Detailed Review 2024: Is It Worth The Money?

by Manas Chowdhury
14 minutes read

This is the situation: 

You or your team sit at their desk, go through a few blogs that say you can create content in 2 hours and you are on it. 

2 hours gone, 4 hours flew, and maybe a day. 

Still, you are not sure if the content will rank on top outperforming thousands of competitors

The truth is crafting well-researched 2000-word content on your own needs 15+ hours. 

You know, to rank on top and to reach your audience’s expectations you have to put your content creation on steroids, but the question is…..


  • You don’t have hours to spare from your schedule
  • You don’t have a budget to hire writers
  • Even if you do, they still need guidance that they are on the right track. 

That’s where Content marketing tools come in. 

They save hours of your manual work, give a clear-cut picture of how your blog should look, and a lot more. 

In this blog, we will be reviewing the most dominant content marketing tool in the industry. 


What is Frase?

Before writing this review, we encountered a few reviews ourselves. They describe Frase as a content writing software. 

But we don’t think it’s justified to call it content-writing software. 

Yes, it helps businesses create content that can rank on search engines, but it’s more than that. 

It offers a complete content ideation, planning, creation, and optimization package. 

So it’s better to say it’s content marketing and creation software. 

Frase Features Review

The most awaited section of this review we are guessing. 

We won’t be wasting any time here. 

This is a fluff, to-the-point review of the most used features of Frase. 

1. Frase AI Content Brief

Jumping to content creation without a brief is like cooking a dish without a recipe. 

You may have a piece that is well-written, but not the one your audience wants. 

A good content brief answers a lot of questions before we start writing. 

For example: 

How is the target audience?
How can this content help my target audience? 

What should be your point of view on the topic? 

etc, etc. 

That said, Frase does a super job of creating content briefly in seconds, saving marketers time and effort. 

All you have to do is head to the Research Section under SERP Overview and Click “Automate Content Brief.”

Frase allows users to customize their output. You can choose the section of your brief.

Automate content brief with Frase

Want to include Stats, questions, and the top 20 topics? Add them to the list. 

Don’t need external hyperlink and Headers, you can leave them as it is! 

It’s a matter of a few clicks! 

Then comes the final step. Hit the “Insert Brief into Editor”. 

Ta-Da there you have your comprehensive brief within 10-12 seconds. 

You can easily integrate the brief to Google Docs which we will come to at the end of this review. 

If you are operating as a team, you can download the brief in PDF format and share it with fellow writers. 

The best part?

We hardly ever make any edits to the content brief generated by Frase which makes it very accurate to go with. 

2. Question Research

You might be wondering, “Why spend hours researching questions when you can start writing anyway.” 

Are they that important?

The ultimate goal of writing a piece is to either educate, inspire, or promote. 

And to whom? 

Your audience right? 

So, before you even start writing on a topic is it not logical to understand what your TG is discussing on the topic? 

  1. What are their problems, pain points, or obstacles? 
  2. What do they want to know? 

That said, you have two ways to research Questions. 

First go through forums like Quora, Reddit, People Also Asks, etc. Search for your topic and read one by one what people have to say. ( This will take you approximately 2-4 hours if done in depth)

Questions research with Frase

Or simply get the same result with Frase scraping information from these sites for you in a matter of seconds. 

Guess what’s better? 

We are amazed by how Frase manages to get each question paired with its search volume, source, and content selection. Making it way more easier to choose. 

You can answer these questions in your FAQ section which will not only help your audience but also pave your path to the top. 

Select the most relevant questions, transfer them to a new document, add solutions, and you’re done.

3. Frase SEO Content Optimization Tools

If you want to rank on top of search results you have to create A-class content. 

That’s taken care of with Frase’s content outline and content Brief tool. 

But having only good content won’t be enough. 

Without proper SEO optimization, you are getting nowhere near the top 10 results. 

That said, Frase makes the complete optimization process super fast. 

But how? 

They have NLP algorithms in place that analyze top results from Google.

The algorithm extracts the most recurring phrases and the number of times they are used. 

Since Google is ranking those pages on top, you know what phrases to use and get to the #1 position. 

To understand the overall quality of your content Frase gives your content a rating out of 100. 

Their “Topic Score” is based on a few parameters: 

SERP analysis, 

Target keyword

Aggregate, and cluster topics

Ranking factors

If you manage to get a score above 80%, there’s a high chance you will outrank your competitors. 

If not, there’s nothing to worry about. 

Frase also hands over easy-to-digest recommendations that will improve your Score above 80. 

4. Keyword-Rich Content Outline

Imagine all the things you thought of including in your content but couldn’t. 


Because you didn’t have an outline in place and missed out on important topics that cost you leads. 

Not only that, without a proper outline your content lacks flow. 

Do you really want your content to confuse readers instead of guiding them? 

If not you have to create a proper outline either manually or with tools like Frase. 

Here’s the step to access the Frase Content Outline tool:

  1. From their main dashboard go to the SEO Tools
  2. Select the Outline Builder feature

When we first got to know about Content Outline by Frase, we were like:

“Oh, we have to give a lot of input” 

However we went in and gave it a shot. 

All we did was enter our seed keyword, and choose the language and target country. 

Of course, we were skeptical about the output. 

Could it really outrank our competitors? 

Well, to be sure we made a manual outline by analyzing our competitors. 

And guess what Frase was surely close if not better. 

To make it better you can also select the autosuggest Keyword and Related Questions option. 

Frase also gives you a “Paste Outline” feature where you can directly incorporate outlines from top-ranking pages.

Is that all? 

Nope, Frase goes that extra mile so that you can filter out outlines based on keywords, heading types, and questions.

There you go, in a matter of seconds, you have your hands on a well-structured content outline based on real questions and competitor insights.

Feel free to customize the outline to match your style and add unique points.

5. AI Content Generator

Frase AI Content Generator

Some of the AI tools that have picked our interest are : 

  1. Blog Intro Writer 
  2. Blog Title Generator
  3. Bullet Point to Answer 
  4. Explain Why
  5. Feature to Benefit
  6. Featured Snippet List

The results are better than most AI writing tools we have come across. 

One part that’s off about Frase is that you cannot specify a tone or style. Even if you do, the results won’t be good enough. 

Although AI tools are good enough to have an Idea of what to include in your topic. 

You have to go that extra mile and add few details that AI couldn’t include and of course rigorously edit the content. 

Secondly, Frase’s AI tool is not meant for generating copies unlike its competitors. 

User Interface 

Nothing fancy here!

Frase keeps its dashboard simple and to the point yet easily accessible. 

Frase UI Interface

It’s a good thing Frase has a search panel on the top which btw most tools miss out on. 

You don’t have to keep scrolling and searching anymore. Simply enter what you want in the panel. 

Saves a lot of our time. 

On the left side of its dashboard, you will find documents you are working on, AI tools, your account information, and more. 

The center of the dashboard is not something usual. You will have a list of all the tools in a selected category from the top. 

That’s not it, Frase has complete responsive management. 

Sometimes users post features they would like to see on Frase and boom, they have it in a couple of days. 

The only drawback is the learning curve can be a bit stiff for beginners and you will need someone to guide you through all the tools if you want to make optimal use of Frase. 

But which good tool doesn’t take time to master? 

Apart from that the UI is easy to use and UX gives you results with a click. 


One thing that we simply can’t get over is the seamless integration of Frase AI writer with other tools. 

This simply avoids any conflict in compatibility which implies better content production. 

Here are a few tools you would love to integrate Frase AI with. 

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console does what it does best. Analyze your blog’s performance. 

It finds where your blog is lagging and from there you can start making changes directly with Frase AI.

For example, Google search control has several metrics like content gap and keyword gap. You can use that information to find gaps and rebuild your content around it. 

2. CMS Platforms

Frase makes editing your existing posts way simpler with its smooth CMS integration. The tool can integrate with popular platforms like WordPress, Wix, WooCommerce, etc. 

For example, on WordPress, you can use the WordPress plugin to download your existing post into Frase and start optimizing it. 

3. Google Docs

Most users find writing and editing on google Docs convenient. But it can be daunting to use Frase and Docs separately. 

Imagine how generating content briefs and keywords on Frase and manually exporting it to docs to start working can turn out. 

Pretty rough right?

That’s why Frase imports all the keywords and briefs to your document within seconds! 

Customer Support

No matter how good a tool is, you will encounter some or other issues with time. 

So, it’s extremely important to know if your tool can assist you in those hours of need. 

How long will they take? 

What are my options? 

All those questions need to be addressed right before you pay for a subscription. 

Let’s talk about Frase. 

Brutal truth: You are on your own if you want instant help. 

Of course, they have articles, videos, and documents which you can read, then try to understand, try to resolve issues. If your luck permits you can even resolve it.

 But that’s not likely to happen. 

You cannot directly mail Frase customer support or get them to listen to your issues. For that, you have to generate a support ticket. 

It can be a little bit frustrating. You already have an issue in hand, now you have to write a description about it and upload a screenshot or recording. 

Their support team will get back to you in 2-3 business days but you might be left with your problem for a week. 

Is there a better way? 


You can grab their attention instantly on social media platforms. 

Go to their Facebook page and write about what’s bothering you. They will instantly resolve your issue.

Frase Pricing

Frase pricing

Solo Plan ($14 per month)

This plan is ideal for individual content creators, freelancers, or small business owners who take charge of their own content generation and optimization.

What to Expect:

  • Limited content output due to the article and word limits.
  • Opportunity to test the waters with AI content generation on a budget.
  • Possibility to experience the effectiveness of AI-generated content on rankings.


  • Up to 4 articles per month.
  • Up to 4,000 AI-generated words per month.

Upgrade Option:

Users who want to exceed the 4,000-word limit can opt for the “Pro Add-on” at an additional $35 per month.

Basic Plan ($44 per month)

The Basic plan is suitable for small businesses, content marketers, and bloggers who require a moderate volume of optimized content to improve their online presence and SEO rankings.

What to Expect:

  • Increased content production compared to the Solo plan.
  • Opportunity to publish content more frequently, potentially improving SEO efforts.


  • Up to 30 articles per month.
  • Up to 4,000 AI-generated words per month ( We mean the same as Solo Plan. We got disappointed here!) 

Upgrade Option:

  • Users aiming for unlimited word output can choose the “Pro Add-on” at an additional cost of $35 per month.

Team Plan ($114.99 per month)

The Team plan is designed for businesses with a team of content creators, agencies, or larger websites that demand a substantial amount of high-quality, SEO-optimized content to drive traffic and engagement.

What to Expect:

  • Unlimited content generation for multiple users.
  • Collaboration capabilities allow teams to work together seamlessly.
  • No limitations on creating comprehensive and in-depth articles.
  • Access to AI-generated content for a team, potentially saving a lot and lot of time and resources.


  • Includes 3 user seats.

Upgrade Option:

  • The Team plan already offers unlimited words, so there’s no need for a “Pro Add-on.”

Customer Review on Frase

“ is a remarkable platform that has completely changed how I go about improving client engagement and content optimisation for my company. dominates comparable platforms thanks to its cutting-edge features and excellent functionality.

“I’ve used Frase for about 4 months and genuinely adore the site. From the supportive platform user community to the Frase team for their attentive listening. I refer to genuinely paying attention to customer feedback and continually improving the platform. 

“I absolutely like how intuitive Frase is. I value the ability to export rival keywords and headings to a spreadsheet that I can process externally in particular. The price strategy is effective for our agency as well. We have the Team plan, which enables limitless content writing and optimisation.

Third-Party Reviews on Frase 

Before you hop on to subscribe through any service it always helps to check the reviews online. You can do it on Quora, Reddit or third party aggregators. 

To save you time, we have compiled the rating of trusted third party review sites like Product Hunt, G2 and Trust Radius. 

Have a look at the overall rating on these sites right away! 

Product Hunt

4.9/5 huh?

That’s pretty impressive. But do note that the number of reviews on Product Hunt is only 8. 

Let’s keep looking. 

283 reviews and still 4.9/5. Okay, we are almost convinced that it’s one of the best. 

But, there’s no harm in having to look at another site, right? 

What do we have here? 

9.5/10 with 13 reviews and ratings.

What we conclude from these sites is that there aren’t many users of Frase compared to SEMrush, Ahref, etc. 

But those who have given it a try have a good experience using it. 

This suggests the tool adds a lot of value to your content creation process. 

What We Liked About Frase? 

  1. Comprehensive Research Dashboard
  2. NLP Term Checkers and Audit Reports
  3. All-in-One Solution: Replaced multiple tools.
  4. Audience-centric content with AI-driven research insights.
  5. Authority Source Citing
  6. Their regular updates enhance user experience.
  7. Transforms hours into minutes; boosts productivity.
  8. Detailed content ideas from top sources.
  9. AI Bot Integration

Where Did Frase Lack Behind? 

  1. The learning curve is a bit stiff for beginners. 
  2. We were definitely expecting more formatting options. 
  3. Honestly, Frase’s keyword research is quite basic compared to others in the industry like SEMrush and Ahref. 
  4. Customer Support is a big problem.
  5. Pricing is expensive compared to competitors. 

Final Verdict

Frase is a game-changer for content strategists, marketers, and editors managing teams. 

It excels in generating content briefs swiftly, saving time on research, and aiding content optimization for better SEO performance. 

However, there are certain drawbacks that can’t be neglected. 

If you are new to enterprise SEO tools the learning curve can be stiff with Frase, especially due to lack of customer support. 

Secondly, if you are in for AI content creation with Frase, that’s a big no from our end. You can get better tools at a more affordable price. 

No matter the tool you purchase, AI-generated content lacks the human touch, so what’s the point of investing so much if you only need this one tool? 

All in All, Frase is a must-have if you are scaling your content creation without compromising the quality of your content. 

It boosts your productivity and presents you with ideas that you never thought of. 

But whether or not you should pay for it is your call. Make sure Frase offers everything you require. 

Frase Alternatives


Technology and ApproachUtilizes advanced AI features for content optimization.Uses IBM’s NLP technology (Watson) for keyword suggestions.
AI Content WritingOffers AI templates for various content typesLimited AI capabilities in the content editor
Content GradingFocuses on topic clusters, and provides detailed analysis.Offers content grading based on keywords.
Keyword ResearchAllows targeting up to 5 keywords per content piece.Provides keyword data, competition metrics, and CPC info.
Content Brief CreationOffers an AI-powered content brief creation process.Lacks support for creating comprehensive content briefs.
Outline BuilderOffers AI-generated suggestions for headers and outlines.Lacks an integrated outline builder.
Batch AnalysisSupports batch analysis through keyword uploads.Supports batch reports but may require manual input.
SERP Audit ToolProvides data on statistics, links, and featured snippets.Offers insights into common terms and average word count.
Pricing and ValueAffordably priced with AI features and data-driven tools.Higher pricing with fewer features, requires contacting.

Surfer SEO

ParameterFraseSurfer SEO
Keyword ResearchProvides SERP data for up to 5 keywords without traffic dataProvides SERP and related keyword data for up to 11 keywords
Content BriefsOffers automated brief creation with headings, questions, and SERP dataLacks built-in content brief creation features
Optimization RecommendationsProvides suggestions based on word count, links, and imagesOffers specific changes for words, paragraphs, headings, and more
AI Writing & OutliningOffers AI templates for various content typesOffers AI capabilities for content creation, but limited in originality
Content AuditAllows import of existing content for optimizationOffers content audit with technical SEO data at an extra cost
NLP Terms ProcessingSorts NLP terms by long-tail, short, and topical clustersAllows adding and removing NLP terms, lacks sorting feature
Plagiarism CheckerCompares content against top SERPs for keyword matchesProvides plagiarism checker for final content review
Semantic Terms MappingOffers graph-based topical heatmap for better visualizationAllows organizing target terms and alternative terms
Content SuggestionsEmphasizes news, Wiki pages, and statistics for data collectionOffers a comprehensive suite of optimization tools and data collection
PricingSolo: $14.99/mo, Basic: $44.99/mo, Team: $114.99/moLite: $29/mo, Essential: $69/mo, Advanced: $149/mo, Max: $249/mo


That’s it!

We have got everything covered in this review, the good, the best, the bad, and the worst.

Now it’s time for you to decide whether or not Frase can take your content marketing to the next level. 

We would suggest signing up for their free version and exploring as much as possible. 

If Frase fulfils your requirements, good enough. 

Else, you can give the alternatives in this article a try. 


How to sign up for Frase AI?

Trust us, it takes only a few seconds to sign up on Frase. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to their Pricing Page. 
  2. Decide your business type and size.
  3. Select a suitable plan accordingly. 
  4. Fill out important details like work email, full name, and password. 
  5. Click on the signup button. 
  6. Pay for your subscription. 

Volla, you are in! 

Now, you can access educational resources on their website for guidance.

Does Frase Offer a Free Trial? currently offers a 7-day trial of all its tools for only $1. 

This trial period allows users to explore and experience the platform’s features before making a decision.

All you need to do is sign up, answer a few questions, choose a plan you want to try, and enter your card details to pay $1. 

Make sure you cancel the plan after 7 days. Otherwise, you will be charged for the plan you have selected. 

What is the quality of content generated from Frase AI?

Frase AI Content Generator is built to create content that ranks on top of Search results. 

Frase analyses the top-ranking site and comes up with content that has the required headings, keywords, etc. 

In fact, the content created has passed all Plagiarism tests so far. 

However, as we mentioned earlier, Frase’s content is a good start, but it’s no match for well-written content by a writer. 

You have to edit things to match up with your brand’s tone and style, but the time consumed will be much less than writing from scratch. 

Is Frase the best AI content tool so far?

Some of the features offered by Frase are the best by far in the industry. For example, there’s no match to its content outline and content brief. 

However, a tool like Surfer SEO gives a cut-through competition to Frase’s SEO optimization and there are a lot of AI content generation tools that match Frase’s standard. 

Can I purchase a user seat in Frase? 

Yes, you can easily purchase additional user seats in Frase to accommodate your team’s needs.

The cost for each additional user seat is $25 per seat per month.

  1. Go to the Account section
  2. Find the “Team” option.
  3. Click on “Invite” to invite new users

When you invite new users, your billing will automatically adjust based on the number of seats you’ve added.

This option is available for users who are on the Team plan or any higher-tier plan.

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