The Need to Understand Digital Marketing Trends

  • January 19, 2015
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The history of marketing

Although there are many indications over the millennia of business people which have used some form of marketing in their business activities, marketing as a science has only really became properly described, analyzed and improved both in though and in practice since the turn of the 20th century. Although marketing has been continually improved throughout the 20th century with constant improvements which has been developed but with the coming of the personal computer and the infrastructure which has been brought to the scene by the World Wide Web marketing as a precise and effective science has truly developed into a multibillion-dollar industry.

The concept of digital marketing

Instead of following the old marketing principles the personal computer and the advantages of the World Wide Web has brought a whole new meaning to effective marketing practices. Therefore a whole new world of digital marketing has been created which has tremendous advantages for the business person and any individual who has a product or service which they wish to market. Such products, services or specific brands are being presented to the public and other consumers through the use of the electronic media.

The need to find a personal recipe for success

Although there are general rules which forms the basis for most types of digital marketing it is also a well-known fact that the same digital marketing model will not be effective for different business operations even though they may be in a similar branch off the industry. That is because even though such a business is a virtually the same there are still many elements of such a businesses which are completely different and which will need a personalized approach.

The far-reaching effects of digital marketing

Until the 50s most businesses and other marketing companies have to rely on the tools which were available to them such as marketing material which were exhibited at their place of business or some advertisement boards which were placed along major routes of travel. Another medium which were used extensively was radio and later television has followed which have substantially increased the level of marketing which were possible. The coming of the personal computer and the World Wide Web has dramatically changed the marketing industry because those technologies now enabled businesses and other marketing companies to keep in contact with the consumer virtually 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Businesses are in continual competition with competitors

It is those businesses who stay in tune with the changing business environments and the new marketing technologies which are being introduced who will be most successful in drawing the attention of consumers. Therefore digital marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry globally and it is those businesses who keep up with new developments in marketing that will be the most successful in attracting new customers. Because of the new mobile phone developments and the coming of social media it is now possible for businesses to introduce their products and services to the consumers 24 hours a day.

Content will determine how the consumer will be influenced

This will require of the business person or the marketing company to formulate an effective marketing strategy which should carefully consider exactly what has to be achieved by such a marketing campaign. The objectives of such a marketing campaign will then provide the business with some necessary requirements for the content which will be used in that marketing campaign. The quality of such content will determine the ultimate success which will be achieved during such a digital marketing campaign. This is why the planning phase of such a marketing campaign has to be very thorough and all market trends have to be carefully considered.

Story telling significantly increases the effectiveness of marketing

The consumer is no longer fooled by the business who claims their product or service is the best, in fact thy expect businesses to make those claims and therefore businesses have to use a different strategy in order to engage the consumer more effectively. Using metaphors and stories that the consumer can relate are now been used with astounding success. Quite often businesses move away from the effectiveness of their product and instead they rather focus on the way in which the consumer will be benefited when they purchase that product.

The need to establish a respected brand name

It is a well-established fact which has been proven over many decades that the consumer will always be supportive of a brand name which has an excellent reputation and which are well-established within the public perception. This is also true in digital marketing and therefore every effort has to be made to protect the integrity of such a brand name in order to ensure its continued support in the consumer market. Statistics will show that a well-established brand name is mostly purchased even though such a brand name product is considerably more expensive than its counterparts and that is because the consumer accepts that the quality of such a brand name product is beyond dispute.

The vital importance of perception

Very often it is not the true facts which inspire consumers but it is the perception which has been created which drives them and which causes them to support a specific service or product. And this is why it is necessary in digital marketing to continually improve the perception which exists in the mind of the consumer and this is done by periodic changes to the website of a business or marketing company. The company website which is left unchanged for more than one calendar year often indicates stagnation with in that business or marketing company and this is never the impression which should be conveyed. Therefore it is wise to indicate the willingness of your business to accept the changes within the industry and to clearly illustrate that willingness to the consumer.

Turning a mere product into a veritable personal existence

Take Mr. Muscle for example which is one of dozens of multipurpose cleaning products but by creating an animation character of the same name which always comes to the aid of overworked housewives the manufacturers has managed to elevate the household cleaner in the eyes of many consumers from a mere cleaning product to a character and by implication a manufacturer that really cares and that strategy has been very successful and has led to a greater popularity of this product which has boosted sales.

In digital media nothing is more important than customer feedback

You might have the best and the most professionally designed websites or social media profile but if you do not have effective content which are interesting to your supporters or customers and which stimulate healthy feedback then it will be impossible to use such a webpage or profile effectively. The true strength and the benefits of digital marketing is when you learn the specific needs of your customer because this allows you to better align your approach to them and to ensure that you are able to better provide in the needs of those customers. Far too many business people have the attitude that that the website are their property and that they alone should have the final say on how such a website or social media profiles should be managed. The truth is unless you are able to engage your customer on that webpage or profile and are able to stimulate healthy interaction and valuable feedback the benefits which you will obtain from such a website or profile will be minimal.

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