Selling Feet Pics Online – Is It Really Good Money?

by Kasturika Ghosh
9 minutes read

No longer only an Instagram trend; selling feet pics online is an actual business!

People (women) can make a living through pictures of their elegant feet. 

Let’s take the example of Chrissy, a former bartender and hairdresser, who lost her regular job in the lockdown. She now makes $5,000 monthly by selling feet pictures and socks to her clients. She uploads her feet pictures on her website, where she also handles personalized requests, like a particular nail color, or running through the mud bare feet, as in “The Lord of the Rings”, etc. Chrissy does it quite discreetly, without revealing her identity or face. In an interview with the Insider, Chrissy said that her clients also pay for her pedicure or any props needed, as a wholesome service package. 

Then there is Riley, a 21-year-old student, who sells feet pics online to make “easy money”. Unlike Chrissy, she didn’t have any previous job but worked in a lab while studying. In an interview, she confessed that she didn’t have the time for a second job. Selling feet pictures brought her some good dollars to maintain her lifestyle. Although she has been asked by many people to sell her feet pictures on websites, like OnlyFans, Riley doesn’t want to break her identity and is happy with Twitter and Reddit for the time being. 

Today, there are ample examples of women (bloggers, Instagrammers, or both), making several thousands of dollars per year by selling pictures of feet, socks and other foot accessories. Most importantly, there are no legal interferences, as the hustle is 100% legal in the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and most other countries. 

I am wondering what my dirty feet will say about this! And why didn’t I know about this before?

How Much Do Feet Pics Sell For?

Well, that’s the question, right? 

Not to give you a shock, but some women even make $70,000 per year ONLY by selling feet online (Oops! What we meant is, by selling their feet pictures online). From natural toe pics to videos of running bare feet on grass or mud, they take requests from people having feet fetish or other fantasies. These people then, in turn, give money to buy those pictures from their websites or other third-party sites, like FunwithFeet, Feet Finder, InstaFeet, etc. 

Talking about selling feet pictures online, a 21-year-old digital content creator revealed that she sells her feet pictures online for hundreds of dollars each month, enough to sustain her shopping and other recreational endeavors. Then there is Jessica Gould from Ontario, Canada, who makes about $70,000 annually from pictures of her feet that she uploads on Instagram.

How do these people make so much money through something so trivial? Well,

  1. The primary trick is to know where to sell feet pics online to gain high visibility.
  2. Secondly, one has to charge right for every image.
  3. Thirdly, one has to be prudent enough to prevent malicious approaches from ruining the endeavor.

So yeah, if we look into the bigger picture, it is quite possible to make money selling pictures of your feet online, if you do it right.

Where to Sell Feet Pics Online and How

When the camera lens meets your sole, it can create wonders that will sell for dollars! 

Are you wondering how and where to sell feet pics online? The following hacks can help.

#1: Find the right selling platform 

There are several websites and online platforms to help you sell feet pictures online. All you have to do is find the right one with the highest number of potential clients, and followers, who pay well for your aesthetic feet pictures. 

Best WebsitesKey FeaturesChallenges
Feet Finder1.  User-friendly
2. Exceptional security protocols
3.  Verification process for buyers and sellers
1.  20% commission fees
2.  High Subscription Fees
Feetify1. Free joining
2. Can keep 100% of your earnings
3.  Customised feet pictures sell at heavier prices
4.  The website pays for high-quality pictures
5.  Highly-responsive customer service
1.  Not much authentic information is available on the website, raising questions of security and legality.
2.  Have to pay a hefty price for upgrades
Feet Pics1.  Flexibility guaranteed
2.  No commission
3.  Be your seller and promoter
Not that anyone can tell 
Fun With Feet1, 100% of your earnings are yours
2.  Affordable subscription fees
3.  Built-in promotion facilities
4.  Fast and secure payment methods
1.  No app to upload pics through mobile
2.  Slow and less responsive website 
WikiFeet1.  Easy and high sales. 
2. Trustworthy reviews
Not an e-commerce website
OnlyFans1.  Strong and supportive community
2.  Privacy guaranteed
1.  Exploitation risks
2.  Controversies of scams
3.  20% commission taken by the website
Instagram1.  Flexibility guaranteed
2.  No commission
3.  Be your own seller and promoter
1.  High competition
2.  Takes time to create a followers’ list
3.  Selling may take more time
Where to sell your feet pictures online

#2 Take professional photos 

If you want to create the best impression with your feet pics, make sure that the photos you take look aesthetic enough to be sold for good money. Besides using the best camera and spending quality time editing, you should also pamper your feet so that they look good in the pictures. Take regular pedicure appointments, wash your feet, scrub, and moisturize every day, so that they stay in good condition. 

When taking photos of your feet, make sure that you use an HD lens to highlight details. Choose the right setting or pick a theme for your feet pics. For example, you can opt for a natural location with your feet grazing the greens. you may also take the pictures indoors, but make sure that you place your feet on an attractive background. Accessorizing your feet will enhance the quality of the images. Opt for cute accessories, like toe rings, anklets, etc. to make your feet look more appealing and feminine. 

#3 Set the right price for your feet pictures

When you are about to sell pictures of feet online, you should have sufficient knowledge on how to set the right price for those pictures. You may sell foot pics for $10-$100 depending on the platform, types of customers, and your popularity. However, the average price for each feet picture is somewhere between $15-$25. If you are just starting and have little or no following, you can choose this range to set the price for each image. Also, the prices sometimes depend on where you sell feet pics. Research the platform a little and read reviews before uploading your precious images.

#4 Other essential hacks to selling feet pics safely

  • Do not offer discounts when starting. It will show you in a cheaper light. 
  • Take care of the lighting during the feet photoshoot
  • Edit each image and put a watermark over it to declare the authenticity 
  • Refrain from sharing personal information, like phone number, name, etc., on the website
  • Do not accept physical gift cards or invitations from your clients
  • Choose a platform with secure payment modes

Precautions – There are websites, like OnlyFans and Whisper, where you need to be wary of vivacious approaches through DMs and other means. As selling feet pics and making money are your only goals, you better upload pics only on authentic, secure, hardcore commercial places. And if you want to sell your pictures on these sites, take additional security measures to prevent scammers and exploitators from hounding you. 

How to set up a website for feet pics?

If you do not want to depend on a third-party website for selling feet pics online, you can build your own website for the same. follow the steps mentioned below to get it done easily. 

Step 1: Buy a domain and develop a website 

Do all things necessary, like buying a domain and hiring a developer to build it according to your preferences. 

Step 2: Sign up on online shopping platforms 

Use Shopify, Instagram or other online platforms to promote your website and drive traffic to it. 

Step 3: Keep uploading photos of your feet

You should be regular in uploading foot pics on your website and promote the same. Use social media or online shopping platforms to garner visibility for your images. 

Step 4: Set the prices on display 

Set definite prices for your feet pictures and put them on display along with the images. It will help potential buyers make instant decisions. 

Tip: It is better to start small and raise the prices once you have expanded your portfolio. 

Step 5: Use email marketing 

Mail pictures to your clients once they are ready to pay. You can also send them newsletters for new images and take custom requests through emails. 

What are feet pictures used for? 

As we have learned so far, the trend of selling feet pics online is getting bigger with each passing day. Some global social media influencers are involved in this trend, earning top dollar with their attractive feet pics on social media. 

But what’s the craze actually about? Why do people pay money for feet pics? 

The reasons are mostly gendered. for example, the buyers of such pictures are mostly men, who have a certain fetish with this particular part of the body, while the people selling these pictures are women. However, aesthetic feet pictures can also be utilized for social media commercials, campaigns, fashion posts, and of course, Instagram advertisements. Companies selling footwear, and other foot products, like nail paint, pedicure products, etc. have a demand for aesthetic foot pictures.

In 2024, you can sell pictures of your beautiful feet online for $10 or $100, depending on the platform and the purpose of selling. There are clients ready to pay more if your pictures are worth paying for. For example, custom feet pictures may sell for as high as $500 on sites such as OnlyFans and FunWithFeet. 

Besides random customers, fashion publications, stock photography websites, footwear companies, spas, and pedicure companies may be willing to buy aesthetic feet pictures from different influencers to stack digital content for their marketing campaigns. If you have a stack of popular images on your profile, you can also be approached by big brands as their fashion ambassador. 

Why is selling feet pics such a huge trend?

It’s easy money! From individuals to big brands, everyone is ready to pay for aesthetics feet pics online. Let’s explain!

Making easy money from home 

Why are young women keen to sell feet pics online? It is because they are getting paid handsomely for the same. And the youth needs a lot of money to sustain a happy and stress-free life these days. Refer to the chart given below to understand where teens spend money in the US. 

Today’s teens grab every opportunity to earn once they reach adulthood. Selling pictures of feet online is one harmless way (if done properly) to earn from home and maintain the lifestyle. 

But is it just the young adults who are making money selling feet pics on the internet? NO! 

You will be shocked but some 60+ women are also making it real BIG through their feet. That’s huge, right?

Monetizing assets (footwear, feet accessories, handmade feet jewelry, etc.)

Let us say you have bought a new pair of footwear. you can monetize your asset by uploading pictures of your beautiful feet in that footwear. At the same time, you will be marketing the brand, thus increasing your chances of becoming an influencer.

Many times, brands encourage youth to promote their products by uploading pictures on the internet. If footwear, or a foot accessory or a proper pedicure can be advertised through foot pictures, the owner increases her chances of becoming a fashion blogger, an influencer, or a beauty ambassador. 

Isn’t it just the thing you want? To become popular? 

Most of the revenue goes to the creator

The accredited platforms for selling feet pics offer most of the revenue to the creator, making the act quite profitable. Besides the subscription fee, you do not have to count commissions after selling the pictures on an established platform. If you can set up your website, 100% profit will be yours. You may also sell pictures of your feet on social media, and there too, you will not have to pay the platform anything extra from your earnings. The entire booty will be yours to save or spend. 

Security and protection are guaranteed to creators 

The digital world is not like it was before. If the creators do not want to reveal their identities, security and protection will be guaranteed to them by the platform they use to sell feet pictures. However, it solely depends on where you are planning to upload and sell the images. So the next time you put up a search query like “Where can I sell feet pics?” make sure that you opt only for an authentic site that offers 100% protection to your identity. 

Financially profitable without capital

If you want to start a new business, you need to have some financial assets to begin with. Without capital, you may not be able to kickstart your business, no matter how entrepreneurial you are or how good your idea is. On the other hand, to sell your feet pictures on the internet, you just need a good camera, high-quality photos taken from the right angles, and a pair of beautiful, aesthetically appealing feet. You can earn about $70,000 annually with pictures of your feet online. And all you’ll need is a meager subscription fee for the platform you are selling on. 

P.S. – If you have other plans for the future, like you want to start your own beauty boutique or build a salon, you can earn the capital for the same through…

Yes! you got it right again! 

“Your feet” Woo Hoo!

Challenges of selling feet pics 

Although selling feet pictures is an affluent business, there are certain challenges that you should be aware of. Before you start looking for the best website to sell feet pics, you should gain sufficient insight into the industry to stay out of trouble. Scroll on!

Scammers, scammers everywhere

The feet-pic-selling industry is full of scams. You should choose a trusted platform with high-security protocols to cover your identity. If you do not, your email inbox may be filled with emails from scammers and outrageous people, sending heinous requests. Selling feet pics can be a lucrative business if you are careful enough to nip such actions in the bud. Also, do not share your personal information on any site, as it may be readily available to hackers online. Lastly, you should hide your location as far as possible while selling your feet pics online. It will prevent scammers from identifying you or worse, stalking you. 

Copyright issues 

Be wary of copyright issues and make sure that no one can download or use your pics without your permission. Putting watermarks on the pictures is one way of securing the same. You can also upload low-quality pictures on the website and send the HD ones via mail only after someone has paid for them.  

Online bullying

This is yet another drawback of the feet-selling industry. You can face bullying from anonymous users, enough to hurt your morale. The best advice is to keep your head high and ignore the bullies. Of course, you can report them, if the comments violate the terms and conditions of the platform you are use. 

Less money because of anonymity 

As it is a part of the beauty industry, selling feet pics anonymously may get you a lot less money than expected. People would like to know you more and may not be ready to pay for pictures that are uploaded anonymously. The best way to deal with this problem is to set up a profile with your photo (you can choose one that does not have a clear view of your face) to confirm authenticity. But it is better not to give out details, like your real name, your accurate location, or phone number. 

No control over displays

Now this is really hard to control, especially when you have your website to sell feet pics. You will have little control over the display of your pictures. Hence, it is best to upload thumbnails, or cropped pictures at first, stating that you will send the original photo only after paying for the same. However, there is a downside to this. People may not be ready to pay for pictures that they do not find appealing enough. That is why it is best to choose a third-party platform with high-security measures to start your foot-selling endeavor. You can build your website after garnering enough audience for the pictures of your feet. 


Selling feet pictures is not just a social media trend but a lucrative business endeavor. It can bring you top dollar for a single picture and further requests to set up a business with your feet. From nail art companies to fashion footwear sellers, you can gain a quality audience over a period and start earning a livelihood.

There will be challenges, of course, and you can overcome those by following a few precautionary measures. Do not reveal your identity unless you get popular. Do not disclose your location to prevent scammers or stalkers from harassing you. Opt for a reliable website to start your feet pic selling business, and start small. You will slowly rise up the ladder and build a lucrative business on your feet. 

Best of luck! 

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