Strategize to Monetize: Mastering Your Cyber Monday Marketing Strategy for Peak Sales

by Manas Chowdhury
8 minutes read

In a few weeks, Cyber Monday, the online version of Black Friday, will be available. Every eCommerce marketer has at this point put on their battle gear in an effort to enhance their cyber monday marketing strategy while vying for scarce ad space. To fully capitalize on the yearly winter buying frenzy, you will need to be dressed in full promotional mode.

Why not, then? Every marketer should use Cyber Monday sale marketing as their go-to-market strategy. It will help you acquire an advantage over rivals in the fight for customers’ attention. 

You won’t need much to start longing for a piece of that holiday pie. But if you want to get a fair share, you can’t wait until late October to start implementing your Cyber Monday marketing strategy. After all, if shopping is like visiting a museum, Cyber Monday is the highlight.

This blog will cover every excellent Cyber Monday marketing idea that will work in your favor to help you compete in this market, and you will be able to see how much money this day will bring you! So now is the perfect time for you to grow your online business. Let’s go.

InformationData (2022)
Total money spent on Cyber Monday$11.3 billion
Desktop conversion rate6.9%
Increase in purchasing activity in AmericaOver 500%
Increase in Canada598% more than usual
Increase in New ZealandRetail growth of 577%
Average growth for the three nations148%
Black Friday & Cyber Monday average discount25% off listed price
Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) option usage85% more orders than 2021
Total money made using BNPL88% more than 2021
Top BNPL optionsKlarna, Afterpay, Affirm

A Deep Dive into Cyber Monday Phenomenon

We’ve all at least heard of Cyber Monday and Black Friday, but how do they operate and are they really worthwhile? We can help if you’re still undecided about this subject.

Date of Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is the day after Thanksgiving in eCommerce marketing. Since everyone is seeking Christmas presents for loved ones and friends, this is the ideal time. Customers can find discounted offers from the biggest names in the industry across online platforms within 24 hours. Cyber Monday will fall on November 27th in 2023.

The majority of individuals would find it challenging to discern between Black Friday and Cyber Monday because they are both about shopping. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, as their names imply, take place on the closest Friday and Monday, respectively, after Thanksgiving.

Because so many people carried out their Black Friday shopping online, Cyber Monday was born. Following that, retailers started preparing special activities for the following Monday in an effort to increase foot traffic and sales.

What makes Cyber Monday significant?

According to Adobe Analytics, Cyber Monday 2022 saw more money spent online than Black Friday, which totaled $11.3 billion. Desktop conversion rate was 6.9%, a remarkable figure that none of us had anticipated. This is one of the most significant events for online firms, which should come as no surprise.

Additionally, 2022 was the year that Cyber Monday saw a sharp increase in purchasing activity:

  • The data rose by over 500% in America.
  • Canadian online buyers spend 598 percent more than usual.
  • In New Zealand, the rate of retail growth is 577%.
  • The average growth rate for the three nations is significantly higher than this at 148%.

What are you still holding out for?

This is your chance to increase sales and make money. However, you must be ready with a thorough Cyber Monday marketing strategy if you want to compete with other firms.

Upcoming trends for Cyber Monday in 2023

Beyond the techniques, another aspect of your Cyber Monday marketing strategy’s effectiveness is staying current with trends. The prior few BFCM trading periods have been incredibly turbulent due to the record-high inflation rates.

According to KPMG data, 55% of clients have already reduced their discretionary spending in 2023. Customers anticipate bigger discounts on Cyber Monday because of this.

With an average of 25% off the listed price on Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts in 2022 achieved an all-time high, according to Adobe. In other words, the BFCM season of this year won’t be conducive to conversation with a 5% or 10% discount on items.

According to Adobe, 85% more orders in 2022 than in 2021 employed the Buy Now Pay Later payment option. As a result, 88% more money was made overall using the Buy Now Pay Later option. Profit from this trend to the fullest by providing a variety of Buy Now Pay Later payment options, such as Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm.

As was already established, the US is not the only country where Cyber Monday shopping is popular. Everywhere in the world, it is growing! To make more money, you might start putting together regionally specific deals.

15 Profit-Spurring Cyber Monday Marketing Ideas

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! We have done the research using the most recent facts, demonstrating their value, to provide you with the best Cyber Monday marketing ideas. Afterward, you can choose the best options based on your needs and price range.

1. Create a thorough strategy

Whether you manage a physical storefront, an online store, or a combination of the two, it’s never too early to start strategizing how to maximize your Cyber Monday sales. Most companies prepare their Cyber Monday marketing strategy in October.

You might use this additional time to enhance your shop and properly define the requirements of your target market. 

After that, you should include discounts you’ll employ during the event in your Cyber Monday marketing campaign, along with social media postings and email newsletters. You can also create a fresh landing page or publish teaser posts. 

2. Send out email campaigns

Do you know that email marketing contributed to a 34.4% boost in revenue during the 2022 Cyber Week sale? Meanwhile, 27.1% of all purchases were driven by automated communications.

As you can see, sending holiday email marketing is a means for businesses to stay in touch with both potential and current clients. Before making them public on other platforms, you might offer discounts or other exclusive deals to devoted customers.

Make sure your Cyber Monday email subject lines are intriguing and draw attention to the best part of your offer before you send them out. This will attract recipients to open your email. Insert a compelling call-to-action (CTA) button or link after that to send customers to your website.

3. Creating a landing page

Customers can learn the most about retailers’ Cyber Monday marketing strategies via their websites. In 2022, 45% of consumers said they discovered special offers on the brand’s website directly.

Customers lack the patience to search online for good Cyber Monday offers due to the volume of traffic. There is a greater likelihood that customers may become frustrated and quit your website if they have to search through too many things to find what they’re looking for.

A landing page is essential to preventing this. A focused Cyber Monday shopping website will offer users all the exclusive discounts they’ve been looking for. Additionally, people can shop without any unneeded interruptions.

4. Add the option to pay later

The quantity of orders placed using the Buy Now Pay Later method increased during Cyber Week 2022. Customers can do this to purchase more expensive goods without having to pay for them all at once.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday saw a 120% rise in transactions compared to the prior week, according to Afterpay, a BNPL service provider. It is still expected to remain the trend on Cyber Monday this year.

One of the most popular shopping destinations for Cyber Monday offers, Amazon, provided Buy Now Pay Later with Affirm last year. Customers can spread the cost over three equal monthly payments with 0% interest when they spend $50 or more on qualified items on

5. Offer packaged products

Customers are constantly searching for the top Cyber Monday deals. Selling packaged deals would therefore be a wonderful incentive to draw additional guests.

In other words, you’ll put together discounted bundles of comparable goods. By doing this, you will raise the average order value and upsell them to an item or service that costs a little more than they would have otherwise spent if they had bought it individually.

For Cyber Monday consumers in 2022, Nintendo Switch had the finest package offers. Instead of paying the whole $370, you may get a console, a carrying case, two games, and three months of internet connection for just $300.

6. Introduce flash sales

Organizing flash sales is another possible strategy for your Cyber Monday marketing campaign. It has been established that the number of discounts offered is mostly responsible for the increase in online store sales during Cyber Week 2022.

You can promote specific products with a discount that lasts just one day, all day, or even for just one hour. When presented with incentives like FOMO, scarcity, deadlines, and price decreases, people are more inclined to make an impulsive purchase.

“The reason Cyber Monday or any of the other big sales days bring in so many sales is because they feature offers and bargains that you don’t ordinarily receive. Therefore, the best thing to do is to make a one-day-only deal or offer that is just too amazing to pass up. While the price itself is sufficient incentive for customers to purchase, a limited-time offer fosters a sense of urgency. You really don’t need to do much else if you do this on Cyber Monday, Black Friday, or any other sales day.” — Tessa Wuerts, director of marketing at efelle Creative.

7. Use social media to promote

Strategy out your social media postings ahead of time. Most businesses pre-sort their social media postings before beginning a marketing campaign to maximize their capacity to draw clients and get attention, which will ultimately result in more sales.

By strategizing ahead, you can build interest from potential customers by releasing teaser content, last-chance alerts, and reminders.

Additionally, working with influencers might help you increase sales for Cyber Monday marketing. In fact, 82% of consumers claim to have used, bought, or given a product a recommendation after reading about it on an influencer’s blog or social media page. So take this chance right away!

Don’t forget to use hashtags to promote your brand and gain more followers. You may currently utilize it on a variety of networks, including Linkedin, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

8. Run interactive competitions

The ideal Cyber Monday marketing tactic to capitalize on the festive spirit is interactive challenges. Just consider how this special touch can enhance the shopping experience and leave a lasting impact on your clients.

Sweepstakes, discount wheels, and prizes could be given for timely purchases. Create a series of interesting pieces that go beyond simply promoting your company. This is your chance to alter your brand’s image to reflect current memes, trends, and media.

9. Publish gift guides

Consumers may be confused by the sheer volume of sales at this time of year. Additionally, since it is the Christmas season, shoppers are looking for gifts. creating a gift guide for your product that will help your target market find, choose, and buy it.

All you have to do is come up with Cyber Monday gift suggestions for specific segments of your target market. Or, you could just make a list of the goods you’d advise customers to buy as presents for their loved ones.

You may provide customers with a selected list of gift possibilities that fall inside a specific price range or topic, like Amazon has done. 

10. Add a clock that counts down

Since Cyber Monday is a 24-hour event, you can add a number of countdown elements to highlight special offers that will end at certain points during the day. This brilliant tactic will maintain visitors’ interest.

In their Cyber Monday marketing strategy, Doc Martens used this countdown clock to effectively remind customers that this exclusive offer is only available while supplies last.

11. Make use of direct marketing

Brands sent 47% more SMS during the Cyber Monday weekend, which helped orders jump by 57% and 23%, respectively. To influence consumers to act, use direct marketing; one-on-one customer targeting produces more enduring advertising.

Michaels used a short messaging service (SMS) to send a link to their offer directly to customers’ phones on Cyber Monday 2022.

12. Offer free delivery

Almost many UK customers (94%) concur that free delivery promotes online purchasing. Our argument is that it’s highly popular to provide free delivery over the holidays. To obtain this, they’ll spend more than they were allocated.

13. Create original advertisements

Businesses are preparing for intense competition this year because last year’s Cyber Monday mayhem generated roughly $12 billion in sales. Considering the wide range of rival bargains, publicizing your own is essential.

By creating engaging advertisements for Cyber Monday, you can reach more people and benefit from the occasion. For the weeks leading up to the big day, you should also think about raising your marketing and advertising expenditure.

14. To guarantee devoted customer service

Your customer service crew should be more devoted when your store receives greater foot traffic. Make sure the team handling customer support for your website is equipped to handle any issues that may arise. 

Business hours should be adjusted, and customers on your email list and others should be informed via marketing emails, social media posts, and your website.

15. Make more offers

We’ve established that the two weeks immediately following Thanksgiving, which include Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are essentially interchangeable. You may just as easily carry out your strategies to boost Cyber Monday marketing on Black Friday, and vice versa.

The biggest sales are on Cyber Monday, but the start of the December holiday season still draws more shoppers. To maximize the traffic, take advantage of the extra time by prolonging your offers.

Marketing for Cyber Monday: Quick Takeaways

That’s a lot to digest in so little time, don’t you think? For your future reference, we have listed all of the suggested Cyber Monday marketing strategies below:

  • Create a detailed strategy: A detailed Cyber Monday marketing strategy will keep you from spending time and money on unneeded chores.
  • Run email marketing: Sending emails to your customers is an excellent approach to keep them up to date on the event.
  • Create a landing page: This will prevent customers from having to scroll through thousands of products.
  • Add the option to pay over time: This enables buyers to buy more expensive items.
  • Sell bundled packages: Sell many products in a single package at a lower price. Exactly why not?
  • Launch flash sales: On Cyber Monday, buyers will find it difficult to resist the allure of special discounts.
  • Promote on social media: Disseminate your thoughts and Cyber Monday promotion across numerous networks at once to attract more visitors.
  • Hold interactive contests: Keep clients interested with engaging challenges as they form an opinion about your business.
  • Create gift guides: Compile a selected collection of gift bundles from which your clients can choose.
  • Create a countdown clock: To heighten the sense of urgency on the big day.
  • Use direct marketing: To send SMS messages to your clients informing them of the special deals.
  • Offer free shipment: Customers are more likely to make larger purchases when the order includes free shipping.
  • Create eye-catching commercials: To grab consumers’ attention right away.
  • Ensure committed customer service: Ensure that all questions are answered promptly, ensuring the highest level of client satisfaction.
  • Extend your offerings: Use the extra time to generate traffic.


Remember that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are a perfect opportunity for people to stock up for winter celebrations. Use your bean, think about what you would like to see in stores and how you’d like to be treated, be prepared – stay welcoming.

Your customers choose among the great variety of brands and products, thus, you need to create special offers based not only on the type of product but on the popular purchase decisions as well. 

Guide your customers along the way of popup ads and overwhelming offers. Show a place to click in case they don’t know what to do next. Work hard to meet their expectations and make them stay with you after these crazy shopping days.

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