Best Video Creation Tools: The Ultimate List of Apps & Software for Video Blogging

by Manas Chowdhury
14 minutes read

Video creation for YouTube and other video hosting platforms aka Vlogging, or video blogging is the way of the world right now. That statement can be made without a shred of doubt considering the current situation on the Internet. Be it millennials or be it the GenX, video blogging is the thing for everyone out there. From major businesses to marketers as well as professionals working freelance or even influencers and enthusiasts, video creations help everyone better engage with their target audience. Quite naturally, it has become the most popular form of blogging in recent times. 

According to research, it has been seen that “viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to only 10% when reading it in the form of text.” That being said, it is also important to create engaging and entertaining videos to grab the attention of the viewers and successfully engage with them. This is where you need to create the perfect video clips. While content, creativity and skills are definitely essential, another one of the most important things that you need for the purpose are the right video creation tools. 

The importance of right video creation tools for vlogging

Whether you want to create YouTube videos or if you want to explore the field of vlogging, be it your profession or be it your passion, you need to be equipped with all the essentials to achieve maximum success. According to statistics, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Along with that, there are numerous YouTubers and video bloggers creating and publishing excellent videos all the time. 

That brings us to the question of: How can you stand out in video blogging?

This is where the right vlogging tools come into the limelight. As we already said, while you need great content that is engaging, informative as well as entertaining for the audience, you will also need technical skills, imagination and creativity and along with the best video creation tools. 

Statistics reveal that over 85% of US internet users watch video ads. That goes on to speak about the constantly growing market, engagement and a consequent rise in the investment. This growth is primarily because of the huge consumption ratio of video that makes it a profitable digital marketing technique for businesses as well as influencers. 

But along with all that, the vlogging scene has indeed become really competitive in the past few years. Video has become an important part of every successful online marketing strategy. This is why you need the right resources and elements and create the most perfect videos to ensure maximum engagement with the target audience. From customizing your footage, to adding appropriate audio and special effects, editing tools are extremely essential in video creation. 

In this article, we have talked about all the video creation tools that any video blogger (vlogger) and everyone else must know about for effective vlogging. From the best tools to work on your PC or laptop to the perfect apps for video creation that you can use on your smartphone, you will get all the resources you need for perfect vlogging.

Give your vlogging ideas the professional touch it deserves with these video creation tools

Here are the top 10 video creation tools that any video creator or vlogger (video blogger) must know about for professional vlogging. With these tools at your disposal, you can get the best results for your video creation efforts and present engaging and entertaining videos for your audience. 


Appropriate for: Beginners, mid-level experts 

Animoto is one of the most powerful, yet simple and effective video editing tools that can create perfect editorial content. The online platform comes with a simple and seamless “drag and drop” feature that allows you to create impressive videos effortlessly. From promotional campaigns to social media advertisements, the tool brings a range of features that have versatile applications in video creation. 

The platform allows you to choose from a range of pre-built storyboards, as well as the option to create from scratch. The app has a collaboration with Getty Images that enables users to access a vast and  high-quality stock library. Animoto is known for its simplicity in video making along with great customization options. Starting video creation from photos to adding texts for a presentation you can set your tone for your videos. 

Microsoft Hyperlapse

Appropriate for: Professionals

Microsoft Hyperlapse is known for enabling the creation of mesmerizing time lapse videos, that too, without any expensive equipment. The tools is a great platform to transform any long video into a high-quality 30 seconds slot.

Hyperlapse offers superior cinematic quality videos along with automatic stabilization feature so you can create time lapse videos even without a tripod. The platform is simple, fast and efficient and is preferred by a lot of professional vloggers and video creators across the world. 


Appropriate for: All skill levels

When it comes to animation effects for your videos, Powtoon can be a really useful and efficient tool for a variety of applications. The platform offers a wide variety of preset characters and design that can be used for the creation of animated presentations and animated explainer videos. Users of Powtoon can also access royalty-free footage and music. 

Powtoon helps create some seriously impressive videos for your audience opening up endless possibilities for video bloggers. There is a wide variety of characters, layouts, backgrounds and objects that you can add to your videos with Powtoon. You can also access a special user gallery that can help you get new ideas for unique video creations.


Appropriate for: Video bloggers, gamers. 

If you are into professional video blogging or stream your gaming videos, Loom can be a really useful and effective software for your purposes. The software enables its users to capture their screen and record with the front-facing camera, effortlessly and conveniently. The tool also enables easy and quick sharing of the videos with a link, in just a few clicks. 

Loom is the perfect choice for video bloggers who want to create impromptu video. The browser-based tool is also known for its enhanced security and all videos you share through Loom are uploaded over an SSL-encrypted WebSocket. The company will also remove all your files from their servers upon your request. The app ensures seamless and secure video creation and sharing.


Appropriate for: All skill levels and a variety of purposes. 

A video is not all about the video. It is also about graphic images, thumbnails, etc. that have to be appropriately integrated with the video. Without an attractive thumbnail even an amazing video may not be viewed by a lot of people leading to a loss of visitors. This is where Canva can be the perfect solution for you. 

It is a really easy to use and yet very efficient graphic design tool that can be used to create attractive thumbnails highlighting the USPs of any video. An attractive thumbnail leads to more clicks on your video or blog.

Canva has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface that enables users to add a variety of graphic design elements, like banners, icons, and frames. The platform is appropriate for all skill levels and people with no knowledge in graphic designing can also use Canva to create great graphic presentations, thumbnails, etc. If it comes to engaging, impressive and professional level thumbnail creation, Canva is the ideal solution for you.


Appropriate for: All skill levels, memers, social media influencers, professionals bloggers. 

Along with videos, GIFs have also become extremely popular in recent times. GIFs are very commonly used as memes as well as for comments and other activities and posts on different platforms including a variety of social media sites. Whether you need to use clips to create a catchy meme or if you need some GIFs for your video blog, Giphy is the perfect tool for you.

Giphy is one of the most popular and most used GIF maker right now. It is used by a range of professionals and video creators as well as social media influencers. The platform allows you to trim your videos to capture a specific clip, and you also get to use additional features like adding stickers and captions.

Wondershare Filmora

Appropriate for: Beginners as well as advanced professionals. 

Wondershare Filmora is the perfect software for beginners in the field of video creation and video blogging. The software comes at an affordable price and is really easy and fun to use. The software is just perfect for all levels of video editing. Filmora comes with some really practical as well as advanced features and effects that are perfect for all kinds of video editing tasks. 

Whether you have a video blog or if you create YouTube videos or videos for other social media platforms, Filmora will be the perfect tool for different kinds of requirements and applications. Filmora also comes with a feature that enables its users to record their screen for a screencast and then incorporate it in their videos. Wondershare Filmora comes with all the basic video editing features that you can probably look for and the software is pretty well laid out as well. 

You can enjoy a range of advanced features like and also seamlessly edit GoPro videos with Filmora. Beyond basic features other functionalities include: adjusting the color balance, brightness, and speed (you can fast forward your videos or turn them into slow motion videos) with the inspector button.

Some additional video creation software’s for video bloggers

Here are a few more video creation software that can be perfect solution for all kinds of professional vlogging. These tools are helpful for beginners and individuals as well, who have just started off in the field of video creation, editing and video blogging. 

Final Cut Pro

Appropriate for: Advanced skill levels and advanced video editing tasks. 

Final Cut Pro is an advanced and superior video editing software created and owned by Apple. The software is used by advanced professionals and production houses for advanced video editing tasks even in the field of movie making. When it comes to video editing features and functionalities, you cannot get a better software than Final Cut Pro. The software comes with anything you may think of when editing your videos. 

The professional video editing software runs on MacOS and comes with a range of powerful tools that enable editors to create really creative, polished and stunning videos. From a wide range of filters, motion graphics, special effects and innumerable other features, you get a lot of it. The tool also supports 360-degree video editing for VR as well as real-time VR headset playback and if you are doing VR videos then you can easily see how the modifications work in the targeted environment.

Final Cut Pro is built on state-of-the-art computing architecture that enables the software to run smoothly with the latest CPUs and graphics processors on the latest macOS machines. Final Cut Pro is the ultimate video editing software that helps edit and create videos in a fast and seamless manner. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Appropriate for: Intermediate skill levels and professionals. 

Adobe Premiere Pro is a very popular software for video editing. The software is definitely an advanced one that comes as a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud along with monthly subscription plans. The software comes with all the essential and fundamental tools you will need for basic as well as advanced video editing tasks. From audio mixing, to effects, transitions, motion graphics, and a lot more, the software is definitely a comprehensive package for professionals looking for great video editing solutions. 

Adobe Premiere Pro is a perfect all-round editing tool. The software has a user friendly interface and is easy to use while also having numerous advanced features. The software is perfect both for personal and professional projects, on intermediate as well as advanced levels. 

Adobe Premiere Elements

Appropriate for: Amateurs and professionals.

Adobe Premiere Elements is another functional and convenient video editing tool from Adobe that is perfect for people who take videos and want to quickly edit and organize them. The software enables quick and easy editing and organization of videos, and you can perform a range of tasks including trimming videos and adding effects to make the videos more presentable to the audience. 

The software comes with a lot of fun features that will help you create really polished and attractive videos and also seamlessly share them with family and friends. The software is also pretty easy to use and offers a lot of editing assistance for beginners who have less knowledge or experience in the field of video editing.


Appropriate for: Beginners. 

VSDC is a really useful and free video editor that works on Windows. The software is pretty basic and simple and is perfect for video bloggers as well as anyone looking to efficiently edit GoPro videos, YouTube videos, personal movies, and a lot more, without burning a hole in their pockets. 

Free video editors as good as VSDC are hard to find and the software offers quite a few essential features that can be handy for day-to-day video editing purposes. If you are looking for a free and efficient video editing software and if you work on Windows PC or laptop, then VSDC is definitely one of the names that has to be on top of your list. 


Appropriate for: Beginners, professionals with mid-level skills. 

Clipchamp is another excellent free online video editor that comes with a range of basic as well as advanced features that you get with pro software. The software is a great option for beginners and professionals with minimum skills in the field of video editing. The software enables you to edit clips of all sizes and types directly in-browser and you do not have to go through the hassles of inconvenient uploads. 

The software also comes with a fast and easy to use Facebook Video Ad Maker which is great for professionals creating social media ads. You also get numerous customizable video templates for all kinds of applications and industries. You get all the basic and fundamental features for video editing that include trimming and cutting, changing the orientation of videos, splitting and blending, and also adding images, audio, text, titles, backgrounds, balancing colours and a lot more.

Bonus: Best video creation apps

If you are using a smartphone for video editing and video blogging, you would not have to leave disappointed as we have a list ready for you as well. Here is a list of the best video editing apps in 2021 for bloggers who are more comfortable editing videos on their phones. 


Appropriate for: Beginners, Professionals. 

Splice is a really popular and award-winning video editing app that is perfect for vloggers and all other video creators or individuals working with videos. The app comes with a wide range of useful video editing features and tools that have vast and versatile applications. The app allows you to seamlessly create slow-motion videos or add transitions between two video clips and also offers other features like controlling the speed of transition of one clip transitions into another. 

The app also syncs videos to the beat of the music, and this is a particularly favourite feature of many video bloggers who use the app for creating entertaining and rhythmic videos. The app also enables you to easily share high-resolution videos to almost all popular online channels and social media sites and you can save the video file on your device in up to 1080p HD resolution.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Appropriate for: Professionals with mid-level and advanced video editing skills

Adobe Premiere Rush is another great video editing app that can be used on all kinds of mobile devices including Android devices, iPhones and iPads. Along with a comprehensive range of tools and features for editing videos, you can also use the app to record high-resolution videos seamlessly. 

The app has a timeline that allows up to four videos and three audio tracks, which means you can easily overlay graphic elements over images, and also utilize other features like adding customized titles, enhancing the colors of a video clip and a lot more. Although the free version of the app comes with only a limited number of video editing features, the monthly subscription is quite inexpensive and can help you make the most of your video editing efforts and lead to the success of your video blogging venture. 


Appropriate for: Beginners, Amateurs

InShot is another very popular video editing app used by a lot of video creators and bloggers who use mobile devices for video editing. The app has a seriously impressive range of video editing tools, and also comes with a range of photo editing tools. Whether it is creating a thumbnail for your video or a collage from your photos, you can do it all with Inshot. 

The app also has advanced audio editing features to enable users to add voice overs and audio effects to their videos. You can also change a video aspect ratio and this feature is particularly useful if you are posting videos on Instagram. Although, this feature is only available with the InShot Pro Unlimited subscription. 

Magisto Video Editor

Appropriate for: Beginners, people with moderate skills in video editing. 

Magisto Video Editor is another great app that is compatible with both iOS and Android. People who use their smartphones for video editing and video blogging will find this app really useful and effective. Magisto Video Editor is powered by AI and can turn your entire video editing process semi-automatic, that makes it very useful under situations where you have to edit videos in a rush. 

Be it your vlog or be it a video that you will post on social media, you can do it all. All you have to do is  select a Smart Editing style, pick the photos or videos you will include in the vlog and select an audio file for the video. You also get fundamental video editing features along with the app’s excellent file sharing capabilities that makes it one of the best vlog editing apps in 2021.

VEED – Video editing made simple

VEED is another video editing tool where you can quickly create videos without any experience required whatsoever; which means that even beginners will be able to create engaging content for every audience out there with ease. This tool is catered for people who’ll try out editing for the first time such as creating a school project, a nonprofit organization’s campaign, or even turning videos into GIFs.

VEED also has stock videos you can choose from when you need to practice editing or add clips as transitions. It serves as a one-stop-shop editor that also has a video converter, subtitling tool, a teleprompter that is helpful for educational use. This video editor also comes with different templates whether you plan to upload your content on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. It runs best using Chrome on your desktop but is also manageable when used on a mobile device as long as you have an internet connection.

FlexClip – Flexible Editing, Stunning Clips

Appropriate for: Beginners, professionals with mid-level skills.

FlexClip’s drag-and-drop editor makes it painless to create impressive videos for your editorial content, fashion blog, promotional campaigns, and social media ads.

FlexClip lets you choose pre-built storyboards or video templates in different categories or start from scratch. It also offers users access to a high-quality royal-free stock library. You’ll gain inspiration to turn your footage into a creative masterpiece. For example, if you just started a travel blog, you can create a quick video announcing discounts for booking famous hotels. You can edit your travel videos to distribute them on your social platforms. FlexClip will do all for you.

Choosing the right video creation tools and apps For Vlogging: What to remember? 

Video blogging is not an easy job, but it is not rocket science either. Whether you are a creative video creator, an enthusiast learning ropes in the field of blogging or if you are a professional vlogger with years of experience in the field, it is not uncommon knowledge that video blogging includes several aspects. From the right ideas, creativity and imagination, to shooting high quality videos and last but not the least, editing the videos appropriately to create majestic videos that entertains and engages the audience, you will have to do it all as a part of your video blogging venture. 

That being said, editing the videos to create presentable and attractive videos stands fundamental to the success of any video blog or video marketing campaign. The entire process of video blogging can be categorized into a few key aspects that you need to take care of:

  • Choosing engaging and entertaining topics relevant to your venture and industry.
  • Coming up with a creative script.
  • Shooting high quality videos.
  • Post-production video editing and finishing.
  • Knowing the best practices of video editing and video blogging. 
  • Publishing and distributing videos through appropriate channels. 

Amongst all those points, video editing is one of the key aspects that you need to take care of. To choose the right video editing tool or app for your purposes, you need to be clear about the kind of videos you are making, the level of editing you will need and the channels you are publishing them on. That will help you make the right choice with video editing tools. You must also be aware of the devices you are using and if the tool is compatible with your device. Keeping all that in mind, you can surely choose the right video editing tool for maximum efficiency. 


We hope that you now have ample resources and knowledge about the best video creation tools in the market right now. Whether you are a blogger who is just learning the ropes right now or if you are a seasoned expert in the field of vlogging, this article has got the best resources that can be perfect for all kinds of users. Not just the best video blogging tools for your PC or laptop, even if you are working with a smartphone, we have listed some of the best video blogging apps that run on smartphones with both Android and iOS. 

No matter your device, your purpose or your skill and experience levels, you now have the best tools and software that every blogger needs to know about and utilize to create the perfect videos. Be it a business marketing campaign or influencer marketing or be it just for fun, if you are thinking of creating videos, then these tools are just what you need for perfection and success.

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