From Obscurity to Stardom: Insider Strategies to Get Free Instagram Likes and Rise to Prominence in 2024

by Manas Chowdhury
19 minutes read

When it comes to Instagram success, it’s all about the size of your audience and how engaged they are with your content. Let’s break it down.

Audience size refers to the number of followers you have. The more followers you have, the wider your reach on the platform. But it’s not just about the number of followers; the engagement rate is equally important. The engagement rate measures how many people interact with your posts through likes, comments, and shares.

Now, why is increasing your Instagram engagement rate, especially getting more post likes, so important?

It helps you reach more people organically. When a post receives a lot of engagement in the form of likes, Instagram algorithms take notice and push your post to more users’ news feeds. That means more visibility for your brand.

Moreover, posts with a higher number of likes create a strong impression. When people see that your content is popular and well-liked, it increases their trust and makes your brand more memorable.

But it’s not just about visibility and trust. A highly engaged audience is more likely to turn into leads or even customers for your business. When they have a positive association with your brand, it becomes easier to convert them into loyal supporters.

Now, let’s get to the juicy part – the secrets to getting those free Instagram likes.

Are Instagram likes still relevant? 

That’s a question many people have been asking since Instagram started hiding likes. The answer is yes, Instagram likes still matter, but their visibility has changed. Previously, likes served as a visible indicator of popularity and engagement. Now, with likes no longer displayed on profiles or posts, the emphasis shifts to the importance of each individual like.

While some digital content creators have noticed a slight decrease in likes since the change, it actually makes each like more valuable in the eyes of Instagram’s algorithms. Every like carries more weight in determining the reach and visibility of your content.

The shift also means that you are no longer in a constant race for likes against others. You can focus on generating likes for your own content without the pressure of comparing numbers. The quality of your content becomes the true measure of success rather than the sheer number of likes displayed.

So, even though likes are hidden, they still play a crucial role in gaining exposure and building engagement. Keep striving to maximize the number of likes you receive, as each like holds greater significance. Don’t underestimate the impact of these hidden likes in shaping your Instagram presence.

Remember, every hidden like is a silent vote of approval for your content, and they still contribute to your success on Instagram.

22 hacks to gain free Instagram likes In 2024

Now the question is how to get free Instagram likes without resorting to buying them and with more likable content. Here are a few strategies to use that will help you gather free Instagram likes organically.

Post at the right time for your followers

Don’t just post whenever you want. To get more free Instagram likes and build an audience, it’s important to post at times when your target audience is most active on Instagram.

For example, if you have young college-going followers, try posting in the morning, evening, or when it’s late at night instead of posting at 1 o’clock in the afternoon when everyone might be busy.

Know your audience from the beginning

If you have big goals for your Instagram brand, it’s crucial to understand your audience and focus on gaining their approval. Don’t try to appeal to everyone. Make sure your profile and stories stand out by targeting the people who are most interested in what you have to offer.

By doing this, you will receive genuine free Instagram likes from the right audience if you do it right.

Keep posting regularly

Consistency is key when it comes to posting on social media. If you want to attract a loyal audience, it’s important to maintain a consistent posting schedule. People are more likely to follow and engage with your content if they know they can rely on you to post regularly, whether it’s every day or every week. 

Inconsistency can make it difficult to build a dedicated fan base.

Add location tags to your posts

Using location tags can be a great way to let your followers know where you are and make them feel more connected to your life. It’s also a way to build a sense of community with people in your local area or meet up with fans who are nearby in real life.

Additionally, it can be a way to collaborate with local businesses and promote each other.

Write captivating captions

To make your Instagram posts even better, put effort into writing engaging captions. Many new Instagram influencers focus only on visuals, but captions can add meaning to your images and evoke emotions in your followers. Good captions can attract more free Instagram likes for your content, but avoid begging for free likes on Instagram.

Long captions are usually better at reaching a wider audience easily.

Tag people and brands wisely

Tagging people and other brands can be a smart way to promote each other or get noticed by important individuals. However, it’s important to do this only when it’s relevant. Don’t tag people or brands just to seek attention.

Instead, use tagging to show your appreciation for others and to share valuable and entertaining content with your audience.

Tag people and brands wisely to get free Instagram likes.

Encourage people to tag their friends too

If it suits your followers, it can be a great idea to ask people to tag their friends in your posts. But be careful not to do it too often, as it might seem repetitive or overused.

Capture the best photos you can

Remember, Instagram is all about visuals. The most successful users on the platform take amazing photos that receive lots of free Instagram likes. Improve your photography skills and artistic eye to ensure that every picture you post is of high quality.

Take unique and well-composed photos that your followers will appreciate instead of using generic or ordinary images that anyone could have on their profile. This is especially important for business owners aiming to get featured on the “Explore Page.”

Use hashtags frequently to get Free Instagram Likes

Hashtags are like valuable tools that you shouldn’t ignore. Make sure to include hashtags in most or all of your posts, as well as in your stories and bio.

Even though stories don’t get free Instagram likes, using hashtags in them helps tie all your content together and makes it easy for people to find your posts or stories based on relevant hashtags.

Having an easily browsable profile makes you more likable in many ways.

Use hashtags correctly

Using hashtags correctly is just as important as using them often. Choose high-quality hashtags for your Instagram account. Don’t just randomly add hashtags to every post or whenever you get the chance.

This can make you seem desperate or needy, and it clutters your captions with unnecessary content that might turn people off from liking your posts.

When used correctly, hashtags can be an effective strategy to spread your content and make it visible to the right audience, whether it’s other influencers, brands, or potential followers. This can help you gain free Instagram likes without putting much effort.

Stay up-to-date with trends

It’s important to keep up with the latest trends in the social media world. For example, if there’s a popular holiday coming up, it’s a good idea to create content that’s tailored to your audience and brand on that day.

You don’t have to go overboard, but staying relevant as time goes on is crucial for your success. Influencers and brands that stay relevant tend to get the most free Instagram likes.

However, it’s also important to be selective about the trends you follow. Don’t jump on every bandwagon that comes your way. If a trend doesn’t align with your platform or interests, it’s okay to let it go.

Organize a contest

Instagram allows you to run contests, such as “like-to-win” contests. These are great ways to engage your audience with your content. Offer them an attractive prize, but make sure it’s specific and relevant to your core audience rather than something that anyone would want. Most importantly, make sure you follow through with your promise. 

Trustworthy Instagram accounts earn more free Instagram likes than those who don’t keep their word

Here are some specific examples of contests and giveaways that you could run to grow your Instagram following organically:

  • Follow and like contest: This is a simple contest where you ask people to follow your account and like a post to enter. The winner could be chosen randomly or based on the number of likes they receive.
  • Tag a friend contest: This contest asks people to tag a friend in a post to enter. The winner could be chosen randomly or based on the number of times their post is tagged.
  • Repost contest: This contest asks people to repost a specific post to enter. The winner could be chosen randomly or based on the number of times their post is reposted.
  • Photo contest: This contest asks people to submit a photo to enter. The winner could be chosen based on the quality of the photo, the creativity of the photo, or the number of likes the photo receives.
  • Video contest: This contest asks people to submit a video to enter. The winner could be chosen based on the quality of the video, the creativity of the video, or the number of likes the video receives.

Share content from your followers

Sharing content that your followers create can be really fun and appealing because it feels genuine. It’s also a great way to show appreciation to your loyal fans. If they make something for you or send you something, use it or wear it in your posts!

Collaborate with others for free Instagram likes

Teaming up with other Instagram influencers for brands can be a great strategy. This works especially well if your niche is crowded or if there’s competition between you and another influencer.

By collaborating and promoting each other’s content, everyone benefits, and fans get to connect with each other. It strengthens your brand or niche as a whole, and everyone involved is likely to get more free Instagram likes as a result.

Organize takeovers

Takeovers are when two influencers agree to temporarily take over each other’s accounts and post content. This can be a fun surprise for both sets of followers and can lead to everyone getting to know each other better and having a great time.

Just make sure to choose someone in your industry who you think your audience will enjoy.

Engage with others’ posts

The posts that other people share are just as important as your own. So, make sure you like and comment on other people’s posts when you are not working on your own content.

This not only enhances your Instagram experience but also shows that you are not only focused on yourself. It prevents you from appearing self-centered to your audience, who are more likely to like your posts when they see you engaging with others.

Get featured on the Explore tab

The Explore tab on Instagram is where people can discover new content creators or influencers to follow. If you can get your brand or profile featured on the Explore tab, you will likely gain more free Instagram likes because more people will see your content. To increase your chances of getting featured, focus on engaging with your audience as much as possible.

Share behind-the-scenes content

Most fans enjoy seeing the personal side of their favorite creators or brands. Sharing behind-the-scenes content gives your followers a glimpse into your life or the making of your content.

By offering this type of content, you will likely receive more free Instagram likes, especially if it’s interesting or intriguing. Just make sure not to share content that’s too personal or messy. Keep it casual and enjoyable for your audience.

Learn from others

While collaborating with your competitors is a good strategy, it’s also important to do some research and see what your competitors are doing. Look at their content, hashtags, and strategies that are working well for them.

Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from their successful approaches to increase your likes. This will also help you stay updated with current trends as the social media landscape keeps changing.

Seek opinions and feedback

Asking for opinions can be a valuable tactic to engage your audience and gather feedback. You can pose questions in your posts or stories or even create polls using Instagram’s features. This allows you to understand your audience’s preferences and sentiments, helping you create content that will receive more free Instagram likes.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your audience and other influencers for their thoughts and ideas.

Experiment with different content

As you establish yourself on Instagram, it’s a good idea to try out different types of content to keep your audience engaged. You don’t want them to get bored and stop liking your posts. Start slowly by introducing new content formats, such as videos or black-and-white photos.

Pay attention to how your audience responds and adjust accordingly. Fresh and diverse content tends to attract more free Instagram likes over time.

Use Free Instagram Likes Exchange Platforms

These platforms allow you to exchange likes with other Instagram users who are also looking to increase their engagement. It’s a win-win situation where you get more likes on your posts, and in return, you like other users’ content.

Just remember to engage genuinely and interact with high-quality posts to ensure the best results. Like4Like is one such platform.

Consider paid advertisements

While it may seem like paying for likes, investing a portion of your Instagram budget in ads can help grow your profile. It’s not directly buying likes but rather increasing your visibility in the hopes that people will like your content and engage with your posts. This may be more challenging when you are starting out, but once you have a solid user base and steady income, it can be a strategy to explore.


There are numerous methods available to gather free Instagram likes, even in today’s ever-changing landscape. While the visibility of likes may have changed, they still hold significance as an essential part of your Instagram presence.

As you work on refining your profile and expanding your brand, remember to prioritize strategies that attract free Instagram likes and engagement. Keep experimenting, stay consistent, and interact with your audience to maximize your chances of receiving those valuable likes.

Don’t underestimate the power of Instagram likes, and make them a priority in your journey to success.

Remember, every like counts!

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