Types of eCommerce Product Videos That You Can Create with a Promo Video Maker

Learn how to optimize your business's content marketing strategy with these product videos that you can make with simple editing on your promo video maker.

by Manas Chowdhury
6 minutes read

Video content is now the most widely absorbed type of content on the internet. Its use for marketing has become the norm.

Video marketing on social media platforms and websites has proven to be highly effective. Over 80% of all businesses have said that videos have improved their traffic and dwell time. It can help your business and brand stand out, drive user engagement conversion rates and improve search engine rankings.

But, you must know how to accomplish these objectives using product videos. So sit down with your product, open your promo video maker, and let’s get started with five eCommerce product videos that will help boost your content marketing strategy.

5 Effective eCommerce Product Videos you can Create with Promo Video Maker for Your Content Marketing Strategy

With the rise of e-commerce, video marketing is helping customers make informed choices about products that they cannot see, feel, and examine. It familiarizes them with your product and brand and builds trust and reliability.

Video marketing is about giving customers a memorable digital shopping experience. Making the right content is key to ensuring that your videos can convert viewers and develop lasting relationships with them.

Here is a list of five tried and tested video ideas that will enhance your product videos for marketing. Ensure that your product demo videos or amazon product videos created with promo video maker are of high quality and look professional. 

1. Promotional Product Videos

Advertisements and promo videos are most effective at compelling viewers to buy a product and are a crucial part of every video marketing strategy.

YouTube, Instagram, and even LinkedIn let you use video ads, which are 20% more effective than a photo or other kinds of advertisements. But every video and social media platform is saturated with ads. Your promo has to be compelling and unique to have a significant impact on your sales. Moreover, since these ads are paid, you have to make them enticing to get a decent return on your investment.

Here is a promo product video from Starbucks, celebrating the new year by appreciating customers and employees’ kind and charitable deeds. This video shows how you can make customers feel valued. Such efforts help build customer loyalty and long-lasting relationships.

When you incorporate promo videos into your marketing plan, you have to determine what video works best for your product and brand.

Make an outline of your product, target audience, budget, and come up with a theme that is most suitable to them. You should also focus on making product videos that are appropriate for the platform you wish to display the ad on. To add pro-like graphics, transitions, and effects to your videos, you can use the promo video maker tool that is creative, often free and easy to use.

For instance, if you intend to place your ad on Instagram stories and reels, make the videos in portrait mode, which is appropriate for smartphone viewing. YouTube ads can be in landscape mode.

Finally, remember to highlight your product and end the video with a call to action (CTA), inviting the viewer to check out your website and product.

2. Product Videos in Action

The next most common type of video is a product video that showcases your product, its specifications, and its uses. You can use such videos besides images and text descriptions of the product.

Product videos are important because around 96% of online consumers state that they refer to such videos to make purchase decisions. A simple product video that explains your product and how the viewer can use it can be quite compelling.

Here is a video from Training Mask showing their product in action.

You can place product videos on social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Most importantly, they should be embedded on the product’s page on your website or any other e-Commerce website where the product is available for sale.

Consumers prefer to find out about the details and specs of a product from a video rather than text. Moreover, the video will also increase the dwell time on your website, which in turn improves your search engine rankings.

Don’t make the video too lengthy – it will make your audience lose interest. At the same time, make the product appear aesthetically appealing to captivate the customer.

3. Product Demo Videos

Demo videos or how-to videos are a way of informing and educating the viewer about your product. This enables them to see your product in action and understand how they can benefit from using it.

How-to videos are one of the most widely consumed video types and can be instrumental in improving your conversion rates. These videos are especially helpful for products that are difficult to operate or have many uses.

Product demo videos also make the online shopping experience more personal as you can have on-screen talent explain the relevant information to the viewer or have a narrator instead of displaying text on the screen. 

Here is an example of Adobe Photoshop’s video demonstrating how you can make an animated GIF using their video editing software. This 1-minute product demo video explains concisely how you can navigate Photoshop’s extensive interface with ease to make a GIF.

Product demos and how-to videos are ideally placed on product pages, FAQ pages, YouTube, or even social media sites where viewers can quickly get information about your product.

A good demo video must properly introduce the product, describe its benefits and uses, and illustrate the usage. You can do this by showing a step-by-step process that is easy to follow.

Make sure that you can help viewers visualize how your product will fit into their lives and add value.

4. Unboxing Product Videos

An unboxing video documents a consumer’s experience of receiving your product and unwrapping it from its packaging. These videos have become popular with the rise of video and influencer marketing.

Unboxing product videos serve as social proof of your product’s utility and help build trust among viewers. They learn about your product from influencers they follow and believe to be reliable.

Over 90,000 people watch unboxing product videos on YouTube every month. While you can make your own unboxing video, it is best to have influencers in your industry do so by sending them free products and requesting them to make an unboxing video and share it on their different social media accounts. You can then share their content on your own page.

The success of an unboxing video depends on the unboxing experience that you create for the customer. The video must take the customer through the entire process of unwrapping your product, showcasing it, and building excitement in the viewer.

It is important to put some thought into the packaging to make it attractive and unique. The unboxing should also provide an auditory experience, which you can achieve using wrapping plastic, scattered paper, or scissors.

Here is an example of an unboxing video of the Apple MacBook Air M1 that also provides the laptop’s specifications, along with some first impressions from the influencer.

Authenticity is vital to an unboxing video, so it is best to have a vlogger or influencer make them and then share those links. 

You can also re-share their videos on your social media accounts with a CTA for followers to watch the video. It is vital not to over-promote these videos as that will impact their authenticity.

5. Product Review Videos

Product review videos feature testimonials from people who have used your product and are the most effective way of ensuring potential customers that your product is beneficial and reliable.

Since customers using e-Commerce services are deprived of the opportunity to hold and inspect your product or test it out physically, they turn to product reviews.

Just like with unboxing videos, authenticity is the most crucial aspect of a product review.

A product review is most authentic and convincing when it comes from influencers or fellow customers. Even if you have sponsored the video, ensure that the person making the video is credible, lending it a sense of authenticity.

Here is a product review of HelloFresh, a meal delivery service. The video compares HelloFresh to other mail delivery services and highlights the benefits of opting for HelloFresh. The YouTuber also takes opinions on the meals from her husband and two kids. This makes the review more endearing.

Thus, a good product review should be authentic, inform the viewer about your product, include a CTA inviting them to try out your product, and must be targeted at the appropriate audience.

Once a vlogger, customer, or influencer has uploaded a product review, you can share it on your website or social media pages. Add it to your product page so that potential customers can view it and make a favorable decision.

10 Tips to Make Engaging and Effective E-Commerce Videos

Here are some tips that will help you make compelling marketing videos:

  1. Plan – The key to any kind of marketing is to prepare a strategy. Plan out your content and the channels you want to use to display your product videos.
  2. Audience – Be mindful of your target audience on each platform, shoot and customize your video content accordingly.
  3. Keywords – Use keywords in the title and description of the video to improve your search engine rankings.
  4. Intro – Viewers are impatient and do not get past the first few seconds of a video unless they are really convinced that it will be worth their while. Make a compelling intro for your product marketing videos.
  5. CTA – Include a call to action in your product videos, with embedded links for viewers to check out your website and products. 
  6. Editing – As a business, it is crucial that your product videos for marketing appear professional. Edit your videos appropriately, insert titles, text, graphics, transitions, and animations.
  7. Sound – Select the appropriate audio and background music for your product and brand. Ensure that it is not copyrighted, as that would violate the terms of use on platforms like YouTube and Instagram.
  8. Duration – Customize the length of the video in accordance with the platform it is meant for. product videos for marketing should preferably be short.
  9. Promote Engagement – Encourage your viewers to share the video or ask them questions that prompt comments from them.
  10. Branding – Use a uniform style that reflects your brand for all your videos. Uniform colors, fonts, and music will help create an association with your brand in the customer’s mind.


The five kinds of product videos discussed above are an essential arsenal for a robust video marketing strategy and have proven to boost conversions.

This is not an overnight recipe to success in e-Commerce. But it is an excellent start to building your presence online. You can gradually post these various product videos and monitor their success. Testing and improving will help you avoid mistakes that have discouraged viewers in the past.

You can create product videos for marketing using InVideo, or other video creation platform that allows you to use a wide array of preconfigured, blank and premium templates; add photos, videos, music, stickers, text and animations; make multilingual videos; and have a seamless video-making experience.

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