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SMS Marketing Essentials – 10 Proven Reasons To Incorporate Text Messaging in Your Marketing Mix

by Manas Chowdhury
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The device that is practically in your target customers’ hands is their Mobile Devices. With the world becoming more and more dependent on their cellular device every passing second, it is unquestionable that you should make a strategy around it.

Now when it comes to mobile advertising, the number one mode that presents itself to be used for floating that message across is text message. SMS Marketing has been growing its potential with every single increase in mobile devices. However in today’s scenario when we have so many mode of communication and promotional platforms around us, naysayers have started questioning the power of SMS Marketing. So let us settle this once and for all.

Here I am going to answer all those questions which have been taking attention away from our old friend text messages.

Question 1: What role does SMS marketing portrays in today’s technology friendly online market?

There is a class of people who believe that social media’s or emailers reach is much more than what SMS Marketing can ever offer. But while it might be true in a generic way, when you think about the mix of people who use the social media, the chances of your messages not reaching the right set is very high.

Next, with every marketer across the world working their way around the social platform and emailers, the chance of your message vanishing in the flood of brands that are out there is very high.

Question 2: Is SMS Marketing for everyone or is industry specific?

Your mobile device will answer this question for you, mine does. From investment and banking to ecommerce and from travel to electricity and water bill reminder, almost every industry that is out there uses SMS Marketing. If you are from India, I am sure you must have noticed how one of the most traditional Railway industry also advertises on text messages, promoting their IRCTC Card and have promoted it to such an extent that the ticket they are sending through SMS are also being accepted as valid.

Question 3: How effective is SMS Marketing for your business?

Businesses belonging to all industries, irrespective of their market sizes are noticing that they can efficiently integrate SMS marketing in a larger marketing plan. With the help of a planned SMS marketing mechanisation, brands can make, schedule, and then automate their smart text message campaigns.

Ken Rhie, CEO of Trumpia says “SMS marketing is a proven channel that allows marketers to effectively reach consumers. Email and direct mail are just too slow, and social media is too inundated with spam. With a 90 percent open rate, SMS gets your messages read faster than any other channel.”

Now that you have all your questions answered, let us look at some of the benefits you can derive by incorporating SMS Marketing in your promotional plan

  1. Instant Delivery

With the time it takes for a message to reach your target customer’s device from yours, being under two seconds, nothing comes first of SMS Marketing when it comes to getting your product reach millions.

  1. Chance of Personalization

The chance of customizing your promotional message reaching people according to their likes and preferences becomes very easy with the right SMS Marketing plan in place.

  1. Easier to opt in

Unlike various other marketing methods where your users need to fill in a series of information just to be eligible to get updates on products, they just need to enter their number to receive text messages from your company. So, it is very point on when it comes to saving time.

  1. Greater chances of being read

It is much easier to check multiple mails and delete them in one click, but the second your phone beeps to notify them of a new message, the chances are very high that they will open it. In a number of cases, the text message automatically opens in the display.

  1. There are zero barricades

SMS Marketing doesn’t have to dodge and tackle the many email filters and spam that have their own set of criteria, which can prevent your message from reaching the right users. With just a press of a key on your computer, the brand reaches its customers, directly.

  1. Immense Market Potential

You know how many devices are there in the world? In three digit zillions, now out of so many devices, what do you think would be the amount of devices that you will need to send your message across to most people? Probably in millions. So the right SMS Marketing strategy can take you to millions in seconds.

  1. It is very concise

With most phones having 160 characters limit, you don’t have to play around words and worry what word or sentence would go with what message. It gives you the chance to not beat around the bush and draft your advertisement in a clear concise note.

  1. Can be the center of all promotional channels

For a business that is out to reach the masses, it is no viable for you to stick with just one mode of promotion, you might be active on social media and emails as well. But how do you make the users aware of your presence in various platforms or how do you remind them of some campaign that you have started in some platform? By dropping a single message on their device!

  1. Is very Cost effective

With a series of advancement in the marketing world, a number of platforms have emerged posing to be beneficial for your business, and this has shadowed SMS Marketing to some extent. This occurrence works for the businesses who are looking to utilize text messages to make their brand reach on users’ fingertips.

  1. Does not require Internet

The best of SMS Marketing is that it is not dependent on a working internet connection. With the growing network charges, the medium comes around as the best option to save users’ incurred cost while making them aware or engaged with the brand.

Although most people think SMS as a marketing tool solely, but it actually has a lot to do as a customer service resource. If you aren’t currently using short message service for customer service along with your marketing mix, then you’re failing to take full advantage of this powerful mode of communication.

According to eMarketer.com report: many users in the US, as well as Germany, prefer to text for customer service. 44% of respondents said that one of the reasons they preferred to send a text to a company’s customer service department was because it was less time-consuming. 42% said they preferred to do so because it was more convenient than using the telephone.” 30% say SMS-based customer service is less frustrating.

Over to you…

Have you incorporated SMS Marketing in your marketing and customer service strategy yet? How was the experience? Please share them in the comment section below.

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Freddy September 22, 2017 - 11:11 am

Yes, I agree with you that SMS marketing is escalating day-by-day because it is
1. permission-based marketing (easy to Opt-In & Opt-Out)
2. customers receive messages within a second
3. every type of business can choose sms marketing
4. short and sweet

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