your video as it’s being played, which helps with engagement. Secondly, YouTube will index your transcription and use it as part of its ranking algorithm.

#34. Never make your viewers bore by creating a video too long which often most video creators make. Make your videos great by having a single focus and get to the point quickly. You should consider breaking your videos into two-pieces if 5-10 minutes video isn’t sufficient to convey your message.

Get Video Views. 

#35. Try creating a series of videos which will give your viewers an added impetus to come and view your videos often. More views=higher rankings, but the views should be real.

#36. Tell your viewers “What to do next” with a “Call-to-action”. The more viewers who like, share and comment on your YouTube video or subscribe to your channel the better your video will perform in the rankings and in turn generate more traffic. This again is a measure of viewer engagement and so it’s a good idea to get the ball rolling with a gentle push by mentioning a call to action at the end. You don’t need to go overboard. Something simple like this can make a big difference: (a)“If you liked this video share the love and give it thumbs up.” (b)“Thanks for watching, why not leave a comment below and let me know what you think.” (c) “If you liked this video, hit the subscribe button to receive more like it in the future.”

#37. Give your YouTube video a jump-start with a flurry of link-building and engagement activity. If you’ve created awesome, engaging content it’s going to acquire organic inbound links and grow in authority naturally, all by itself. But it’s very important to give it a helping hand at the initial stage.

#38. The first week after a YouTube video upload, is very crucial. Typically in the first week of a video upload, YouTube will send an elevated amount of traffic to it. They want to find out quickly how engaging it is? How high the audience retention rate is, and how much discussion and social activity it generates? And so on, so they can optimize their results with the most engaging content. This is your window of opportunity, so make it count.

#39. Post and embed your YouTube video on your Face book, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and any Social platform as quickly as you can. You should treat your YouTube video promotion likewise blog marketing.

#40. Email your YouTube video to your customer or subscriber base.

#41. Email your video to your friends, family and relatives. Ask them to share their thoughts, likes etc.

#42. Post/embed your videos in topical forums

#43. Embed it in a blog post on your site.

#44. Encourage/ask for video responses from friends.

#45. Mention your Video on Quora and Other Q&A Sites

#46. You can find videos similar to yours. Copy the URL and paste it into Majestic’s site explorer or Ahrefs or Moz Open Site Explorer. This will help you discover other potential inbound linking opportunities. You can then go about re-creating those links to your video.

#47. Don’t go overboard with your video link building. Your videos ongoing traffic potential will have a much better chance to stand the test of time if you keep it “Natural”. Don’t just go after high page rank links only.

#48. A healthy combination of high page rank, low page rank, shares, thumbs ups, favorites, video embeds and yes no follow links all have value in increasing YouTube ranking.

#49. Show gratitude to your viewers who post positive comments or consider themselves followers of your videos.

#50. Try to get rid of negative, controversial, racist, rude video comments by simply ignoring them or deleting the comments.

By harnessing the power of YouTube videos you now have an incredible new tool. Use this tool for generating views, shares, traffic and ultimately driving sales in your business. This  YouTube Video Optimization  and How do you get traffic to YouTube videos checklist is your secret weapon. So print it out, keep it next to your computer and use it every time you create a video and upload to YouTube for video optimization.

*Reference: 27 Mind Blowing YouTube Facts, Figures and Statistics – 2016

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