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WordPress Hosting – 25 Most Popular Questions Answered On Hosting Wordpress

by Manas Chowdhury
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I’ve come across a lot of people for a while now, who have many queries regarding Wordpress Hosting. So today in this blog, I’ll try to cover all the major questions asked.

Q 1. Do I need GoDaddy hosting for WordPress?

You don’t necessarily need Godaddy hosting for WordPress but it definitely is a fine choice for your selection. It is one of the most widely used platforms for Wordpress hosting. It comes cheap with unlimited bandwidth, a secure data restrictive policy, and mobile phone support and latest technological upgrades. Definitely a good option to opt for!

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Q 2. Do I need Linux hosting for WordPress?

Once again, it’s not a need to go for Linux hosting but it’s one of the highly acclaimed servers in the market. It is a standout among the most well-known conveyances for servers and here are a couple reasons why:

  • Intensely focused on convenience
  • An extensive determination of bundles
  • Visit programming redesigns
  • An extensive group prompting to more supportive assets

Ubuntu by Linux has a LTS (Long Term Support) discharge, which utilizes bundles that are viewed as more steady. You can also use a Windows Hosting for installing WordPress.

Q 3. Do I need managed WordPress hosting?

If you’re a beginner at WordPress, you must be considering whether you need managed WordPress hosting or not? Well the answer lies in the fact that the heavy traffic at your site won’t be an issue due to fast management. You’ll be virtually hacker-free; have extended support, daily backups, auto updates and no downtime. Only thing you might need to consider against it is that you’ll have to pay for it and would have less technical control over your WordPress.

Q 4. Do I need WordPress hosting?

Because of the prominence of WordPress, a few web facilitating suppliers have had some expertise in WordPress and offer what’s known as WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress facilitating is an attendant service where every specialized part of running WordPress is overseen by the host. This incorporates security, speed, WordPress redesigns, day by day reinforcements, site up time, and adaptability. The thought behind managed WordPress hosting is to offer a totally bother free involvement, so you can concentrate on maintaining your business and doing what you are great. You can use Shared, VPS, Dedicated hosting though depending on your expertise and requirements. But yes, if you are only keen in writing a few blogs now and then you can obviously use WordPress.com hosted platform.

Q 5. Do I have to pay for hosting with WordPress?

Mostly yes, but there are companies which offer free hosting. With regards to web facilitating, there is such an unbelievable marvel as a free lunch. However, the administration can be moderate and untrustworthy. What’s more, the supplier may put commercials on your site. Yet, sites can simply be overhauled or moved to a superior facilitating arrangement.

Q 6. Do you need hosting to use WordPress?

No, you don’t need hosting to use WordPress.(“Plans,” 2016) It’s a good option to opt for it but it’s not necessary at all. It is free to open a blog on WordPress, they have premium plans too if you want to upgrade.

Q 7. Does WordPress do email hosting?

WordPress provides e-mail forwarding, but for those who want complete email hosting, WordPress suggests connecting another provider to the domain.(“Add Email,” 2012)

Q 8. Does WordPress do hosting?

WordPress works with other hosting companies but does not provide hosting services on its own. As mentioned on their website, there is a list of web hosting companies which meet the minimum requirement and specialize in WordPress hosting.

Q 9. How does WordPress hosting work?

At a monthly charge, the WordPress hosting company provides services which aid in overseeing the activity of your blog, provides security for your blog and in short makes it hassle-free for you. After registering your domain, find a reliable service to register your unique domain name and host your WordPress site. There are thousands to choose from, many of which can reserve your domain and provide hosting simultaneously. Either way, make sure it meets WordPress’ minimum requirements, which can be found at https://wordpress.org/hosting/.

Q 10. How is GoDaddy for WordPress hosting?

Their economy plan is $7.99/month at reestablishment – however they generally give away coupons for longer bolt ins and you can push it down to even $3.99/mo. On the off chance that you run with them, you won’t need to stress in the event that you are paying excessively. GoDaddy Gives Unlimited Bandwidth! GoDaddy Offers Quality WordPress Auto-Install. Now, full-divulgence, I’m an enthusiast of introducing WordPress physically on account of security reasons. All things considered, having another person introduce WordPress is efficient administration – and supportive to any individual who stresses over FTP. All the security salts were in actuality and should have simply a security module. GoDaddy Integrates Products Well Full divulgence impresses a fanatic of purchasing your space and email benefits independently from web facilitating. In any case, as WordPress auto-introduce, having one organization deal with your space name, email, and facilitating can make things slightly less demanding. A few of my companions and customers do this – and it functions admirably for them. GoDaddy Has Phone Support And Little Down-Time. GoDaddy Hosting Is Current On The Latest Technology. They brag about their 4GH Linux Hosting, which implies that they are present. PHP5, and so on – GoDaddy has all the most recent specialized stuff to do web facilitating right.

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Q 11. How much does WordPress hosting cost?

Web hosting costs begin at super reasonable (under $10 every month) for shared facilitating, where your site will be on a server with different sites. Cheap shared facilitating organizations incorporate GoDaddy, SiteGround, InMotion, Bluehost, and comparable. Hosting costs keep on rising when you begin searching for WordPress-centered hosting. They are not outlandish, be that as it may. Organizations that have facilitating particular to WordPress incorporate DreamHost, WP Engine, Synthesis, and Pagely. Evaluating with these organizations begins in a range from $19 – $47 and goes up to $400. A few arrangements incorporate extra administrations for reinforcements, security, and speed upgrade.

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Q 12. How much hosting space do I need for WordPress?

10 GB space is sufficient for generally new businesses. 100GB bandwidth is enough. Your landing page is 5MB. So when somebody grounds of their landing page he/she downloads 5MB of information. So you free 5mb from your standard of 100GB. I don’t think you will ever have the capacity to go through 100GB bandwidth at any point in the near future on the off chance that you are a start-up.

Q 13. How to buy WordPress hosting?

The process for buying is pretty simple, after choosing a host company, browse over to their website. Choose a package suited to your needs and click on it. On the next landing page, enter the domain name you want for your site. Fill in your account details on the next page along with payment details. Make the payment, select your domain name from a list of available domains, create a password and you’re good to go.

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Q 14. How to change WordPress hosting?

Step 1: Select Your New WordPress Host
Step 2: Establish Duplicator for Easy Migration
The main things you have to do are introduced and initiate the free Duplicator module on the site that you need to move. Duplicator is a free module that we exceedingly suggest.
Step 3: Import Your WordPress Site to Your New Host
Step 4: Change the Hosts File to Prevent Downtime
Step 5: Initiate the Duplicator Migration Process
Step 6: Bring up-to-date Your Domain

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZ7pHmR9JC8&w=350&h=200&rel=0&showinfo=0]


Q 15. How to choose WordPress hosting?

Assessing Your WordPress Hosting Needs

As we have specified above, there are diverse sorts of web hosting choices accessible, for example, Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and Managed.

Free WordPress Hosting

There are free web hosting accessible, yet every one of them have some kind of catch. Ordinarily, you can discover free WordPress hosting being offered in online gatherings or little gatherings.

Shared WordPress Hosting

Shared hosting is by a wide margin the most well-known sort of WordPress hosting utilized by learners. It is the most reasonable and truth be told a decent beginning stage for new clients. Shared hosting is the place you impart an expansive server to a great deal of sites.

WordPress VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server (VPS) alludes to a virtual machine. It is a strategy for apportioning a physical server PC into numerous servers as for the individual client’s need.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

Committed server is a physical server that you can rent from the hosting supplier. This permits you to have full control over the server including the decision of working framework, equipment and so on. You do not require a committed server in the event that you are simply beginning.

Overseen WordPress Hosting

The advantage of Managed WordPress Hosting is that you don’t need to stress over ANYTHING. They streamline your site for execution, ensure that your site is secure, and keep consistent reinforcements.

Q 16. How to get free WordPress hosting?

After shortlisting candidates who provide free WordPress hosting, simply move over to the website of the hosting provider and subscribe to them.

Q 17. How to install WordPress hosting?

It is not important to physically introduce WordPress as it can be immediately introduced by means of QuickInstall, be that as it may, on the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty with this strategy, this will cover the means expected to introduce WordPress manually.
Step 1: Download WordPress
Step 2: Upload WordPress to Hosting Account
Step 3: Create MySQL Database and User
Step 4: Configure wp-config.php
The wp-config-sample.php record contains the database data and advises the WordPress application which database to force data from. This progression must be finished to guarantee the right database data is connected with the WordPress establishment.
Step 5: Run the Installation
Step 6: Complete the Installation

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Q 18. How to install WordPress in cPanel hosting?

  • Making A Database: Initially we will set up our database and database client. Login to your cPanel account, discover the Databases board, and snap MySQL Databases.
  • Making a MySQL User: Look down to the MySQL Users segment. Again you will see an indistinguishable prefix from your database name. Enter a username and password for your database client and snap Create User.
  • Adding a User to Your Database
  • Download WordPress: Visit the official WordPress download page here to download and save the latest version of Wordpress as a .ZIP file.
  • Upload and Extract Your Files
  • Run the Wordpress Install

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Q 19. How to install WordPress on 000webhost free hosting?

Here’s a Step by Step Guide to install:


  1. First, download all essential file.
  2. Install FileZilla client as normal by following the wizard.
  3. Make an account 000webhost.
  4. Now, make a new domain.
  5. Now after establishing a domain, wait for few moments, then on the upper navigation menu click on list accounts. And, the click on ‘Go to CPanel’.
  6. Now on CPanel, Roll down until you see “MySQL database” option.
  7. Now, make a database or enter the essential and then hit on ‘Create database’.
  8. And, then duplicate all the info including database name, MySQL username, MySQL user password and keep save on notepad.


  1. Now, unzip the Downloaded WordPress.
  2. Now, launch FileZilla client on your PC. It will ask for the host, Username, and password and port.
  3. Now, go to your 000Webhost account > List Accounts > CPanel > View FTP details
  4. Now, copy and paste one by one the host, Username, Password (which you entered in MySQL database), and leave port blank and click on “Quickconnect”.
  5. And wait until FileZilla showing the status that “Connected”.


  1. On FileZilla Client.
  2. Now, on 000Webhost server, double click public_html.
  3. And, you will find two files there and then select both of them and then right click and then delete.
  4. Now, on your Windows Computer, browse the location where you unzip the WordPress downloaded files and just right click on the WordPress folder and then click “Upload”.
  5. Now, wait until the WordPress folder got uploaded.
    Note:- Sometimes, a pop-up window may appear on FileZilla client, then just select over-write the file. and then hit OK.
  6. Now, when your WordPress blog uploading  is successful. Then launch Chrome and then on the browser address bar enter your blog address (as you created at the very first 1st step PART 1) and the add /wp-admin and then hit enter, see below address
  7. Now you will see like below and then click on Let’s go!
  8. Now, open your Notepad where you save all the MySQL database (see PART 1 step 9) and enter one by one and after that click on ‘Submit’.
  9. And, now you have successfully installed WordPress on 000Webhost. After hitting on submit, you will redirected to the WordPress control panel where they will ask for your Email address and other basic info and then follow all the wizards of them and then done.

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Q 20. What is managed WordPress hosting?

By virtue of the unmistakable nature of WordPress, a couple web empowering suppliers have had some capacity in WordPress and offer what’s known as Managed WordPress hosting. Managed WordPress empowering is a systematic organization where every particular bit of running WordPress is overseen by the host. This joins security, speed, WordPress overhauls, well ordered fortresses, site uptime, and flexibility. The thought behind coordinated WordPress urging is to offer a totally inconvenience free affiliation, so you can concentrate on keeping up your business and doing what you are phenomenal.

Q 21. What is self-hosting WordPress?

Self-Hosting WordPress is where you sign up for a paid hosting account with a company and host your blog and domain name for you. Following this, one can install WordPress on their own domain. This is a more professional option and really gives you control of your servers and how you design, build and optimize your blog or website.

Q 22. What is the best free web hosting for WordPress?

Having facilitated sites for almost 14 million clients around the world, 000webhost has given free, promotion free hosting since 2007. The element rich free hosting arrangement will bolster little and medium activities, as indicated by 000webhost’s R&D group. According to various surveys and scorecards from critics, 000webhost stands taller than the rest.

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Q 23. What is the best web hosting for WordPress?

As per 2016 rankings, Hostgator has been chosen as the best host for WordPress. It has been known to provide best support and services, and has a strong satisfied consumer base. For further rankings, visit http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2479353,00.asp!(“The Best WordPress Web Hosting Services of 2016,” n.d.)

Q 24. What is WordPress hosting Godaddy?

GoDaddy is a standout amongst the most broadly utilized stages for Wordpress hosting. It comes cheap with boundless transmission capacity, a data restrictive arrangement, and cell phone support and most recent mechanical updates. Certainly a decent alternative to pick!

Q 25. Which Godaddy hosting for WordPress?

GoDaddy has 4 different packages, each suited for the kind of usage and experience you want. It comes in Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate and Developer packages. For beginners, Basic package is ideal which starts at as low as $3.99 per month.

Q 26. Why do I need WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting gives a professional space for budding startups and bloggers. It gives user a complete control over their WordPress and doesn’t allow unwanted advertisements on your blog. Apart from this, WordPress hosting is an attendant service where every specialized part of running WordPress is overseen by the host. This incorporates security, speed, WordPress redesigns, day by day reinforcements, site up time, and adaptability.

Upto you …

If you have any questions related to WordPress hosting, please share them below via commenting. I will try my best to get them answered.

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