Top Content Strategies to Help Your Business Blogging Stand Out from The Crowd

by Manas Chowdhury
4 minutes read

If you have launched your business blog but struggling to achieve the expected readership, you’re not the only one. Millions of businesses start blogging with great enthusiasm and lose interest after failing to bring a predicted readership. However, getting traffic to your business blog isn’t rocket science; hence it doesn’t require you to fritter away from your goal.

Bringing the audience to your website is possible without reinventing the wheel if you follow adequate measures to keep your blog relevant and visible to the search engines. And once your blogging for business starts rolling, you’ll see its enormous impact on your business, social media appearance, and a whole lot more.

If you’re looking for effective content strategies and the proper steps forward, this post is here to help. In this guide, we will share the most important criteria you should focus on. This post will also tell you to take your business blog ahead of your competitors via the right combination of tools and strategies. But before diving in, let us elaborate on the concept of traffic first.

Organic vs inorganic: There are myriad ways to earn visibility and viewers through paid measures. For example, you can pour in a whole lot of money into search engines and other influential sites via advertisements to gain visibility. In such cases, the amount of visibility depends on the money you invest.

There is nothing wrong with it. Many enterprises use paid advertisement to bring traffic (inorganic) during the initial stage. But the problem with inorganic traffic is that it stops offering you leads the moment you stop paying for them. Hence even if you have a decent marketing budget to spend on inorganic promotion during the initial days, you should better move back to proven content marketing strategies for puling organic traffic for a long time.

To entice your readers with your blog content, you have to ensure two things- the quality and the relevance of your content. So here go the content strategies you should adopt to outshine your competitors and bring traffic to your business blog today and in years to come.

Determine your audience

Identify and understand your audience are two primary fundamentals of content writing. You should know who would read your content, what information they would look for, and how much they want to know. If you got answers to all these queries, you could efficiently deliver prompt and succinct content to entice your audience.

Similarly, with the case of a business blog, you should discern the people you want to read your content and understand how they use search engines, what are their expertise level in the subject. If you remain successful with it, your business blog would soon transform into one of the most visible blogs out there.

Focus more into Content Planning

Planning your content is the most important for any blog, irrespective of its genre. Topics that you feel essential may not work well with your target readers. And if the subject doesn’t look compelling to your readers, no matter what you write, it would fail to captivate their minds.

If you are wondering how you can select pertinent content to achieve massive traffic to your site, you could take the help of a few tools to know the ongoing search and internet trends. You can make use of the following tools to make the job easy for you.

Google Trends help you to understand both increasing and declining search trends of your industry. Moreover, you can tweak the app a bit to understand the trends of a particular region. This step comes especially handy to post reactions on the current affairs.

Serpstat: Serpstat is an incredible tool for keyword research and also help you analyze your site SEO, analyze competitors, and a lot more. The device comes in handy while tracking down the exact content and identify popular keywords.

SEMrush: SEMrush is quite similar to Serpstat and offers almost identical search results, except one. It provides you to understand your competitor’s social media strategy.

BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo let you understand which topics are getting more visibility and shares on various social media. If you know the chemistry of it, you can plan your content accordingly.

Utilizing these, you can oversee the content on a particular topic. The SaaS tool also lets you understand the typical patterns of competitors social media. That way, you can develop a counter-strategy to move forward to earn more traffic.

It would be best if you also focus on:

Strengthening your headlines: All of your articles should have an appropriate headline to elaborate on the subject. A headline is the first piece of information to your readers. If they read interesting, the readers would get tempted to click on the link. Therefore, you should focus on composing error-free, unique, and SEO-friendly headlines for each of your blogs.

Repurposing Your Content: Besides publishing new posts, you should also repurpose your old content by adding more value. For example, updating those posts with more information will help the readers to learn more about a particular subject and proves beneficial for bringing a lot of traffic. You can also convert your older articles into infographics, videos, and podcasts to bring more audience to your business blog.

Add more visuals: Your blogs should accompany relevant graphics with the text to make them visually attractive to your readers’ eyes. Putting pictures and videos in between your textual content would also grab the attention of the readers who prefers to skim through the content. Visual content also earns more shares and likes on social media and thus help you bring an additional stream of traffic.

You can add colorful graphs, charts, or a suitable screen grab to highlight the content. Adding infographics stuffed with several data and statistics would be more helpful to bring traffic and establish your prowess. Putting a well-designed and unique feature image also helps to some extent to boost traffic.

Add Cornerstone articles: Cornerstone blogs often referred to as a pillar, are long-form blogs that unite multiple contents into one. A cornerstone content connects with numerous cluster blogs that cover narrow topics related to the cluster article. Both the cluster and the pillar blogs get interconnected via links to each other. A blog can have multiple cluster content defining each category the blog covers.

Cornerstone content is usually long-form with a word count between 2000 to 4000 words, and they offer the highest shelf life and usefulness.

Internal linking

Internal linking or link your business blogs with each other through links is a nifty SEO technique. When the Google bot crawls into your blog, it tracks all the internal links to understand the relationship between the articles. Internal linking plays a significant role to reduce bounce rates and increase site traffic. Hence you should connect your older blog posts to newer ones with links to each other. However, don’t push any link for its sake; add links only when there is some relevance to the linked blog.

Make it faster

No matter how purposeful your contents are, readers would face difficulties accessing your blog if the site loading speed is higher. Besides, page loading time is an influential factor behind ranking for all search engines, including Google. You can check with tools like Load Impact to understand how page loading time influences your traffic volume. Popular CMS software such as WordPress comes with various plugins to speed up your page loading time.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools to surge your traffic volume. Marketing your content could effectively convert probability into sales and your customers into loyal fans of your product because 99% of the email users check inboxes at least once a day. Therefore, email marketing offers a return on investment (ROI) rate of 4400%. In addition, emailing content repeatedly to your marketing list can manifold your blog visibility to a vast extent.

Social Media Marketing

Spreading your blog content through various social media could also effectively increase your follower base and visibility to some extent. For sharing content via social network sites, you should always write snappy and to-the-point excerpts with appropriate hashtags to increase search visibility. In addition, posting videos, infographics and other visual content such as charts could also increase your site’s social buzz.

Final words,

We have covered aplenty of tactics to increase the visibility of your business blog. These tactics are equally important and can fetch enormous success for your business blog if practiced regularly. Sometime later, please find out the most effective strategies that worked for you and strengthen your marketing skills through them.

Do check your blog analytics and Google search console insights regularly to understand the content type that is more popular than others and keep writing more of it. Also, make sure your content has been divided into smaller paragraphs with appropriate sub-headlines and are error-free.

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