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Top 10 Negative Local SEO Ranking Factors

by Manas Chowdhury
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You have launched your site to take your brand to newer heights. Knowingly, you would not commit a mistake that would get your site blacklisted or negatively ranked by the search engines. Lack of sufficient knowledge about SEO techniques that are considered black-hat by search engines may land you in serious trouble.

This section attempts to shortlist the top 10 negative local SEO ranking factors, you should steer clear of.

Link leveraged business alliances

Your business may be in a symbiotic professional relationship with another, and as an exchange of goodwill, agree to promote/ share each other’s links on sites to foster click through traffic. If the rate of inbound links from a single site reaches suspicious levels or links are positioned in the footer section, your site may be penalized.

Incorrect business listings

You may have listed your site in web directories and provided a business location that does not correspond to your actual location. Incorrect business category listing is also a terrible error. The NAP or tracking phone numbers published by you across data ecosystem or on business landing pages may not tally with each other. This holds true for business address.

Arbitrary affiliate program linkages

Random affiliate linking has the potential to kill SEO. Spamming at large through affiliate links can spell doom for your ranking. Penalization can occur if your company engages in mindless affiliate marketing.

Crawlable NAP

(Name, Address, Phone Number) missing from website, location landing page: Apart from consistency of business address across pages/ listings, your ranking can suffer if the call tracking numbers and actual address differs on various citations. Business and physical contact address should tally and must be present on the relevant web pages.

 Keyword stuffing

If you aspire to get more traffic by packing the content or title tag with niche keywords, you run the risk of inviting the wrath of crawlers. Keywords need to be sprinkled through the content at a reasonable rate.

Multiple categories are present in a common input field

If your site is dedicated to a particular purpose but you have designed your input field to accommodate multiple categories, your site is likely to acquire a negative ranking.

Multiple NAP

If you business landing page or main page features multiple crawlable address and credentials for your business, it can throw the potential customers into confusion and may also get your site a negative rank.

MyMap discrepancies

If your local store is referred to by more than fifty MyMap pointers or the Google users have given low numerical rating of the store’s location, your local SEO dreams may crash.

Same place referred to in multiple languages

You may try to trick the crawler into believing that multi-lingual references are pointing to different locations by referring your local store in different languages. This is considered an unethical practice by search engine ranking tools.

Malwares/ adwares on site

If your site serves as the safe haven for malwares, Trojans etc. that can harm the systems of the potential visitors, your site is likely to earn a negative ranking.

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