18 Great AI Text Generator for Content Writing Assistance – Pros and Cons

by Manas Chowdhury
27 minutes read

AI text generators are the most recent trend in content writing, blogging, and general copywriting. Some people, such as content writers, may be intimidated by AI writer, but it can help you create high-quality content with minimal effort! And it can be used as a writing assistant by content writers or any other professional.

Unless you have been avoiding newspapers for the past two years, it is unlikely that you may not have heard the term “Artificial Intelligence”. 

From hospitals using AI to develop COVID-19 treatments to content writers using it to generate summaries, AIs have inserted themselves into virtually every field. Revolutionizing everything from data entry to the management of entire workspaces, AI has made several repetitive tasks faster and easier. 

The Government of Telangana even declared 2020 as the Year of AI! In 2021, the UK Government took it a step further and published a National AI Strategy, which aims to turn Britain into an AI powerhouse within the next decade. Russia was one of the early adopters with Putin proposing a strategy as early as 2017 (though it is yet to take action).

So, why are we seeing this rise in AI and machine learning? A simple reason is the sheer amount of data we deal with on a daily basis. AI or Artificial Intelligence essentially includes a type of code that can self-learn and perform tasks with some level of intelligence that is generally attributed to sentient beings.

With the supercomputers now available, AIs can perform in seconds, a task that might take human years or even decades. This brings us to how a SEO content writer can benefit from the wonderful AI revolution! 

Of course, not one to be outdone, Google’s Webmaster guidelines are strictly against auto-generated content. However, this was released in 2017 and things have changed 5 years down the line. Read on to find out how auto-generated content may soon be the next big thing for SEO! 

What is an AI Writer?

An AI Writer is a predictive writing tool that can generate content based on your earlier inputs. It can generate entire marketing copies or act as a helper for content writers by finishing their sentences and suggesting changes. It can also create summaries, restructure your text, detect plagiarism in real-time, and gauge overall tone.

In other words, an AI writer is the next best thing to an actual writer for your team! Of course, you must remember that an AI text generator is simply a tool and cannot replace a human! You will still need someone to edit and create a final draft by tidying things up a bit. However, on the whole, an AI text generator can save much time and labor. 

It is also interesting to note that the field of AI is constantly evolving. Whereas earlier an AI text generator could only create small snippets or end sentences, today they can easily create short-form blogs. Moreover, AI writers that work with SEO are also being developed. 

What does Google think of AI Writing?

Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller had earlier stated that auto-generated content is strictly against Google’s policies. But recent talks reveal that the focus is more on providing people with good content that answers their questions. 

In fact, Google does not describe auto-generated content as that generated by an AI text writer, but rather with these guides:

  • Content that is poorly written and/ or translated without being reviewed
  • Combines verbatim data from multiple sources
  • ‘Markov Chain’ content

To summarize, Google is against low-quality content. Action is taken against content that is poorly written, researched, and does not match their web guidelines. It is not against auto-generated content.

Hence, a healthy mix of an AI writer with an editor to create a final draft should be fine. The idea is to focus on the quality of the content rather than look at how it was created. 

AI text generators are not yet adept enough to generate content that can stand for itself, however with a healthy dose of human intervention you can still create first-page content!

Don’t believe us? Even top newspapers like the Business Standard use AI writers for some articles. Here’s an article – Timeline of the Singur Controversy that was generated using AI, and actually pops up 2nd when one searches for “Singur Controversy”.  

Here’s another article from The Guardian that was completely written by GPT-3 (an AI used by many of the tools we will be looking at). The article, which was essentially written from a robot’s point of view (it comes in peace) caused a furor on social media with people questioning how far the capabilities of AI may go in the future. 

AI Text generator and SEO

Google speaks out about AI-written content after Bankrate’s AI content writer garners widespread attention. Bankrate has received a lot of attention in the SEO community in the last few days. They are using AI to create a large amount of content without hiding it. Using a site query operator, we found that about 200+ articles on Bankrate were generated with AI writer – https://www.google.com/search?q=site%3Abankrate.com+%22This+article+was+generated%22

With that, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, responded to the SEO community about Google’s stance on AI-generated content.

Must read: Google Search’s guidance about AI-generated content

The Best AI Writers To Speed Up Your Content Writing Process

Have you considered using an AI writer to create copy, blog content, or scripts? If so, we’d like to share our top recommendations with you. There are numerous AI text generators available online. Some are free, while others require payment. The price and features vary greatly. Before you commit to a content creation tool, try out a free AI writer first.

1. Jasper (Formerly Jarvis) – The Boss of all AI Writing tools

One of the smartest AI writer currently available, Jasper can generate entire content copies in the exact tone of voice that you want. With regular plans, Jasper helps to generate shorter paragraphs in specific tones.

However, with their Boss Mode, you can simply choose the output length, add a short content brief and keywords and then wait for Jasper to generate the text. The final output is unique, free from grammatical and punctuation errors, and most importantly – is plagiarism-free!

Jasper can even recognize tones beyond the usual ones. You can choose to get the text written in the veins of famous orators or newspapers. The process is incredibly fast and there are over 50 different templates available. 

From regular listicles to product descriptions, these templates break down all types of content into their basic structure. Apart from this, you can also use Jasper to find blog post ideas, summarize a blog, rearrange a paragraph or add enticing headlines! 

Jasper is a tool that works within your browser on both mobile and desktop. It is not available as a stand-alone app or tool in any store. Currently, Jasper can generate content in up to 25 different languages. 

Key Features

  • Boss Mode – This allows one to generate content based on a fixed length, tone, and keywords. 
  • Templates – Over 50 templates ranging from creative pieces to long-form blogs to listicles and product descriptions. 
  • Tool Set – Jasper’s set of tools for content include
    • Content improver to include engaging keywords and improve on the content
    • Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph to summarize and finish your blog with a cherry on top!
    • Generators for ads, company bio, meta description, headlines, product features (for Amazon), photo captions, and more.
    • Generators for SEO-optimized meta descriptions, titles, summaries, and more. 
    • Tools for editing grammar, punctuation, paraphrasing, and checking plagiarism. 
    • Blog outline for keeping track of all your titles.


Starter at $29 per month – Unlimited projects and logins with copywriting templates. Caps at 20,000 words generated. 

Boss Mode at $59 per month – Entire blog post creation tool set and content generator with Command Jasper. Caps at 50,000 words generated.

Best Used For

All types of content! Jasper has templates ranging from business writing to creative writing. Their AI can adapt very well to any kind of content brief. If you’re simply looking for short sales copies and product listings, the Starter Pack is more than enough for your needs. However, for long-form blogs, the Boss Mode would be a better investment. 


  • Next best thing to having an actual writer on your team
  • Keeps track of SEO 
  • Checks plagiarism in real-time
  • Templates available for self-writing
  • Top-notch paraphrasing


  • Monthly word cap after which you can either upgrade your plan or pay a price per word.

2. Wordtune – an AI assistant for ‘tuning’ your content

Wordtune is not an AI writer as much as it is a paraphrase or rewriter. It is essentially a helper that can aid you in writing more engaging content. If you’re still looking for that perfect word that eludes your memory – let Wordtune help you! 

Wordtune uses neural-net-based NLP technology and language models developed by their own team to rephrase the text. It looks at punctuation, grammar, and the entire sentence structure to suggest better alternatives. The best part is that Wordtune offers multiple paragraphs that you can choose from. 

Their website even offers a short free trial for up to 280 words (20 tries) which you can use to try your short copy on. On the whole, Wordtune is a great writing companion and works entirely within your browser. There is a Chrome plugin available as well which works with all text editors. This means that Wordtune pops up even when you’re writing an email (this can be disabled too). 

Key Features

  • Rewrite and rephrase content to be more engaging
  • Change tone to formal or informal as per your need
  • Set a length for the rephrase sentence
  • Get priority support 
  • Chrome plugin available
  • Works with all types of text editors
  • An online tool that works within your browser – compatible with both desktop and mobiles
  • Wordtune Editor offers thesaurus on the go


Free – Only 20 rewrites are offered per day and do not require any login or registration.

Premium at $9.99 per month – Unlimited access to all editing tools but team billing is not allowed.

Premium for Teams – Customized plans for shared teams. 

Best Used For

Short copies. Once you’ve got the copy in hand, drop it via Wordtune to turn it into something more thrilling and engaging! 


  • Can create unique content that is almost always an improvement on the old content
  • Focuses on creating better sentence structure with engaging power words in them
  • Can work with different types of tones. 


  • Can only rephrase and edit – cannot generate content on its own. 

3. RYTR – The ultimate AI blogging companion

Rytr is an AI writer and content generator that can generate everything from ads to stories. While relatively new at the moment (launched in 2021), Rytr is led by an all-Indian team and can easily act as a replacement for multiple writing apps. 

Rytr creates content using a few things from the user. This includes the language, tone, use-case, and finally the content brief. You can generate anything from creative stories to social media ads! Ads are generated separately for different platforms like Linkedin and Facebook and Rytr comes up with its own creative headline as well. 

While Rytr has various in-built use-cases like Story Plot, Corporate, and more – where it truly excels is in its customization. You can create your very own Rytr use-case as well by setting its tone and brief – and then use it for your pieces. This allows writers to develop a truly unique and personal piece – all from an AI writer. It is also extremely cheap as compared to other tools on the market! 

Key Features

  • Magic Command – to help you find the best topics to write on. 
  • SEO analyzer – To find new topics, add keywords, create a blog outline, and more. 
  • Tool Set – Rytr’s set of tools for content include
    • Generating SEO content with optimized keywords, generating meta-descriptions, headlines, and tags
    • Creating ad copies, social media copies, emails, and more. 
    • Finding engaging headlines for blogs and copies
    • Text Editor to improve upon an existing text piece by expanding, shortening, paraphrasing, or rewriting it completely. 
    • Has a plagiarism checker


Free – Allows up to 5000 character generations, with 20 tone settings and plagiarism checks. However one needs to register and log in to access this.

Saver plan at $9 per month – Limited to 50,000 characters and being able to add your own use-case. 

Unlimited plan at $29 per month – Unlimited characters and dedicated account manager with priority support and 30 tone recognitions. 

Best Used For

Bloggers. The ability to add your own unique use-case is definitely a plus for bloggers who want to do the most in the least amount of time. For small businesses, the Unlimited Plan is a lifesaver. It offers a small amount of both content generation and rewriting options – which is certainly rare! 


  • Available as a plugin for WordPress and Shopify
  • Can work seamlessly on both desktop and mobile
  • Rytr support team and online forum for help
  • Rytr API can be added to various other apps


  • Not cloud-based
  • Free plan requires registration

4. Frase.io – Combining SEO and AI writing seamlessly

While on the topic of writing companions, let’s not forget that SEO is still as important and often overlooked by many AI writers. Well, not so with Frase. Frase is a writing companion-cum-SEO tool. This means, with Frase, you can find content headers, follow trends, look over your page count, create blog outlines, as well as edit your blogs and get Frase to autocomplete your work. 

Frase is a tool that removes the need for multiple blogging tools like keyword finders, brief generators, page optimizers, and more. It comes with two types of modes – the research mode where you can find topics, look at competitor works, and create briefs. The second is the editing mode where you can work on your blog, where you can use existing templates to write blogs, generate captivating headlines, add metadata and generate paragraphs. 

Finally, Frase allows you to look at Page Analytics, constantly keep up with trending keywords and update your content based on set timers. If you’re looking for an all-in-one SEO tool that can also act as an AI text generator – check out Frase now!

Key Features

  • Research Panel – Can research trending keywords, identify keywords in competitor works, compare keywords based on CTR, clicks, and more. You can further cluster keywords and use them to create a content outline.
  • Templates – Frase strips down blogs and headlines to their basic formulas. Their AI-generated templates take into consideration top, high-converting blogs. 
  • Content Creator – Topic model that helps find long-tail keywords, common questions, and add topics from FAQs, people also ask, etc. 
  • Tool Set: Frase’s writing tools include:
    • Can rewrite your sentences while checking for plagiarism
    • “Write for me” function that generates the content of the required length and tone
    • Generate headlines and meta description that draws people in
    • Generate introductions and auto-conclusions
    • Assigns content scores on every brief and complete blog


Basic Plan at $44.99 per month – Allows only  user and 30 document creations

Team Plan at $114.99 per month – For up to 3 users and unlimited documents, also combines Google Docs

Enterprise Plan – customized as per need

SEO Add-on at $35 per month – allows access to keywords trends, page insights, and Frase AI Writer

Best Used For

Marketing Agencies. With its competitive pricing, Frase offers a unique opportunity of combining SEO with AI writing software. And the result is more than satisfactory! 


  • Combines SEO tool and AI writers
  • Free trial at just 1 USD for 7 days
  • Integrates with Google Docs and allows easy sharing within team members
  • API access to integrate it with other tools 


  • The Frase AI writer comes with the SEO Add-on pack and not the regular plans. This means writers have to shell out an extra $35 USD per month which makes it highly impractical for freelancers or small teams. You can still create a brief and incorporate site-wide content analytics without the SEO Plan. But for any keyword-based insight, the SEO Plan is a must. 

5. Market Muse – The AI writer for long-form blogs

With a great free plan and strong content builder, Market Muse claims to bring down the time needed for each content piece from 19 hours to just 8 hours. Let’s see if it checks out. 

Market Muse has their own patented AI that finds the best opportunities, helps create the perfect brief, can auto-generate content, and then optimize it further for SEO. On the whole, it combines some aspects of SEO but is not as flexible as Frase. 

Their content brief creator is pretty great offering everything from possible titles to sub-topics, commonly asked questions, and a suggested word count. It also offers internal and external linking suggestions! As an AI Writer, Market Muse scores content in real-time, and offers improvement suggestions, and projects the expected traffic. 

Finally, they offer AI text generation for any specific keyword! Market Muse’s next generation is on the whole, non-repetitive, free from plagiarism, and requires little post-editing. 

Key Features

  • Brief Builder – Helps find the best keywords, incorporate commonly asked questions, suggests titles, sub-headings, word count, related topics, links, and more. Keywords are also rated by their difficulty, relevancy, and optimum density. 
  •  First Draft – AI Writer that generates a “first draft” for a chosen topic including set keywords.
  • Tool Set: Market Muse’s writing tools include:
    • Optimizing written content with suggestions and scoring
    • Compared with top 20 competitor pages against keywords, headers, and general topic coverage
    • Topic model for research 


Free – 15 searches and limited to 1 user, 10 projects

Standard Plan at $149 per month – 1 user with unlimited projects, and up to 100 searches.

Premium Plan at $999 per month – Up to 25 members with full access and a dedicated account manager. Can get domain analysis and audit done anytime with unlimited brief creations. 

Best Used For

Long-form blogs. Market Muse’s brief builder is one of the most comprehensive ones. Combining this with their First Draft feature, one can get a written piece in next to no time with complete control over its contents! 


  • First drafts are credit-based, hence you can order them separately anytime using 3 credits.
  • Inventory to store your content briefs and ongoing projects in an orderly fashion
  • Great Free plan for freelancers and small blog owners
  • Patented AI and on the whole, generates great error-free content 


  • Paid plans are expensive and are only suited for large teams.
  • Free plan users cannot order the First Draft even by paying separately. 

6. Clearscope – An AI text editor that tracks your progress

Made by Mushi Labs, Clearscope is essentially a text editor that helps you write the best content. The Clearscope editor comes with an action-packed interface. It keeps track of word count, readability, keyword density, headline presence, and more. 

Along with this, the editor also offers helpful suggestions for changing certain phrases and sentences. While it does not auto-generate content, Clearscope does use AI-powered content reports. It also generates keyword reports which you can choose based on their insights. 

Clearscope is best for team usage as the editor can be used with Google docs and shared with members. The UI is simple, intuitive, and has a next-to-no learning curve. 

Key Features

  • Keyword research and insights like CTR, relevance, etc.
  • Text editor with suggestions for change
  • Keeps track of basic readability, headline usage, keyword density, keyword usage, etc.
  • Content quality grading in real-time
  • Competitor analysis with monthly search volume and insights


Essentials at $170 per month – for 3 users and allowing the creation of up to 20 files. Comes with 100 Keyword Discovery credits. Each credit can be used to search for a keyword. 

Professional at $350 per month – 10 users with 250+ Keyword Discovery credits

Enterprise – customized pricing

Best Used For

Teams. Clearscope is mainly a text editor and works similar to content editors like Surfer SEO. If you’re looking to build briefs as well then you might need another tool for that. 


  • Available as a Google Docs add-on and as a WordPress plugin
  • Cloud-based tool
  • Great support team


  • Cannot auto-generate content
  • Expensive considering the features offered

7. Ink for All – The ultimate AI assistant for high productivity

INK is an offline AI Co-Writing & SEO Assistant that is everything Clearscope fails to be. It does not simply stop at helping you find the right keywords and write but goes ahead to perform sentiment analysis, check headlines, and even detect further opportunities. 

Extremely structured in their approach, INK offers tools for getting started (keyword analysis, competitor research), writing (full-fledged AI assistant that even looks at your SEO), editing (making your copy universally accessible) and finally publishing it (direct Wordpress integration).

INK is especially great for one-man teams as it combines all the main features of To-do apps, SEO tools, and content editors. 

Key Features

  • AI Writing Assistant – Can generate content, check headline relevance and readability. It can also gauge sentiments and emotions of the text and perform a competitive analysis
  • SEO Score – Real-time counter similar to Yoast SEO taking into account keywords, headlines, and length.
  • SEO Tool – generates meta-data, and detects opportunities for missed keywords by analyzing competitors 
  • Productivity Tools – Task prioritization, allows minimal interface with a dark theme, and modes for color-blind or dyslexic users. 
  • Focussed Editor – Free from unnecessary tools, with a clean-cut interface
  • Tool Set: INK’s writing tools include:
    • Rewriting, rephrasing, expanding, and simplifying sentences
    • Suggests reliable sources
    • Suggestions for internal and external linking
    • Checks text for active vs passive voice


Free – Access to 65 tools for up to 10 articles per month.

INK Pro at $29 per month – Up to 50,000 words from AI, for unlimited articles and access to all features

INK Premium at $82 per month – Unlimited AI-generated words and a full toolset access

Best Used For

Large teams working on long-form blogs. Among INK’s web tools are also an advertising suite that helps write copies for various platforms. We also appreciate the concern for universal design! 


  • WordPress plugin available, as well as an offline tool
  • Great free plan for students and new users
  • AI content generation with source citations
  • Emotional relevance and sentiment analysis
  • Combines productivity, SEO, writing, and even marketing


  • Can generate short snippets at every go
  • With all the available tools, keyword analysis could be included

8. Craftly – AI for eCommerce content

For lovers of discipline and a clean desk – Craftly helps streamline your work with an extremely well-defined dashboard. From here, you can choose to write eCommerce headlines, sales descriptions or find blog topics. A helpful little infographic keeps track of the words generated which is a great productivity motivation. 

Craftly uses iRobot, their own AI to improve your text, generate new text and modify text from sentences to bullets and vice versa. iRobot can also introduce topics, summarize data and offer new marketing strategies. 

This is present under their Value Proposition tool which aims to make even newcomers great at what they do by providing them with all the necessary tools. Along with this, Craftly also has tone identifiers! Another thing we love is that Craftly’s webpage offers a limited-usable prototype of their tool. 

Key Features

  • Bullets to points – converts phrases into full-fledged sentences! 
  • Auto-Generated Content – this can be used for blog introductions, summaries, thank you emails, confirmation emails, blog outlines, product descriptions, and more. 
  • Blog Topics and Headlines – from assorted trending topics
  • SEO Content – Generate hero text, headers, sub-headers, find UVPs and convert features to text.
  • Social Content – can generate captions for photos, write video descriptions, primary and secondary texts for posting
  • Tool Set – Craftly’s set of writing tools include:
    • Rewrite, expand or shorten sentences
    • Add value to sentences by using power words
    • Convert text to another tone
    • Generate blurb


Starter Plan at $35 per month – Limited to 20,000 words and 3 user workspaces

Crafter Plan at $79 per month – Unlimited words, workspaces, and a Success Manager

Custom plan – as per need

Best Used For

E-commerce and web copies. Craftly is extremely structured and has separate templates for all common e-commerce and social platforms. The bullet-to-sentences feature is extraordinary and not available in other similar tools. 


  • All data generated using Craftly AI will be owned by you and not Craftly
  • Plugins available
  • User-friendly dashboard


  • Not suited for long-form content
  • Value proposition tool relies heavily on data entered by users and does not actually scour the market

9. Writesonic – Great free and pay-as-you-go scheme

A straightforward AI writer, Writesonic comes with a free plan that’s hard to resist. Beloved by marketers and copywriters, Writesonic certainly knows how to get that click. All you need to do is enter the title, content brief, occasion, and the promotion required. Writesonic will now generate multiple auto-content for you to choose from! 

Supporting 25 languages, Writesonic was created keeping eCommerce in mind. Hence, it can generate stunning taglines, sub-headings, and blurbs for drawing in the crowd. It can also create product descriptions. You can also get API access on request. They are also working on a browser extension and Shopify integration. 

Key Features

  • Marketing Copywriter –  Writesonic’s main feature that simply requires basic inputs to generate ads for multiple platforms
  • Product Description Generator – Based on a credit system, you can enter a content brief and get alluring product descriptions. You can also save these for future reference. 
  • AI article writer – Comes with a text editor that can auto-generate introductions and keep track of headers. It also offers suggestions for optimizing your article for various devices. 


Free – Access to all features, with 1 user seat

Basic Plan at $15 per month – 

Best Used For

Product descriptions and marketing copies. While Writesonic does have an article writer, it has way fewer features than other tools in this price bracket. Moreover, their auto-content generation is limited to 120 words which is more suited for copywriters than bloggers. 


  • Great free plan
  • Competent AI for marketing ad copies
  • Easy copying, editing, and sharing features for multiple copies generated


  • Not very well-structured. One must keep a copy of their work offline at all times. 

10. Writer – The AI tool for brand tone-customized writing

Writer is one of the most customizable and comprehensive AI writing assistants that we have come across. Writer truly cares about helping you create unique content that carries your tone. Have a brand tone? You can edit Writer’s writing guides, add your power words, set voices, and add filters to words so that the output always aligns with your ideologies!

Writer focuses specifically on team communication. Their shared dashboard is reminiscent of Facebook with its checkups and notifications on every member’s work. It also allows the manager to look upon everyone’s work. It also sends weekly reports to each member as a productivity incentive. 

Writer’s AI is extremely competent – it can generate taglines, short-form blogs, summarize and even autocomplete sentences using machine learning. Different team members can be restricted in usage, based on the permissions given to them. From drafting HR emails to creating editorials, Writer works for one and all and is a great writing companion addition to any team. 

Key Features

  • Admin Panel – Can oversee everyone’s weekly works, allows for multiple user management
  • Reports and Analytics – Track words written by every team member, along with mistakes made in grammar and punctuation. 
  • Customized AI Templates – Can set your own preference for tone, adverbs, etc.
  • Content Strategy – AI writing following various style guides, which can be password protected and restricted even within teams 


Free – offers basic autocomplete suggestions

Pro Plan at $11 per month – advanced suggestions and AI writer

Team Plan at $18 per month per user – takes care of tone and keeps similar language across teams

Best Used For

Large content management teams for all types of content. Writer’s team dashboard makes collaboration and checking up on others extremely easy. You can also generate bulk emails with variable placeholders! Moreover, they have a Figma plugin that no other AI writer has taken care of. 


  • Language consistency for teams
  • Integrations for Chrome, Outlook, Google Docs, Word, and even Figma 
  • Great team plan and sharing across members
  • Password protection for files and usage restrictions
  • Works well for team hierarchies 
  • Real-time plagiarism check


  • Basic free plan with limited tool access

11. AI Writer – the AI writer with no frills

AI Writer simply does what it says – it is an AI writer that writes! Unlike other tools that come mashed with SEO and marketing features, AI Writer focuses solely on generating content. You can get a 1-week free trial where you can request content regarding particular keywords and have them delivered to your inbox. 

AI Writer is extremely fast. Their website also contains examples of auto-generated work. However, while they do generate original and non-plagiarised content, it is not always fully SEO compliant. You might get content with optimum keywords in them. But you still have to weed out unnatural sentences (as is the case with most writers). 

As a first draft generator, AI Writer performs well. Their blog also contains information on how you can leverage AI Writer to harness its full power for content marketing. 

Key Features

  • Citations – AI Writer offers citations and references for the text generated.
  • AI Writer – Capable of generating full-length first drafts on any topic.
  • SEO Tools – Content generated is SEO friendly, non-plagiarised, and free from repetitions.
  • Tool Set – AI Writer’s writing tool set consists of:
    • Rewriting sentences, expanding and contracting
    • Looking for keyword opportunities


Basic Plan at $29 per month – AI writer, API access, writing toolset, and meant for 1 user – limited to 40 articles

Standard Plan at $59 per month – Same access as above but meant for 150 articles.

Power Plan at $375 per month – Meant for up to 1000 articles. 

Best Used For

Long-form content by marketing teams. AI Writer’s plans are on the higher side which makes even the Basic Plan a tad expensive for solo writers. However, teams can use the Power Plan effectively. 


  • Citation lists generated
  • Free trial of 1 week available
  • SEO Editor and API Access


  • Plans are expensive for freelancers
  • Only AI writer and no other tools

12. Thunder Content – The complete AI toolset for freelancers

If you’re tired of staring at a blank page (without even a title on it) – then Thunder Content is the tool for you. Thunder Content ensures that you never run out of ideas or content! Not only can it auto-generate content with its AI Writer, it can also look for potential trending topics or offer 5 random ideas on a whim. (Think of Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky”!) For this, Thunder Content requires some basic inputs – like a content brief, text length and keywords. 

Thunder Content also introduces a new filter which is the AI Assistant creativity. This can be set to low, high or medium and essentially makes your text friendlier. Thunder Content also allows multiple download styles. This not includes includes Word and PDF files, but also HTML and Markdown. Moreover, you can translate an article into another language after auto-generating it.

Key Features

  • Writer and Editor – You can use AI to get suggestions for an existing article. Or generate an entirely new one. Thunder Content makes writing with AI extremely easy by simply using TAB as the button for auto-content. 
  • Title Generator – find unique titles for each piece 
  • Translator – you can write in multiple languages, or translate a written piece later into over 12 languages.


AI Writer at $49 per month – Unlimited words and all tools included, but only AI Writer features

AI Audio at $29 per month – Unlimited hours of AI Audio and entire writing tool set. 

All Tools at $78 per month – Access to entire set of AI Writer and Audio

Best Used For

Freelancers. They also offer 24/7 email support and have an active community. The pricing range as well as the AI Creativity features are developed enough for freelance use. However, the lack of brand tone incorporation and team-level dash means one cannot really use it among larger teams. 


  • Multiple export options and language translations
  • Templates available
  • Generate meta descriptions tags and keywords
  • AI writer can incorporate keywords and outline ideas


  • Basic features available – more are provided by other tools within this price range
  • Not suited for branded marketing

13. Copy.AI – For refined digital marketing and eCommerce content

Coming in fast with an unstoppable AI and free plan – Copy.AI is the go-to for marketing and sales work. It can generate all types of digital marketing and ecommerce content – and even help one with blogs. 

However, despite being an AI writer, Copy.AI has its limitations. It can generate entire 120 word copies for Facebook or LinkedIn ads. It can also create product descriptions and sales pitches. However, for long-form blogs, Copy.AI mainly serves to create a blog outline. This includes the headers, sub-headers, and various sections. It can generate an introduction and summarize the blog. However, it cannot generate long content. But you can add bullet points which Copy.AI will then convert into proper sentences. Either way, Copy.AI generates 10 alternatives which are enough to work with. 

This AI tool works with a credit system. Each credit gives you one piece of AI-written text. For the first month, you even get 100 extra credits to explore the tool with! 

Key Features

  • AI Writer – can work with digital ad copies, social media content, blog outlines, eCommerce and sales copies
  • 90+ tools for writing
  • Supports over 25 languages
  • Multiple options provided


Free – 10 credits per month, and 100 extra credits for the 1st month. Access to all tools but no community or email support.

Pro Plan at $35 per month – Unlimited credits with priority support.

Custom Plan for teams – Access to the entire toolset with collaboration features

Best Used For

Both solo writers and large teams. 


  • Collaboration available for team-level work
  • Unlimited credits and projects in all paid plans
  • Great free plan


  • Not for long-form blogs

14. Outranking.io – The end-to-end AI writer

You’ve heard of an AI Writer. But with Outranking.io, you can get an AI researcher as well. Outranking.io is an advanced AI content writer that can generate briefs, outlines, auto-content and then optimize them for SEO. It’s Surfer SEO with an AI! 

So, what is AI Research? Outranking.io uses its AI wizard to find the best headers and subheaders for every topic. Their AI writer looks up factual content and uses it to create a content brief. Moreover, you can also do a side-by-side comparison of the brief against your competitors. The AI writer uses various methods and automation to figure out the best writing method and template for each project. It also incorporated topics from Google’s PAA and NLP. 

Similar to SurferSEO, Outranking.io allows one to check for SEO step by step using various suggestions. Finally, it also offers keyword gap analysis – something made easier with their Google Docs and WordPress plugins. 

Key Features

  • Content and Brief Builder – Helps you find the right content to expand on from Google searches, keyword, and PAA analysis
  • AI Writer – can generate content as well as metadata, description, social captions, and more.
  • Concepts Engine – helps with researching actual facts and concepts of a given brief
  • SERP Analysis – against top pages and keyword gap finding
  • Collaborative features – teams can work together and keep a check
  • SEO Tools – Basic optimization with real-time feedback


Starter Plan at $39 per month – Allows up to 10 web documents, 10 SERP analysis, and unlimited AI writing

Growth Plan at $ 79 per month – Allows 30 documents and SERP analysis with access to the entire toolset

Professional Plan at $ 159 per month – 100 projects and SERP analysis, with 3 users allowed and unlimited AI writing

Best Used For

Everyone! However, Outranking.io is more suited towards long-form content. If you’re looking mainly for sales descriptions, check out the other tools above. 


  • End to end product that allows pre and post analysis of content
  • Advanced AI Wizard for researching – you get references and facts
  • Can create auto-briefs which can then be customized in the editor


  • Free plan counts the generated content by characters and not words.
  • Includes lots of features, which may be better performed by tools dedicated towards that sector

15. Copysmith – AI writer perfected by humans

Copysmith is an AI writer without frills. Their main aim is to help you generate content and fast. Hence, Copysmith requires very little input, and maximizes their output by offering multiple text options, plugins, templates and collaborative features. 

Copysmith is aimed towards both short and long content. It works well for all types of ads, captions and product descriptions. At the same time, it can create article outlines, and offer summaries. It can also create engaging headlines, taglines, and listicles. 

However, what sets Copysmith apart is its dedication to branding. Copysmith has various brand-based templates that you can modify and use as needed to align with your brand tone and identity. You can use this to generate landing page ideas, brand taglines, and more. On the whole, Copysmith offers a lot for less though we would certainly appreciate more SEO options. 

Key Features

  • AI Writer – for both short tags and long-form blogs
  • Templates – Both existing and can be customized for brands
  • Multiple Integrations – for Frase, Shopify, Google Ads, and Chrome
  • Tool Set – Copysmith’s writing tool set consists of:
    • Smart Editor to rewrite articles and suggest better usages
    • Real-time plagiarism checker
    • In-app support for teams 
    • Collaborative features


  • Starter Plan at $19 per month – 50 credits per month and 20 plagiarism checks
  • Professional Plan at $59 per month – Unlimited credits and 100 plagiarism checks
  • Teams Plan at $118 per month – Unlimited credits and 500 plagiarism checks
  • Customized Enterprise Plan – No limits and customized pricing

Best Used For

Everyone! But especially brands looking to generate content in their tone. 


  • Templates renewed and added to their library
  • Non-profit organizations can get a 50% discount
  • Multiple integrations available


  • Mostly supports short content well
  • Content generated requires a good amount of editing as per customer testimonials 

16. Shortly.ai – The AI writer with unlimited credits

Are you tired of monthly limits with AI content generators? Perhaps the credit system limits your creativity? Fret not, Shortly is an AI writer with no monthly limits and no credit system in place. The team has a strict policy against these and does not plan on changing it anytime soon. 

Shortly makes use of GPT-3 AI that has been trained with trillions of words to make accurate and factual predictions. This allows it to generate text that is free form plagiarism, grammatically correct, and engaging. Shortly serves both – as an AI writer that self-writes as well as a writing assistant to autocomplete and correct sentences. 

Shortly essentially predicts your next sentences by looking at prior entered data. At a time, Shortly can access 1200 words. You can have greater control over what Shortly reads by adding “///” between texts to prevent Shortly from reading above that. Any text generated can then be easily shared or stored in your system. 

Key Features

  • AI Writer – can generate content of the required length
  • Command Based – various coded shortcuts to allow quick refinement
  • Tool Set – Shortly’s writing tool set consists of:
    • Rewriting, expanding, or shortening sentences
    • Converting text to pass plagiarism checkers


Annual Plan at $65 per month – Access to all features, one-time billing

Monthly Plan at $75 per month – Access to all features, monthly billing

Best Used For

Everyone. The lack of limits makes it a steal deal for anyone looking for unrestricted access to an AI writer. 


  • Quick shortcut tools
  • Focussed AI writer
  • Constant updated released
  • No credit and limits on words or projects


  • Within this price range, Shortly.ai skips out on tone and sentiment analysis
  • Missing on integrations (which, given that it is an all-access given tool could be easily done)

17. ContentBot – For collaborative work amongst teams

Using the same OpenAI as Shortly, ContentBot is an AI writing software that comes with many more tools than the former. ContentBot can generate everything from long-form blogs to short landing page taglines and sales copies. Similar to Shortly, it uses various shortcuts to make the writing process faster. The autocomplete option does not stop at completing the sentence. Rather, it generates the next 150 words. 

Like the SEO “Discover” feature that allows your blog to be more SERP-friendly. ContentBot also introduces an “I’m Feeling Lucky” type feature known as Automated Inspiration. It’s really features like these that make an AI writing software excel! This feature will ensure that you’re never left staring at a blank page. It can well be used for blogs of up to 2000 words. 

ContentBot also has a Blog Topic Generator that provides both titles and introductions! 

Key Features

  • AI Writer – Can write 150 words based on earlier text, and generate 2000 words first draft for long blogs. 150 Words generated for copies.
  • Automated Inspiration – This generates a blog post of 800 words (first draft) on a weekly or daily trending topic. 
  • Content Generator – Can find blog topics, offer introductions, send reports of weekly trends 
  • Tool Set – ContentBot’s writing toolset consists of:
    • Expanding from bullets to sentences
    • Rewriting, expanding, or shortening sentences
    • Autocomplete for 150 words
    • SEO toolset and plagiarism checker


Prepaid at $1 per 1000 words – Excludes SEO tools, plagiarism checker, and automation. A pay-as-you-go scheme that offers unlimited user seats.

Starter Plan at $29 per month –  40,000 words per month and unlimited seats, same access as Prepaid Plan

Premium Plan at $59 per month – 100,000 words per month with SEO tools and plagiarism checker

Premium Plus at $99 per month – Access to all tools, priority support, and 300,000 words per month

Best Used For

Large teams working on long-form content. ContentBot’s premium plans come with a long-content writing assistant and unlimited seats which makes it ideal for larger teams. 


  • Shortcuts for automation
  • Inspirations from trending topics
  • Community support for all plans
  • Can work with various tones 


  • Long-form content requires editing

18. Simplified – AI short content generator

Simplified is a bit different from the other AI content writing software on the list in the sense that it is a copywriting generator. This means it focuses exclusively on generating short content for product descriptions, sales pitches, and ad copies. It can still generate blog conclusions and introductions – but cannot draft a full-length article. 

This does not mean that Simplified cannot work as a writing assistant for long-form blogs! It can still autocomplete sentences, check your grammar, and offer alternate word suggestions. Simplified focuses heavily on brand awareness and hence you can generate company bios, taglines, and captions unique to your business. 

With multiple tones and templates, this  AI writer is highly scalable. You can write the content of any length, use tools like sentence expander while checking for plagiarism on the go. It also helps that they have a free version! Simplified also has other tools besides their AI copywriting generator, which are also included in every paid version. 

Key Features

  • Multiple copywriting templates
  • Can identify tones and generate unique brand-specific content
  • Instant sharing and publishing options
  • Online workspace 
  • AI writer and assistant 


Free – 5,000 words with 1 GB of storage, and unlimited stock image access

Small Teams at $8 per month – 10,000 words with 10 GB of storage, and support for 10 languages in AI writer

Business at $24 per month – 50,000 words with the long-form editor and 25GB of cloud storage

Enterprise plans – customized as per need 

Best Used For

Marketing teams. 


  • Online storage even in the free plan
  • Access to stock images and templates
  • Other tools like video editor
  • Access to the online community
  • Social media integration and direct publishing with the calendar


  • Less developed long form editor

Closing Thoughts

The ability and power of every AI writer are different. While some like Shortly and ContentBot use the same AI, they still offer a different set of writing and editing tools. While some like MarketMuse have their own patented AI.

Some like Jasper focus on providing highly customized and comprehensive AI writing tools. Whereas some like INK and Outranking.io focus on combining an AI writer with tools for SEO and brief building. 

Then, there are tools like Wordtune which focus mainly on polishing existing content. If you’re looking for super-fast writing, opt for tools with shortcut commands like Shortly or ContentBot. 

Not all AI writers come with great short-form and long-form editors. Some like Simplify are specifically targeted towards Copywriters. Jasper and MarketMuse on the other hand can help with long-form content and generate entire first drafts! 

On the whole, choose one that suits you and your team. And if you are a part of a team, look for collaborative features that help keep track of everyone’s progress.

To be successful with SEO and Content Marketing, always prioritize people-first content over search engine-first content. Google’s spam policies addresses spammy automatically-generated content, where they will take action if content is “generated through automated processes without regard for quality or user experience.

There isn’t a hotter topic in digital marketing right now than AI-generated content. The rate of development of this technology has been nothing short of astounding in 2022, but will AI be the future of content marketing in 2023 and beyond?

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