30+ Really Best Infographic Creation Tools For Designing Awesome Infographics

by Manas Chowdhury
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These days infographics are more effective that plain text, as lots of people ranging from consumers, small business owners, and even employees don’t assimilate information the way they used to do in time past. If the message you wish to pass on isn’t clear, visually attractive and easy to understand there are chances that it will be lost in the crowd. This is why infographics or information graphics have great impact on the way businesses communicate with their targets.

Through the use of industry standard infographic creation tool, you can transform your information into an eye-catchy combination of imagery and text.  It will surely communicate ideas more swiftly along with greater reader comprehension. Infographics are the perfect information vehicle that you can use to capture your reader’s attention in the most astonishing way.

Why you should create infographics?

Infographics make complex information easy to understand. They help you tell stories with your data and they make your presentations, reports, and blog posts more engaging. With an infographic creation tool you can distill reports, articles and presentation into a robust message that would separate you from today’s noisy world.

Who can make a stunning infographic?

Anyone can make an informative infographic… All you need to get started is the right template and design tools for creating an infographic.

To create an infographic, you have to have the necessary infographic maker. Professional infographic designers mainly depend on core vector graphics software programs to generate their infographic designs. The thing is these infographics designs are more sophisticated due to these software programs. But in the recent times, various online infographic design tools have been introduced.

These infographic creation tools are made in such a way that allows anyone to create amazing visual content with readymade templates. You can add bright colors, concise images, and other graphic design elements with ease. You can break down complex information into visually appealing content with the help of these online infographic creation tools. Information becomes more noticeably clearer than it was in plain text. This is precisely what consumers are looking for online.

Infographics are popular mainly because they are highly shareable and they convey statistics in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand manner. While there is no specific industry standard tool for infographic design, following infographics maker are mostly used by professionals and business owners based on their requirements. So without further ado, let us explore the vast array of top infographic creation tools that can bring life to your messages. Remember that some infographic creation tool is free while others are reasonably priced.

1. Venngage

This infographics creator offer tons of excellently designed charts, templates , maps and icons. This data visualization tool offer business owners just three steps to create an infographic design. These are: selection of template, easy drag and drop library pictures along with icon addition and font customization. The infographics can be saved as image or PDF format for sharing on social media platforms, websites, blogs.

2. Visme

Visme is a multi-faced infographic creation tool. It gives you the opportunity to create infographics, web banners, professional resumes, interactive presentations. A vast collection of free icons and shapes are available with this tool. Visme is both simple to use and flexible. It is perfect for people with little experience with design. You can choose to utilize a template or you can opt for a blank canvas and insert your own image. You can access tons of free images, vector assets and graph tools.

3. Piktochart

This infographic creator offers one of the quickest and easiest means of creating infographics. It can be easily utilized by a novice or a non-designer. It offers a vast array of graphic tools that you can use to build your infographic. It also offers one of the best user-interface. All of the elements you need to create your infographics are presented intelligently. Thus making the whole process a lot more fun and easy.

4. Canva

Canva is an amazingly simple online graphic design application that is great for non-designers. It offers versatility in infographic design creation whether you are interested in personal designs, work or social media. This great infographic creation tool has all you need to create the best and the most beautiful visual content in a jiffy.

5. Easel.ly

This infographics creator is kind of straightforward to use. You can kick-off by choosing a theme, then add objects, background, text etc using a drag and drop interface. If you desire to create a marvelous infographics design, then this program is your best bet.

6. Infogram

This infographic creation tool boasts of great charts that are basically used to illustrate integrative, responsive and engaging data. It offers more than 30 charts for your selection. Infographics can be edited in Infogram’s spreadsheet or you can import yours from CSV files and Excel.

7. Tiki-toki

This data visualization tool allows you to create beautiful timelines. It helps creating visual appealing stories, mainly suited for teachers and journalists. At the same time it can be used by anyone who wants to create a timeline that visualize series of events. It allows you to add text, images or videos as you please. It has a vast array of images, thanks to Flickr. Making use of this infographic creator is sure to worth your while.

8. Chartblocks

Chart blocks is one on the most easy to use online infographic creation tool. It primarily builds data visualizations from databases, spreadsheets and also live feeds. This excellent chart builder does all the work for you in HTML5. You can embed your charts can on any web page. You can also share your charts on two great social media platforms: Facebook and Twitter.

9. Datawrapper

Datawrapper is a data visualization tool that is primarily made for journalists and publishers. This awesome tool offers one of the easiest ways to create and publish a chart or a map in minutes. This infographic creator makes use of colors, fonts, and adequate spacing according to your unique style, and requires zero coding. With added perks of custom layouts, your visualizations are perfectly integrated on your sites. Direct access to local area maps are also available.

10. Tableau Public

This infographic design software helps you create great data visualization. The tool is free, you just have to download it into your windows system or preferably a Mac computer. With the use of an excel file or any text file you can start creating your interactive charts. It also helps you choose the best chart according to your data input. You can still make your personal chart choices. You can also customize the appearance anytime you wish to. It also supports embedding your charts to your own website. It also comes with maps of most countries that you can use to customize your designs.

11. Gliffy online

This is an effective flowchart infographic creation tool that is very easy to use and is also suitable for businesses. It features a useful collection of standard shapes and a container for grouping various shapes together. It also has great viewing tools. This data visualization tool has tons of tools and great features ranging from templates and shapes. With multiple connector points, grids & guides, great alignment tools it helps you create the most appealing flowchart.

12. Creately

This flowchart infographic creator works online. It offers a simple design, with full capability of creating professional work-flow diagrams. It is compatible for both PC and Mac computers. This data visualization tool allows you to enter texts in various shapes which automatically fits your texts. It offers a vast array of symbols according to your project type which could be business, education, flow diagrams etc.

13. Wordle.net

This is an amazing data visualization tool which gives you the opportunity to generate creative word cloud by providing text. Your words are made more visually appealing as they become more colorful. With this tool your word cloud can be customized with variety of colors, font styles and custom layouts.

14. Omnigraffle

This infographic maker offers you the chance to create stunning and precise graphic designs. It offers tons of downloadable stencils. With this tool creating web interface, architecture diagrams is super easy.

15. Lucid Chart

Lucid chart happens to be one of the best infographic creation tool you can explore, it is compatible with both mac and PCs, it is also available in iPad. Lucid chart offers users the ability to view their designs via their android tablets. This infographic creator offers one of the easiest user interface, text can be inspired directly into various shapes. it also does spell check to make sure your presentation is perfect. With this data visualization tool your designs are easily accessible by your clients. Also, it offers them the ability for them to easily view, comment or edit your chart.

16. Qlik-sense

This data visualization tool gives you an intelligent and user-friendly analytic tool that creates well detailed dash boards instantly. This tool is great for both big and small organizations. It can also be used by individuals who possess graphic design expertise. With qlik-sense your data turns into great insights. Qlik sense can be customized to meet your needs with a set of standard APIs for creating rich analytic applications, embedding visualization into existing solutions etc.

17. DIY Chart

This infographic creation tool offers one of the simplest technique of creating interactive charts or graphs from your given data. It has a variety of chart templates along with various types of charts.

18. Datahero

This data visualization tool is a user-friendly tool that offers you one of the simplest means of connecting to cloud services without the help of professional IT teams. It has an amazing intuitive design which allows analysts and non-analysts to create awesome charts. It also has automatic dashboards where you can share your most recent data or charts. Datahero also offers the drag and drop function which makes it easy for you to create your designs without much hassle.

19. Slemma

Slemma is a great business intelligence infographic creator, aiming business houses. This tool helps businesses to create and customize dash boards and other visualizations mutually as a team. This tool also gives you the ability to create your own customized dashboard as when needed. It also supports report generation, as data can be imported from external sources. You can easily connect to the most famed cloud services and databases.

20. Cacoo

This online data visualization tool has a basic function of generating flow charts. It features several inbuilt templates and a wide range of shape libraries for different kinds of graphic designs, mind maps, organizational charts, UML, wireframes etc. You can also choose to edit texts, change color schemes. You can make use of the drag and drop feature to insert additional symbols or shapes without much ado. You also get to enjoy real-time collaboration with other users.

21. Spotfire

This user-friendly infographic tool gives the opportunity to everyone ranging from beginners to professional analysts. You can carry out both simple and complicated analysis in real time without having to rely on IT. Spotfire also grants you mobile access to their tools as well as sharing their results with others in real-time . It also offers you the chance to perform statistical analysis, ranging from SAS, R, S+ or MATLAB functions directly from your software, along with executive dashboards. This tool also gives you the ability to find out the root cause of problems or business issues.

22. Plot.ly

Plot.ly is an online data visualization tool created mainly for designers. It provides an easy interface to generate precise and beautiful charts. The charts and graphs types available on this software has a very professional and distinct look. You can download the charts created by plot.ly as SVG, EPS or PNG which makes it more easier to import into Photoshop, Aftereffects, Illustrator etc. In plot.ly, creating a chart is as simple as loading in your information, customizing the layouts and then you are good to go. It also offers panning, zoom controls as well as data streaming options.

23. Tagxedo

This tool turns your words, speeches, articles into visually appealing word cloud. It also offers lots of standard fonts or custom fonts (which you can download) for your design needs. You can use Tagxedo for your business needs, especially in marketing and advertising. You can easily transform business logo into stunning word clouds. With this infographic creation tool, you can also present various statistics visually. Tagxedo is a great tool for personal and business bloggers or web designers searching for a cool way to organize their content.

24. Highcharts

Highcharts is an infographic tool which gives you an easy way to add interactive charts to your websites. It supports various kind of chart types and quite many charts can be fused into one chart. It also has the capability of downloading source codes and making edits to it without much hassle. Also Highcharts is compatible with all modern mobiles and desktop browsers, offering you seamless service in the course of your charts creation.

25. Smartdraw

This data visualization tool offers users the ability to create outstanding flowcharts with great ease. It also has good sharing tools and great graphic features which makes it your best choice for creating awesome flowcharts. It is also compatible on Android tablets and iPhone making it your best choice if you prefer working on mobile devices. It also comes with email support, as you can email a link to your client so they can either view or edit the charts. Finally Smartdraw includes great tools that you can use to adjust your graphics, in order to give it more visual appeal.

26. Hotgloo

Hotgloo is a user-friendly online wireframing tool that helps you to create amazing mock-ups for your projects. This tool offers lots of customization in your design process. You can easily manipulate size, position, color etc. of each control to deliver the precise look and feel for which you’re looking. It also offers compatibility with mobile devices. Hotgloo helps you to create wireframes that is responsive and adaptive to screen size resolutions.

27. Mockflow

Mockflow is yet another data visualization tool that assist users in developing wire frames for a vast array of projects. You may choose to start a new wire frame project from the basics or, you may opt for one of the many built-in templates to kick-start the project for you. Mockflow offers amazing components that you can insert into your pages to make it more visually appealing. Be it images, video mock-up, text etc. You can also choose to upload your own image in order to give your project a more customized look.

28. Stat Planet

This data visualization tool gives you the ability to instantly transform spatial data into interactive maps and graphs. Full customization option is available for maps and graphs. You can import maps from external sources in order to create visually rich infographics. This tool offers different kinds of visualizations so you can freely choose and customize at will. You can also zoom into maps. It supports large data sets with an option to export your data.

29. Fusion Charts

This amazing data visualization tool allow you to create visually appealing charts without much ado. It consists of wide range of map and chart types for you to choose from with full customization. Fusion charts also supports XML and JSON file formats. You can also choose to export file in PNG, JPEG, SVG or PDF format. This tool comes with a great collection of business dashboards. It is compatible on Windows and Mac computers. You can also use the application on iPhone and Android devices.

30. Canvas.js

This is an easy-to-use HTML5 data visualization tool, it allows you to create visually rich dashboards and charts. This tool supports and runs across PCs, iPhone, Android devices, iPad, Windows Phone. Canvas.js comes with tons of stunning themes. It is way more faster than SVG charts and conventional flash which is creates beautiful and responsive dashboards.

31. Pencil

This GUI prototyping tool enables you to create great mock-up designs or diagrams without much hassle. This mock-up designs are compatible on various platforms like Mac, iOS, Windows, Android devices. This easy-to-use tool offers an extensive library of GUI elements such as buttons, shapes, check boxes etc. The drag and drop builder function makes it extremely easy for you to create your designs. You can freely position, layer and align various elements with other objects. You can also create awesome flowcharts with this tool.

32. Balsamiq

This cross-platform wireframing tool gives you an easy and intuitive platform. You can use this tool to mockup your sites or mobile apps. You can choose either the web application on cloud or downloadable desktop application. You can choose to work on it in a sketch layout where it supports freehand drawn designs. You can also change the layout of wireframe which is sure to provide a cleaner look to your designs. This tool supports Mac, Linux and Windows system along with modern mobile devices.

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