Best Email Finder Tools with Overall Ratings of 4.5+ and High Customer Satisfaction

by Manas Chowdhury
12 minutes read

We know that time is money. But today, Data is money as well. So, it’s no surprise that pretty much every app and website we use today tries to glean off as much info as they can. Be it our location, our gender or our email addresses – all of these could help the company in better understanding their user base.

On the other hand, if you’ve worked on creating perfect catalogues and brochures, only to get stuck at who to send them to, then let us introduce you to email finder tools! These tools can help you find the email IDs of potential customers which you can then use to send out bulk emails. 

However, do remember that while email finder tools can get email IDs for you, they cannot verify if they are still active or not. So, don’t be surprised if you come up with non-delivery receipts for quite a few of them. 

If you’re looking to verify email addresses, then you would have to rely on email verification tools like ZeroBounce and MailFloss. Many email finder tools like and AeroLeads have overcome this by offering verification services as well. 

What are Email Finder Tools?

Email finder tools parse web pages across the internet to find possible email IDs. They do not breach any security lines, rather they look for voluntarily available information that the person concerned has made public on the internet. 

In other words, email finder tools are simply an automated system that replaces manually finding email IDs on the web. But it’s not enough to just find the email addresses, good tools also provide integrations with email automation software and CRMs so that one can actually put the gathered data to use!

Most tools work on a credit system where each monthly subscription assigns the user a certain number of credits. Searching for contacts and verifying them costs a fixed amount of credits. 

Best Email Finder Tools

Let’s take a look at some of the top email finder tools. We’ve gone through all the top tools, and checked out their ratings on popular forums so that you can get only the best!

1. AeroLeads – The Real-Time Email Finder (4.6/5)

AeroLeads is undoubtedly one of the best email finders out there for generating B2B contacts. Users have found its data to be accurate and detailed. 

All you need to do is register on their website and install the Chrome Extension. AeroLeads works with multiple sites like LinkedIn, Crunchbase, AngelList and more. You can find the people whose lead you need and add them to your profile. 

AeroLeads will then look up their contact details, company profile, designation, location and more. Moreover, the data can be exported as a CSV file or imported into tools like Salesforce and Zoho CRM!


49 USD per month – This allows you 1000 credits where each contact lookup costs a single credit, only allows 1 user.
149 USD per month – 4000 credits with chat and phone support, limited to 5 users. 
499 USD per month – 15,000 credits with unlimited users.
Enterprise Plan – tailored to your needs

2. Find Email Address – A Compact All-in-one Email Finder (5/5)

Find Email Address is a great tool for those looking for a tool that uses a pay-as-much-as-you-use scheme. Find Email Address allows one to search for email addresses based on a person’s name and domain. However, it goes one step further to include an email verifier as well!

Moreover, every credit that you do not use every month, rolls over onto the next month. Find Email Address only charges you for verified addresses, so you don’t have to worry about wasting them on false leads. 


29.99 USD per month – A flat rate that gives users 1000 credits.

3. LeadLeaper  – Your Solution for all B2B Emails (4.6/5)

Looking for something more than just an email finder? The LeadLeaper Chrome extension could be the end of your search! LeadLeaper offers an email finder, along with open tracking that allows you to see if and when a potential lead opens your mail. 

Their email history tracking and duplicate detection mean you won’t be shown the same lead multiple times. Moreover, SendGrid, MS Office and GSuite (now Google Wordspace) so that you can immediately send out the mails! They also offer custom email templates and are used by employees of IBM, HP, Sony and more. 


Free – 100 credits per month with each search costing one credit.
29 USD per month – offers 200 credits with list importing and duplicate detection
39 USD per month – 5000 credits with integrations and email opening tracking
Enterprise – based on customized needs

4. Kendo Email Finder – The Best Email Finder For LinkedIn (4.7/5)

If you’re a recruiter or working in sales, Kendo Email Finder is an absolute must-have. Kendo Email Finder mines data from Linkedin and work domains and offers details like full name, designation, email ID, social profile, and company. Kendo facilities bulk searching, so you can also simply enter a company name or domain and receive the emails of all available employees. 

Furthermore, one can use the Kendo email checker to verify these leads. The leads can be bulk imported into Salesforce, Hubspot, ZohoCRM and more. Using their credit plan, you can track the emails and whether they are being opened or not. 


14 USD per month – 600 credits allotted which can be used for 600 emails or 300 domain lookup, with free verification. 
29 USD per month – 1,500 credits with up to 5 members allowed, CSV exports and email verification. 
59 USD per month – 5,000 credits with support for up to 10 members and a management dashboard.
99 USD per month – 10,000 credits with the same facilities as above.

5. – Most Powerful Email Finder (4.6/5) comes in the form of a powerful Chrome extension that one can use to find emails, social media profiles and designations. It also allows one to track the mail openings via Gmail. It tracks addresses using API calls which makes its data reliable and precise.

You can also use it to look up bulk emails. offers confidence scores for each ID, which is a measure of their precision. They also return the source page for each ID so that you can double-check any if needed. 


Free – allows up to 25 searches and 50 verifications
49 USD per month – 500 searches and 1000 verifications along with premium support and domain search
99 USD per month – 10,000 searches and 20,000 verifications with the above features.
399 USD per month – 30,000 searches ad 60,000 verifications with the same features. 

6. Voila Norbert – The Email Finder For Pay-For-What-You-Want Plans (4.6/5)

Voila Norbert offers three possible ways of finding and using leads – finding them, verifying them and enriching them. The first simply returns the ID based on the name and domain, the second verifies them and the third encircles it by adding social media profiles, designations, and more. 

They have a unique monetary plan in which you can buy credits for verification based on the plans offered. But for the others, you can pay for exactly as many as you want! So, you will be charged separately at 0.0003 USD per email for verification for up to 500,000 emails. Beyond that, it is 0.001 USD per email. Similarly, for enrichment it is 0.04 USD per mail. Moreover, Voila Norbert integrates with a huge number of tools, making it an extremely flexible choice. 


49 USD per month – 1,000 leads with bulk lookup and an unlimited number of team members
99 USD per month – 5,000 leads with API usage and bulk lookups.
249 USD per month – 15,000 leads and the same benefits as above.
499 USD per month – 50,000 leads and the same features as above. 

7. GetProspect – Smartest B2B Email Finder for LinkedIn (4.6/5)

If your target audience is at Linkedin, then GetProspect is a great email finder tool to get help from. GetProspect allows getting and verifying leads from Linkedin as well as from their own B2B database built over the years.

The Chrome extension introduces a right-side panel where you can search a company name and keep adding all prospective clients. GetProspect will then generate all their details, and you can export the final list as a CSV for your CRM tools. It also offers a Fast Mode where it will not log in any profile views. Credits are charged for found email addresses, but not necessarily verified. 


Free – 100 leads per month.
49 USD per month –  Up 1,000 leads per month.
99 USD per month – limited to 5,000 leads per month.
199 USD per month – get up to 20,000 emails and leads per month.
399 per month – a whopping 50,0000 leads per month.

8. UpLead – The Hyper-targeted Email Finder (4.8/5)

With a 95% accuracy rate, UpLead is a conscientious tool that offers “clean data” – that is, fully sourced from public documents. There are many tools offered by the team – the Prospector, Email Finder, Enricher and more. What makes UpLead unique is that you can set more than 50 filters while searching for information!

UpLead also offers a verification status for each phone number and ID gathered. During the bulk gathering, UpLead automatically sends the invalid email addresses to a manual team for further investigation. Credits are only deducted after email verification. 


Free – This is a trial version offering 5 credits per month only but with all main features like verification, CRM integration, competitor intelligence and no-contact search.
99 USD per month – allows 170 credits with a single user account, CRM Integration and verification feature.
199 USD per month – 400 credits but allows one to upload suppression lists and gather email pattern intel as well.
399 USD per month – 1000 credits with full API access and up to 5 user accounts.

9. Hiretual – The Diversify-Your-Workspace Email Finder (4.8/5)

With GDPR compliant security and an 85% contact searching rate, Hiretual is a great option for recruiters or sales teams looking to find worldwide candidates. Hiretual not only allows you to find the contact details and social profiles of people but actually look for people from specific strata!

Their Diversity and Inclusion feature allows one to find candidates based on their schools, gender and more – which is a great choice for companies looking to hire diverse candidates from varied backgrounds. Made mainly with recruiters in mind, Hiretual offers a great dash for managing the process and also integrations with CRMs.


Free – allows up to 25 searches per month.
49 USD per month –  70 searches with 1200 contact credits and a bulk email outreach program.
149 USD per month – unlimited searching with integrated email campaigns and performance reports.
Enterprise – customized solutions plan.

10. Anymail Finder – The Fastest Automated Email Finder (4.5/5)

Imagine this – you upload a CSV file with 50,000 entries – and while you get your coffee and return – you have accompanying email IDs and social profiles for them all! That is exactly what 50,000 entries promise to deliver. With their direct server validation, Anymail Finder offers to search by job designation, name and domain.

Moreover, they only charge for verified leads, and offer insights from where each lead was gleaned. If transparency and efficiency are what you’re looking for in an email finder tool – opt for Anymail Finder, and use the 500 free credits to check it out! Unused credits can be used again next month. 


Free – get access to all features but with a limit of only 90 verified email leads.
49 USD per month – 1,000 verified emails with unlimited non-verified searches and unlimited team members, integrations and filters. 
14 USD per month – the same features as above but with 5,000 verified emails
14 USD per month – 10,000 verified emails with all the above features.

11. – For Fully Verified Leads (4.7/5)

Made with sales platforms in mind, allows one to find, verify, nurture and convert leads. While at it, can be used to generate complete company profiles including their size, growth rate, social profiles and more so that you know what your competitors are doing.

With 2,000+ integrations, allows one to find bulk leads, each of which goes through a 7-tier verification. Furthermore, their automated outreach program can track email opening rates, bounces and converts to effectively carry out your drip campaign. Similar to Anymail Finder, allows access to all tools on every plan with the only imposition being credit limits.


Free – limited credits with access to all tools.
33 USD per month – get 1,000 credits and perform searches for up to 5,000 unique recipients. 
66 USD per month – 5,000 credits with 10,000 unique searches, can support unlimited users.
141 USD per month – unlimited users, with 20,000 credits and 30,000 unique recipients.
241 USD per month – allows up to 50,000 credits and 50,000 unique recipients.
482 USD per month – largest plan with unlimited users, 100,000 credits and unique recipients.

12. Skrapp – The Email Finder With Its Own Database (4.5/5)

Skrapp comes with two tools – the Email Finder and the Enricher. The former allows one to search for emails in three ways. Firstly, you can search for individual emails using a person’s name and company. Secondly, you can perform bulk searches by uploading a file with a person’s name and company details. 

Lastly, you can perform domain searches whereby entering a company’s domain, you will get the names of the big-wigs you actually need to reach out to! Skrapp deducts credits for verified emails. Even for non-verified emails, credits are only deducted when you save the list. Apart from this, Skrapp has its own company index that includes verified details of all major companies it has scoured over the years.


49 USD per month – allows searching for up to 1,000 people a month with 2 user support. 
99 USD per month – can look for 5,000 emails, with support for 5 users. 
199 USD per month – 20,000 emails per month with support for up to 8 users. 
299 USD per month – can be used by 15 users for up to 50,000 email searches. 

13. SignalHire – Best for Email and Phone Index Searching (4.4/5)

One of the fastest email finder tools out there, SignalHire allows bulk email and phone number lookups with pretty much anything to go on – be it their name, job description, or location! Their filters allow one to segregate based on postal codes, gender, social skills and other genders. You can incorporate boolean filters to create very narrow searches.

Moreover, SignalHire returns information pertaining to IDs and all types of social networks from Vimeo and Reddit to Facebook. And all of this can be exported into Zoho CRM, Salesfroce, Pipedrive, CATS and more. All emails returned have a verification status offered for accuracy. 

However, SignalHire offers separate packages for phone and email credits, which makes it a tad more expensive than the other email finder tools on the list. 


Free – only 5 free email credits but no credit card information required for access.
Lead Generation – 39 USD per month – 350 email credits along with team management and browser extension. 
Phone Box – 39 USD per month – 100 phone credits along with team management. 

14. Clearbit Connect – The Topmost Free Email Finder (4.4/5)

Available as a Chrome extension, Clearbit Connect allows one to find possible email leads and add them onto your Gmail address book. You can search for information using people names, or by using company domains to find the right people, or look up your competitors and their presence. 

Present in the public domain, Clearbit Connect is a great email finder tool that is fully free to use. It is limited in its ability to integrate with third party options, but the direct Gmail addition does take some of the grunt work out of the process. Moreover, as far as forever free plans go, Clearbit Connect is a great tool that works just as advertised. 



15. Leadfuze – Designed for Narrowed Prospects (4.6/5)

Leadfuze brands itself as a prospecting or email finder tool that allows hyper-targeting. This means you can use extensive filters to narrow down searches and find out prospects most likely to match your need. This, combined with Leadfuze’s bulk search option makes it a great choice for HRs and sales tech alike. 

For example, let’s say you have a list of 100 companies and you want to know who the HR of each is. With Leadfuze, you can do just that and in a matter of seconds! Along with this, Leadfuze allows you to create suppression lists, verify the mails, avoid duplication and most importantly – build segmented lists! 

There is no free plan but one can try out up to 25 leads without signing up. 


132.30 USD per month – 500 credits with unlimited list creation, suppression lists, market filters, duplication avoiding and integrations.
447.30 USD per month – same features as above with 2500 credits. 

16. Reply – From LinkedIn to Zoom (4.6/5)

Reply is an email finder for Linkedin that also comes with an automated emailing tool. So not only can you find plausible leads, but you can add them into a sales funnel preset with triggers. These triggers can set off actions like sending an email, notifying a call initiation or sending automated messages on Linkedin itself. What’s extra in this email finder tool? The ability to schedule Zoom meetings as a trigger!

On the whole, Reply allows one to find bulk emails as well as search for individual leads. It uses the Linkedin Sales Navigator to filter leads and verifies them using an advanced algorithm. Finally, Reply allows CRM integration, cloud calls using their extension, and automated task flows. We’d say that pretty much sums up all one might need. 


70 USD per month – can search for up to 1000 contacts, with unlimited sequence formations, CRM integrations and Chrome extension. 
90 USD per month – 3000 contacts with the same features as above. 
120 USD per month – unlimited contacts with the same features as above.

17. LeadGibbon – The Email Finder For Intel Patterns (4.5/5)

One of the most comprehensive email finder tools, LeadGibbon allows one to find and manage leads from their dash in a matter of clicks. The dash allows you to select favourites, save search filters, access downloads and more. They also have a Chrome extension for searching contacts on Linkedin. 

LeadGibbon allows searching for singular and bulk contacts, along with various database filters, followed by CRM exports. Their Email Enricher adds more information to each of these leads. Along with this, it can offer intel on email patterns and use this data to offer revenue estimates based on your leads and their accuracy. 


49 USD per month – 1,000 monthly credits with full access to all features. 
99 USD per month – 5,00 credits and all-around access.
119 USD per month – 20,000 credits with all features. 

18. LeadMine – Three Power Tools In One Email Finder (4.5/5)

With multiple filters, list segmentation, verification and over 200 million B2B contact lookups, LeadMine is the last on our list of email finder tools – but certainly not the least! LeadMine constantly updates their database and algorithm to only include leads from live sources. Moreover, the gained contacts can be filtered into a CSV file for verification or exporting. 

LeadMine essentially offers three sub-tools – the Lead Finder, Email Lookup and Email Verifier. The former helps you zero down on companies or designations, the second allows you to find the relevant people and the latter verifies the obtained data. With its Chrome extension, LeadMine is even easier by automating bulk lookups. 


Free – 10 credits per month along with verification, look-up and access to the Chrome extension. 
49 USD per month – 250 credits along with CSV exporting options and support from the team. 
79 USD per month – allows up to 400 credits with the same features as above. 
149 USD per month – 1,000 credits with the same features and more search results per query. 

19. GrowMeOrganic – All-In-One Prospecting & Cold Outreach Platform (4.8/5)

GrowMeOrganic is an all-in-one sales prospecting and cold outreach platform. Unlike other tools, GrowMeOrganic offers unlimited credits on all its features. With GrowMeOrganic, you can find emails of your potential customers from platforms like LinkedIn, Google My Business and a pre-built database of 575M+ verified professionals and over 30M+ Companies.


Starter pack $39 per month
Growth pack $79 per month (unlimited credits)
Pro pack $159 per month (unlimited credits)

ContactOut – (Best email finder to use on LinkedIn. Provides ATS/CRM Integration Solution)

When it comes to email finder extensions, ContactOut is one of the best. With this extension, you can save profiles in designated folders for better contact management. This is especially useful when prospecting on LinkedIn. Many recruiters and marketers appreciate the CRM/ATS integration functionality of the platform as it helps them organize prospects and old contact information more efficiently.


Free  (40 emails  / month) – Works on standard LinkedIn only
Personal  (1800 emails / year) – Works on standard LinkedIn only
Professional (6000 emails  / year) – Works on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, Sales Navigator and  Limited ATS integration, Salesforce integration
Recruiter (12,000 emails  / year) – Works on LinkedIn Recruiter Pro & all versions of LinkedIn and Full ATS integration, Salesforce integration


All email finder tools come with free trials, but some come with Freemium plans that last forever with limited credits renewed every month. Such plans, offered by tools like LeadLeaper, Hiretual and GetProspect are a great way to get the hang of the tool and gauge how many credits you would need each month. 

Credit rollover is also something offered by limited tools and something you might want to consider while selecting a tool. Email finder tools are simply one step in the entire chain. Nurturing and converting them is a whole other matter altogether.

While these are some of the best email finder tools for lead generation it’s by no means a comprehensive list! What are some of your favorite email finder tools? Let us know in the comments.

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