12 Faceless Video Ideas to Go Viral on TikTok

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TikTok – A castle for creating and sharing short-form video content to gain popularity among millions of people. The younger demographic and interactive in-app features increase the number of active users’ day by day.

From individuals to businesses to large organizations, land on this versatile platform to impress the audience through engaging content. Further, they buy TikTok views to maximize content reach and widespread their presence instantly.

In today’s internet world, a single text, image, video, or anything you upload will exist for eternity. However, some people like to seek attention, while others may feel distressed about revealing their faces on social networking sites. If you are one of those people, then this article is for you! Here’s a list of content ideas that you can employ to create faceless TikTok videos and make the most out of this visual application.

TikTok Video Ideas Without Showing Face

TikTok is a vast landscape where you can find loads of opportunities to take your goals forward in the right direction. Some of the prominent faceless TikTok video content ideas are given below.

1. Product/Service Review Videos

Review videos have a huge fan base on social media platforms. Yes! Whenever a product hits the mind of people, they land on popular social media like TikTok to make better purchase decisions.

From the creator’s side, it is easy to do and capable of bringing good traffic to profiles. You can review anything that interests you or your audiences, such as unboxing products, quality of service, movie reviews, and more. To make your videos reach more people, try high quality social media service provider to increase visibility in a flash.

Review videos are a great way to make money at the convenience of your home. Wondering how? Yes, you can receive sample products from the brand and post a review video on your profile by signing a deal with them.

On the other hand, you can also join affiliate programs and share your review video on your TikTok profile. Then, place the purchase link in your bio so that the people interested in a particular product will buy it. As a result, you will gain commission for the number of sales you achieved.

2. Animation / Illustration Videos

The demand for digital content is increasing, especially among the young generations. This is because even a complex concept can be understood through animated or illustrated videos.

As a creator, all you need to do is search for an exciting topic, prepare the content script and unwrap your creativity to design appealing videos. These videos are suitable for educating the audience and keeping them engaged without showing your face.

Some of the popular animated TikTok video ideas that you should consider are, 

  • Cartoon videos
  • Comical videos 
  • Flip book style videos
  • 3D animation videos
  • Stop motion animation 
  • Illustrations based videos and so on. 

3. Create BookTok Videos

Do you think books are outdated? No never! Hard copy books are getting advanced as e-books, audio formats, podcasts, etc. Evidently, people are showing more interest in books for gathering information or entertainment purposes.

There are tons of book enthusiasts out there on TikTok. So it is a great idea to join BookTok as a Creator and film videos that convey almost everything about Books. Obviously, you can stay connected with an engaging community and get their support in your journey.

4. Online Tutorials / Course Videos

Another beneficial idea for creating faceless TikTok videos is filming and sharing tutorial videos. Yes, viewers mainly focus on consuming the information instead of expecting the face to be revealed.

Educators can use a whiteboard to explain a concept, or screen recordings, or create a PPT/slideshow and convert it into a short video. Experts recommend creating a series of videos so that the audience will follow your profile to watch all the videos you may post soon. The trending topics you can use to curate tutorials are coding skills, mathematic tricks, science or space-related content, artistic skills, and so forth.

5. Life Hacks Videos

Life hacks are ever-performing content on social networking sites. But, in fact, not everyone knows about everything. Suppose you are an expert in skills like DIY, crafts, life hacks, tips, tricks, or anything people might want to know.

Let your creative juices flow! So you can draw the attention of young audiences who are enthusiastic about learning new things every day. You shall spice up your content with the in-app features of TikTok like special filters, effects, trending music, etc.

6. Cooking / Culinary Videos

Irrespective of age, almost everyone watches cooking videos on a daily basis to enhance their skills and ease their routine. However, if you are good at cooking or possess a collection of delicious recipes, then these TikTok video ideas will benefit you more.

Cooking is not just about mixing ingredients but is a great art to master! With the support of your friends or family, start shooting short videos and sharing them on TikTok to pull viewers with the aroma of your delightful content. Some of the cooking videos that you should try are

  • Occasion based recipes
  • Traditional recipes
  • Nutrition based recipes
  • Recipes for toddlers & kids
  • Cutting fruit or vegetables
  • Preparing meals on the go
  • Cook food while on a trip and still more. 

7. Tech News / Updates Videos

Nowadays, netizens are fond of staying up to date with the current trends and updates that revolve around digital platforms. When you opt for this niche, you can post a wide range of videos, including gadget reviews, social media updates, technology news, product launches, innovations, and much more.

From students to tech-savvy, almost everyone likes to consume these kind of TikTok video ideas and share them with their friends to spread the same. And so, it will be a great choice to gain more views, followers, and engagement.

8. Make Money Online Videos

According to statistics, ‘How to make money online?’, ‘How to earn money from home?’ are the most searched terms in recent times. Yes! It is undeniable that humankind always looks out for ways to make money in different ways.

Why not use this opportunity to set up an income source for yourself? Crazy idea, isn’t it? Okay! Go through all digital platforms and gather all the monetization options available. List down the best ones and narrow down the categories to create your own videos that stand out from all others. Here are a few concepts that you must do:

  • Investing tips
  • Money making ideas
  • Money saving ways
  • Property investment
  • Debt management ideas
  • Freelance or entrepreneurship ideas
  • How to make money on social media

9. Documentary Videos

‘Documentary’ videos have a unique set of audiences on social platforms. If you are interested in digging for information, hidden secrets, common myths, or facts related to any stuff, then this idea will suit you the best.

There is no need to show your face; instead, you can collect and add stunning photographs or videos that describe your content. The best way is to end a video with a question and answer it in the next one, thus keeping your audience stay tuned to your profile.

10. Set of Compilation Videos

Compilation video is one of the classic ideas to seek the attention of viewers with collective information. Since there are no specific restrictions on TikTok, you can gather information about any niche that interests you and craft compilation videos.

A few examples of compilation videos are Top 20 Business Personalities in World, Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs, Top 25 Famous Sports Persons, and so on. There is no need to create a plan from scratch as there are million of information right there on the internet.

11. Motivational / Inspirational Videos

Almost everyone feels down at hard times and looks for motivation to rejuvenate themselves. It is a well-known fact that TikTok is a hub of Gen Zs and Millenials who are at the stage of shaping their lives. Sharing the success stories here will help you gain fans and make a big difference to your profile.

Apart from these, you can share every piece of information that empowers your audience to feel motivated and get on to their routine. Here are some examples to get inspired; Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Stories, Milestones Achieved, Inspirational Movies to Watch, Best Books to Read, and still more.

12. Celebrity News / Updates Videos

A topic that makes TikTok the most happening place is celebrity news. People are always eager to know about the lives of celebrities and public figures. So make use of this opportunity to enhance your presence on TikTok without showing your face.

Simply follow the famous person’s profile on all social platforms and collect information to share in your TikTok account. Further, opt for quality social media service provider to increase the chances of going viral on TikTok and gaining fame.

Closing Thoughts on TikTok Video Ideas

To sum up, there are loads of TikTok video ideas you can take in to build your TikTok profile without showing your face. It is now clear that you need to reveal your face or anything personal to succeed in the social landscape. So then, what are you waiting for? Buckle up to shoot stunning TikTok videos and accomplish your goals wisely.

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